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Marshall® Legends Bundle


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L. Renaud

25. März 2024

A master class Plugin

The silver jubilee is my main amp and i'm really glad i can have it in this plugin format.
Please UAD bring this into a UAFX pedal !!

P. Wyer

15. Februar 2024

Super useful and versatile

Really versatile, drives convincingly and cleans up nicely for edge of break up or straight up clean tones.

I. Bueckert

25. Januar 2024

Sounds convincing

Sounds really convincing that you are actually listening to a mic'd up Marshall Stack.

G. Fricke

14. Januar 2024

Marshall Tone

The Tone is great. I may need to add a pedal or reverb to dial it in the way I like it.

D. Ballantyne

30. Dezember 2023

Sounds nothing like the UA demo

This plugin is not fit for purpose. As A. Siegler commented, "What you hear on the UA site and what you actually get are two different things." The tonal balance is so bottom-heavy that even with extreme EQ adjustment it is unusable. There is not one single preset that sounds like a decent DI, let alone the mic'd presets which sound like they were recorded in a tunnel. I will gladly uninstall/deactivate this plugin in exchange for a refund, but I'm not holding my breath. Until UA offers a 14-day trial on all of its products I will not be buying any more Apollo/Unison amp sims.

C. Gutierrez

15. Dezember 2023

Sounds great!

Built in cabs/mics sound great but also works great bypassed and with other IRs, too.

C. Oppold

12. Dezember 2023

Breaking Blue

This has been great for tracking quick demos with a lot of flava. The sound manipulation with the different mics is excellent. Lot of different tones available here. Worth it, for sure.

G. Owen

12. Dezember 2023


Absolutely fantastic plugin. Would give it 6 stars if I could. Already used it to record a cover of a song by The Darkness. Just gets that high gain rock tone without losing clarity. What really surprised me though is how awesome the clean channel is. For such a high gain amp it's so crisp and has a snap to it. Getting great Slash-like tones from it too!

T. Hodson

10. Dezember 2023


Sounds great! Throaty and doesn’t get mushy on the low notes. Yay! Partners well with 1073 pre/eq.

P. Wyer

5. Dezember 2023

Deep rich sounds

Love this plug in, really warm and rich. Takes single coils very well, have to do some tweaking with Humbuckers but sits so well in a mix. Wish I bought it sooner!

j. paredes

28. November 2023


He tenido uno y la emulación es muy buena

D. Bersch

16. Oktober 2023

I want to Rock and Roll all...

As real as it comes. Having grown up playing this amp, I'm so impressed with how accurate this represents the real thing. Being able to recall settings without having to mic up the real thing is perfect for someone like me living in NYC (the neighbors are grateful!)

K. Péter

15. Oktober 2023

Pretty good

nice, not harsh, many optioms for the mic placement, really useful tool. The result strongly depends on the quality of the input hardware. Mine is RNDI, so the result is really good. Only con is the big dsp usage .

M. Ross

10. Oktober 2023

Great Amp sim!

Love this amp .. sounds just like the real thing!

F. San Filippo

5. Oktober 2023

Classic Guitar Sounds

The Silver Jubilee has a redonk distorted sound. All of them sound great with real or Unison pedals placed before the amp.

T. Poulter

29. September 2023

Real Marshall Bite

Sounds great! Real Marshall bite and growl that I remember and loved back in the eighties for a fraction of the cost. Tone variations in the presets give me all the hard rock options I need. This plugin responds to changes in volume from the guitar just like the original amps did too. The microphone options take the tone sculpting to a new level of accuracy too. Great job UA peeps!

W. Mclawhorn

19. September 2023

Love this amp!

The Marshall JMP 2203 is my favorite of all of the amps I have tried from UAD so far. It has a good crunch sound and tons of character and can get very aggressive.

R. Studio

13. Juli 2023

Bluesy tones

Good but it takes some time to find the brightness of the sound.


21. Mai 2023



J. Williams

3. April 2023

Great value! Great Blues Tones!

Unlike U2 I have finally found what I’m looking for. The tones one can achieve with this plugin range from sweet blues to dirty and super clean with loud and fat tones. The clean presets are my favorites and I use these everyday for practicing and recording.

1-20 von 614 Ergebnisse

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