Marshall Legends Bundle

Marshall Legends Bundle



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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Drei herausragende Marshall Verstärker von Softube in einem günstigeren Bundle.

Das Marshall Legends Bundle wurde von Softube exklusiv für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces entwickelt und umfasst drei legendäre Marshall-Amps.

Vom vielseitigen Bluesbreaker 1962 Combo bis zu den leistungsstarken Plug-In-Modellen des Plexi Super Lead 1959 und Silver Jubilee bekommst du hier den begehrten Marshall Röhrenklang sowie mächtige, mehrfach abmikrofonierte Sounds für Gitarrenaufnahmen in Studioqualität.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mit Apollo’s Unison Technik deine Aufnahmen direkt durch die einzige authentische Emulation der Marshall Amp Emulationen latenzfrei einspielen

Bereits aufgenommener Spuren mit jeder UAD-2 Hardware re-ampen

Mit unterschiedlichen Mikrofon-Kombinationen, -Typen und -Positionen deinen perfekten Studio-Amp-Sound mixen

Deine Gitarrensounds mit über 100 Presets des legendären AC/DC-Toningenieurs Tony Platt fein abstimmen

Enthaltene Plug-Ins

Marshall<br>Bluesbreaker 1962

Bluesbreaker 1962

Das Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 Plug-In ist die erste Emulation dieses Amps, der auch auf dem legendären Album Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton von 1966 zu hören ist und weit mehr als nur eine „Blues Machine“. Mit seinem hinten offenen 2 x 12er Gehäuse und der mit zwei KT66 bestückten Endstufensektion macht er mit seinen glockigen Clean-Sounds, dem prägnanten Tremolo und seinen satten Verzerrungen auch bei Pop und Country eine gute Figur.

Marshall <br>Plexi Super Lead 1959

Plexi Super Lead 1959

Der Amp, der den Rock-Sound definiert hat. In Kombination mit einer historisch passenden, gut eingespielten Marshall 1960BHW 4x12er Box fängt das Plexi Super Lead 1959 Plug-In das für diesen Amp typische Knurren, das Sustain, die Ausgewogenheit und den ungeschliffenen Charakter des Originals perfekt ein. Die Ingenieure von Softube haben auch die für den Super Lead typischen „Ghost Note“-Obertöne perfekt emuliert, mit denen sich unterschiedlichste High-Power-Röhrensounds erzeugen lassen.

Marshall<br>Silver Jubilee 2555

Silver Jubilee 2555

Das Marshall Silver Jubilee Plug-In bildet einen der klanglich vielseitigsten Marshall-Verstärker aller Zeiten penibel ab. Mit seinen Preamp-Modi Clean, Rhythm Clip und Lead hat er massenweise Texturen, von satten Crunch- bis hin zu schwebenden Sustain-Sounds in petto. Über den Pentoden/Trioden-Schalter lässt sich die Leistung für seidigere, weniger aggressive Sounds halbieren.


Marshall® Legends Bundle

Y. Senba

3. Juli 2016



M. Niemczyk

13. April 2016

Nice Sound - Missing bypass pre amp feature!

A nice sounding simulation BUT - where is the bypass pre amp feature from the ENGL amps?
This simulation is really a great one but real tube pre amps has still a greater dynamic range. Thats why the best results can be only achieved with the combination of real preamp and power amp, cabinet microphones simulation (at least in a neighbor friendly environment).
Its so sorry that SoftTube didn't provide one additional switch to turn of the preamp section ;(

UAD User

18. Januar 2016

enfin un rai plug de simul d'ampli

utilisé en live via l'apollo twin, ce plug est vraiment bien foutu! j'ai quelques pédales en amont (drive, boost, fuzz, wha, etc ...) et je rentre dans le plugin vers un son clair,légèrement crunchy.
ce que j'adore c'est l'amplitude du son avec le potard de volume de ma telecaster, vraiment bluffant!
je note quand même que les preset sont très sourds, bizarre... et que le plug a tendance à saturer, donc bien faire gaffe au gain d'entrée.
l'utilisation en mix est très interessante également, les simuls de micros avec les options de panoramiques sont bien faites, bref, un gros son comme j'aime.
pour info, je ne suis pas métaleux, mais plus pop, funk, blues

J. Bennett

3. Januar 2016

Best Amp Plug-in so far..

