Neve® 1081 Classic Console EQ

Neve® 1081 Classic Console EQ


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Neve 1081 / 1081SE Classic Console EQ


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UAD User

14. Januar 2018

Great EQ!

I'm new to UA plugins and although I love them they can be very intimidating, especially if you are not familiar with the terminology. The Neve 1081 how however is very intuitive, when you adjust the frequency and gain dials, you hear the audible responses. It is great on drums and guitars, and is very straight forward. I really like the coloration that it gives, very crisp and open sounding. I'm not sure if that is the correct terminology to describe the sound, but that is how I perceive it. I would suggest this plugin to anyone who is looking for a great sounding straight foreword EQ.

UAD User

13. Januar 2018

Fantastic and versatile EQ

It works on everything. Thanks to the features and the large number of frequencies, it can be very versatile and precise. You can, for example boost with a shelving filter low or top end and reducing with hi q some specific frequencies that, maybe, are unpleasant. Amazing for boosting the midrange too, adding fatness or glassiness to the sound.
Hp and Lp filters are, probably, the sweetest I've ever heard.
Classic Neve tone and coloration.

M. Barbieri

12. Januar 2018

XFactor Italy

I used it on live vocals,both for talents and guests, at the X-Factor Italy. The top end is absolutely amazing and almost equal to hardware version.
Every that management or musical directors came to my control room to listen their artist rehearsing(from Sam Smith to Harry Styles or Ed Sheeran) leaved the room astonished from vocal sound,someone even asking details on my vocal insert chain (UAD la2a,precision de-esser,studer a800,neve 1081).

A. Kuehne

11. Januar 2018

neve 1081

Awesome eq for bass and drums. thx uad

s. Ha

2. Januar 2018

Neve 1081

This is such a great match Vocal AG, Dr, Bass...

a. zitto

10. November 2017

My go to EQ

Great on almost everything. From Vox, Bass, Guitars, Snares & Toms

B. Vladimir

9. November 2017

All Mighty

Best EQ I own. Good for everything.

b. lugay

29. August 2017


Had these for 2 years and finally used it on vocals for the first time. Was blown away by the results. Don't think i will use another EQ; seen a hardware version at my big brother studio but never used it, until he showed me it's power.

J. Raper

13. Juli 2017


Classic Neve module that works great on everything. That extra mid range band helps sculpt anything to satisfaction.

C. M

12. Juli 2017

Oh Yes!

Yes very good and clean. A Neve channel strip on every Cubase channel on mixdown. With DSP and memory to spare, on the PCIe Quad. What can I say, always UAD do it again!

C. M

12. Juli 2017

Oh Yes!

Yes very good and clean. A Neve channel strip on every Cubase channel on mixdown. With DSP and memory to spare, on the PCIe Quad. What can I say, always UAD do it again!

R. Boswell

11. Juli 2017

Neve 1081

Great plugin the tone is a bit unexplainable, dark and rusty.

UAD User

8. Juli 2017

Love it.

Love it


26. Juni 2017


This plugin is amazing to put the touch you need to push the sound of the snares and Bass drums to the next level!!!

K. Johnson

20. Juni 2017


Love the Neve eqs. Lots of tone shaping can be done with the 1081 eq. I'm strapping them on a lot of my sub groups (guitars, vocals, bass) with great results. As good as the individual bands sound, giving a little boost from the red line out knob brings some nice color! I still love the sound and simplicity of the 31102, but the 1081 gives me the extra flexibility I was looking for. What a greta eq!

t. thiel

18. Juni 2017

Neve 1081 great eq in digital world

^Great sounding eq, i like it for taff snaresounds. Nice mids =)

R. Agron

15. Juni 2017

EQ Awesomeness

Everytime I use this beautiful sounding EQ I get this exitement because first I just know how great it will make anything I put to it sound great...Thanks UAD. Love it.

K. Hara

10. Juni 2017


I’m lost for words. It’s really so perfect EQ.

V. Wills

10. Juni 2017

Neve 1081 / 1081SE Classic Console EQ

Love the Neve 1081 gear .... (apollo 8, Satellite , Twin Thunderbolt) .... and 1081 give me that musical warm punch of real consoles from days gone by ..... the match of these together is serious . The SE 1081 also very usable when you want to conserve DSP, and still maintains integrity. Thanks Gentlemen!

M. Cernansky

8. Juni 2017

Very useful and powerful EQ

After recording and mixing on real analogue console we made some remixes later without having access to analogue. UAD Neve 1081 EQ just made our digital remixes fat and colorful again! I put them on almost every track since that mixing. Absolutely amazed by this plugin!

41-60 von 237 Ergebnisse