Neve® Dynamics Collection

Neve® Dynamics Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Neve Dynamics Collection


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B. Schumacher

4. Januar 2021

Yet another must-have from UAD

I absolutely hat to buy this as the new 2254/E Sound so dope! I compared it to the Lindell plugin Version of the same thing and it absolutely trashes the Lindell. I was surprised how good this sounds and how I couldn't live without it on the master bus anymore.

G. Griffin

1. Januar 2021


I put this on a drum bus, not knowing anything about this compressor or its history. I swear, even with hardly any movement of the needles, I am getting very desirable results...punchier snare, fuller mix. And that is with the wet/dry knob turned way down towards dry!

E. Lumiere

30. Dezember 2020

Can’t buy the updated 33609 separately

Only want the upgraded 33609 but of course they bundle it so you need to spend $150 on an upgrade. I think $50 would be fair to upgrade to the new version with the wet dry knob.

C. Manyame

20. Dezember 2020

Absolute wonder!!!

Love love love love this!!!!

J. Manness

15. Dezember 2020

One is phat, the other is crisp

I'm still finding my way with these compressors, but 33609 smokes the API 2500 plugin IMO. The 2254e is perfect for adding that thump to mixes.

S. Jones

15. Dezember 2020

How to punch a mockinbird

These units really know pull your audio over the line. The way it grabs onto the low end it magnificent and it's really what I came to expect after having owned a 33609 myself (albeit a J discrete version). It's a colouring unit that can sometimes smother your material if you're not careful, so it's not plug and play on everything. That's a telltale sign of a good plugin!

R. Mannucci

12. Dezember 2020

Dynamic Dynamics

Like every other UAD/NEVE product!! Its incredible’

s. Ha

12. Dezember 2020


Collected all the neves series. It's a great gift for neve manias.

F. Grönlund

12. Dezember 2020

Outstanding quality

The 2254 really gives that vintage vibe. The build quality is amazing, and it has fairly light dsp usage.

H. Barry

11. Dezember 2020

NEVE Cream Team

The 2254e adds nice solid weight, tone, and glue. The 33609c is still nice enjoy the larger gui. A welcomed addition to my collection.

G. Fricke

11. Dezember 2020

The Sound of Neve

Uncompromising tone control that really brought my tracks to life.

J. Dockerty

11. Dezember 2020

Above & Beyond

Legendary capture of Vintage Units. Props to Will Shanks & the team.

F. Lockwood

9. Dezember 2020


Des outils indispensables !

F. Camufingo

9. Dezember 2020

That Little Extra On The Bus

Absolutely love how the 33609 C gives my master or drum bus that little bit of extra punch and color.

m. sabagh

8. Dezember 2020


Lo uso mucho en el bus de batería y en los overs. Son increíbles, aportan armonicos muy ricos y no resignan el ataque! Son perfectos!

R. Horvath

7. Dezember 2020

So easy to find the right creamy Tones and give it Amazing color of Neve !!

Its like Magic on Guitars and Drums
Sound so good thx UAD !!!

S. Morrisson

3. Dezember 2020


Just awesome. The weight this thing added when I threw it on a snare track put a smile on my face. That along with the ease of use and subtle magic it adds to to your track makes it a winner.

M. Truzman

3. Dezember 2020

Thickens everything

This thing is the real deal...on drum busses it’s magic...highly recommended if you want big thumpy sound

J. Orr

2. Dezember 2020


I like the clarity and punch it brings to my virtual instruments.

J. Neves

2. Dezember 2020


Absolutely fantastic...

41-60 von 72 Ergebnisse