I really think this is one of the best amp plug ins out there and definitely the most versatile out of the 3 (currently available) Marshall Amp plug ins online. I've tried other including other Softube emulations, Amplitube, Podfarm, Bias, Logic X (built in amps) and there's nothing really as overall balanced as this UA stuff. I've used the plug in for very clean settings (if you mess with it a lot!) & for more bluesy break-up stuff as well, with multiple guitars.
I'd like to see things like Fender amp emulations on this similar level for guitar too, as I grab that too! Definitely recommend checking this out with a bunch of different guitars and pushing the amp to it's capabilities!

UAD User

13. Dezember 2015

Feels So Real...

Although I already own other Amp Simulations I bought it after testing. While tracking with Apollo Twin it feels so real and is very enjoyable to play. The Sound also seems very authentic to me. Using it as an unison plug creates perhaps its special vibe but also can not profit form panning the different microphone settings because these processors seems to be only working in mono. Furthermore the sound is becoming very compressed at higher volume levels, loosing a bit of the realism created in the first place.

D. Bowman

27. November 2015

Not bad

I love this amp so much I own 2 of them; one for the studio and one for live gigs. I could pick out the sound of these amps in my sleep. This emulation is pretty damn close, though the real amp is a bit richer in those awesome pre-clipping harmonics its known for (nothing beats real tubes IMO). While I've never been a fan of amp sims, this one surprised me. While I'll stick with the real thing, those who want the Bluesbreaker sound in a sim, you'll like this.

j. carmo

24. November 2015

Very good emulation

I Play with Jubille amp for 30 years. My favorite amp. I Have the silver 50w combo and the Slash 100w stack (same jubilee circuit). After demo this emulation, i can say it really sounds like the real amp that i´m used for 30 years. Congratulations SoftTube team...i will buy it for sure

U. Borjesson

21. November 2015

For all guitar work, except Glamrock.

This amps in Unison slot do make my kit complete, no hardware amp needed anymore more then live of course:-)
The plug is truly dynamic and works towards the guitar as the real thing.
To clear my review title, I use the Jubilee Amp for my Glamrock playing but for all else more contemporary stuff this 1962 does it completely amazingly!
One little thing I would have loved if the room mic could been routed to a separate input in my DAW, but I can live without it as the plugin is so great.

R. Dodd

19. November 2015

Diito Rizzo

A Rizzo nailed it, I could add that that the addition of an input gain would make it perfect!

E. Moore

13. November 2015

For Blues Sake...

I guess a purist who actually has one of these amps could tell the sim from the real thing. You won't. If you have a penchant for blues and rock and roll, this plugin brings it in spades. Within seconds, I was revisiting my youth banging out Yardbirds and Aerosmith first album like tones. The microphone emulations are incredible and really provide versatility to the sound. In conjunction with Neve 1073 in the unison channel, Ocean Way Studio and a little Echoplex and a smidge of the LA3 and you'll be blistering tracks well into the wee hours of the morning.....

A. Rizzo

12. November 2015

Great all round amp sim.

Lovely clean tones. Great driven tones & the room/mic simulation works extremely well in helping to shape your sound.

Add an H910 straight after this and you have the sound of Rush... If that kind of thing is your bag.. baby.

Great amp sim. Thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommended!

R. Best

13. August 2015


I just recorded some lead guitar with a Gibson Historic Les Paul SG Custom through the Marshall Plexi. Not having a lot of time, I scrolled through the presets and came upon a lead tone that was probably the thickest, creamy, musical tone that I have heard since Slash. I can't imagine that a more useful guitar amp plugin exists. I have a couple of Marshalls, and have toured and recorded through them for years, so I am used to them. The sweet thing about this plugin, is that the modeling of the mics and the management of the high volume levels of the real amps save time and effort, and it lets you get right to the music.

All I can say is, this is one UA plugin you can't do without! Great price too!

J. Philippi

26. Juli 2015

By far...

... the best and most dynamic sounding amp plugin I've heard! Some presets sound a little boxy, but with the really well caught micing settings you can get really great sounds. With this plugin it's becoming really hard to tell whether you hear a real amp recorded or the plugin in a mix! Please do the same with a Fender Bassman and a Vox AC30!! :)

M. Ballenger

23. Juli 2015

Sounds like my Plexi

I have a Plexi in my live room and I've tried several amp sims over the years (great for guide tracks and quick utility work when bleed is an issue). There awesome good ones out there, but the all fall short- especially capturing the character of the low E and A strings. This gets as close as I've heard. -1 star for lack of flexibility on the cab IR. I'd like to be able to separate those two modules a little easier for mixing and matching, but regardless this is a tool I'll use often when the real thing is too much.

T. Hartman

17. Juli 2015

Really The 1st I've Heard That Gets It Right

I've been around Plexis since the 60s and this is truly the first time I've heard a plug in just nail that sound. It's really scary under headphones with a little reverb! It gets that odd, hollow sounding vibe that the Marshalls of that era got....I've never heard that anywhere but from the real amps, and now this plug in.


A. Link

8. Juni 2015

Great sound & design! Much better than Brainworx design.

I avoided this plugin because I thought the Chandler, Friedman, or ENGL amps would be more versatile. I didn't like the sound of the Chandler (too boxy) or ENGL amps (too modern?). The Friedman - as great as it sounded - still had the annoying Brainworx IR system which is cumbersome and doesn't offer enough variety in tone. Then I tried the Marshall and I immediately loved the sound (it's the only plugin that sounds like an amp to me) and the plugin DESIGN. Even though there aren't a ton of microphone choices you have a greater variety of tone than with the Brainworx IR system. It's just more fun to use and reminds me of the OWS plugin. Softube+UAD please make more like this one and include a few more options for micing / placement!

W. Roncher

28. Mai 2015

59 Plexi sounds great!

What a beast. Sounds pretty killer. Obviously not a replacement for a 3 or $4,000 amplifier, but its definitely one of the finest emulations ive had the pleasure of jamming on. For less than $200, i dont even think. I just hand over the money. It astounds me how a software emulation can come so close to such a coveted sound. Thanks for doing this emulation UA.

B. Bradley

26. Mai 2015

Finally, Someone nailed it!

Like the Friedman plugin, I was slightly disappointed when first plugging in. However, after about 1/2 hour I had a great sound that to me, sounded like the few Plexi's that I have played in my lifetime.

I'm not a spring chicken and I can tell you on one hand the Plexi's I have played through that sounded great. Of those, you can tell this plugin comes very close....scary close. Actually, in a mix it would be difficult to say, hey, that is a plugin.

So far I have played only a Strat through an Apollo Twin, linked with an Apollo Quad into a MacBook Pro Retina using the mic pre of the Twin and then through the EP delay plug. Even through my monitors, you get the crunch and sag feel! Now copy my AC30 and I'll be in heaven!

W. Lamb

13. Mai 2015


The internet (read: gearslutz) seems to be dismissing this plugin already, but I can't for the life of me figure out what they're hearing that I'm not. I've even been using the 610-B plug to push the front end really hard, and it breaks up just beautifully. It's certainly a bit of a one trick pony, but man is the trick a nice one. I can already hear how beautifully this is going to sit in a mix!

S. Reinhardt

11. Mai 2015


Best amp-simulation so far. And the miking catches the sound perfectly.
If you could do the same with Vox Ac30!? I like the Vintage Amproom though.