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Vier legendäre Marshall-Verstärker, gemodelt von Softube und im Bundle noch günstiger.

Entwickelt von Softube — und exklusiv für UAD-Hardware und Apollo-Interfaces erhältlich — liefert das Marshall Legends Bundle gründliche Emulationen von vier legendären Marshall-Verstärkern.

Vom vielseitigen Bluesbreaker1962 Combo und dem leistungsstarken Plexi Super Lead 1959 bis hin zu den moderneren Silver Jubilee- und JMP 2203- Plug-ins erhäst Du legendäre Marshall-Röhrensounds sowie kraftvolle Multi-Mic-Sounds für professionell klingende Gitarrenspuren.

Dein Apollo mit Unison™-Technologie nutzen, um über exklusive Marshall Verstärker-Emulationen zu tracken — ohne Latenz

Zuvor aufgenommene Spuren mit jeglicher UAD-Hardware reampen

Perfekte Studio Amp-Sounds mit verschiedenen Mikrofonkombinationen, -typen und -platzierungen einstellen

Deine Gitarrensounds mit über 100 Presets des legendären AC/DC-Ingenieurs Tony Platt feinjustieren

Enthaltene Plug-Ins

Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962

Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962

Die erste Emulation des Verstärkers, der auf dem legendären 1966er Album Blues Breakers mit Eric Clapton verwendet wurde, das Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 Plug-in ist mehr als eine Bluesmaschine. Sein offenes 2x12er-Cab und die duale KT66-Endstufe gehen auch in Pop- und Country-Settings auf und liefern glockige Cleansounds, pulsierendes Tremolo und satte Verzerrungen.

Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

Der Verstärker, der den Rock-Sound definierte. Das Plexi Super Lead 1959 Plug-in liefert in Verbindung mit einer originalgetreuen Marshall 1960BHW 4x12 Box den gleichen knurrigen, geschmeidigen und rauen Sound wie der Originalverstärker. Die Softube-Ingenieure haben alle eigenwilligen "Ghost Note"-Obertöne des Super Lead meisterhaft emuliert, um eine Fülle von kraftvollen Röhrentexturen zu erzeugen.

Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555

Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555

Das Marshall Silver Jubilee Plug-in modelliert meisterhaft einen der klanglich vielseitigsten Marshalls, die jemals hergestellt wurden. Seine Clean-, Rhythm-Clip- und Lead-Vorverstärkermodi bieten eine Vielzahl von Texturen, von dichtem Crunch bis zu singendem Sustain. Und in Kombination mit dem Pentode/Triode-Schalter mit halber Leistung kannst Du seidenweiche, weniger aggressive Sounds einstellen.

Marshall JMP 2203

Marshall JMP 2203

Der Marshall JMP 2203 wurde 1975 eingeführt und läutete eine neue Ära der Marshall-Rock-Dominanz ein. Der 1981 in JCM800 umbenannte JMP 2203 bietet dank seines anschlagdynamischen High-Gain Vorverstärkers und der dazugehörigen 1960B 4x12 Box mit Celestion GT12-75 Lautsprechern unterschiedliche Grade von intensivem, modern klingendem Crunch und fetten Clean-Sounds.


Marshall® Legends Bundle

E. Macfarlane

1. Februar 2023

Must Have

This Marshall bundle really is top notch and in my opinion is a must have.

c. rosario

19. Januar 2023

Another Great Amp

Needs to be used on the right application

T. Taivalaho

7. Januar 2023

Average sound

Silver Jubilee is best amp. Jmp needs some tweaking and I try it cleans also. Gonna try it with Ox amp box...

A. Siegler

29. Dezember 2022

Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962

I'm so disappointed with this plug-in. Got a good price on this plug-in, however, the amp sounds and the presets are all muddy and distorted. Played with it for hours and never got a good clean sound. What you hear on the UA site and what you actually get are two different things. I bought this plug-in based upon what I heard on the Demo site. Maybe I'm missing something. Same thing with the 57 Fender Amp.

J. Maasakkers

12. Dezember 2022

Marshall® Bluesbreaker 1962

Simply one of the best virtual amps I've ever heard.

A. Bugella

12. Dezember 2022

British sound with natural reaction

It's like to plug your guitar into a real amp.

T. Shimizu

8. November 2022

Not so great

I expected too much.

S. Ramsey

23. Oktober 2022

Clapton, eat your heart out.

Who am i kidding but with this amp plugin its like owning the real deal amp. I can find the sounds i like, usually clean with mild breakup and I am happy.

M. Galavan

18. September 2022

Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

In my opinion, this is the BEST one of the Marshall amp emulators by far. I had given up on that idea until I played this one. I really think I can use this plugin for recording my album. Great Job AU!

M. Galavan

18. September 2022

Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555

In my opinion, this is the BEST one of the Marshall amp emulators by far. I had given up on that idea until I played this one. I really think I can use this plugin for recording my album. Great Job AU!

I. Finney

6. September 2022

One Of The Best

Simply one of the best virtual amps I've ever heard. Stunning.

T. Kaas

6. September 2022

Great Marshall Emulation

This is easily my favourite sounding guitar amp plugin. It really does emulate that great Marshall sound very well.

R. Whiting

25. Juli 2022

Very useable

This has become my go to when I can’t get to a micked up cab.


19. Juni 2022

its alright, not bad

Im using it right now on a song also the plexiglass free plugin. They sound not bad. Ive never used the real thing to compare to give these plugins a 5. Goto admit though I still like my gt1000 better.

C. Bergström

3. Juni 2022

Great amp

This one is great, try putting distortion before the amp to heat crazy high gain tone - got my strat to sound like a metal machine.
The room mics are great too - so great I wish I could bypass the amp and use just the room mics on some sources

S. Patterelli

29. April 2022

What's up with this one?

I don't like to give bad reviews. Usually someone gives a bad review when they expected something unrealistic and it didn't happen for them. I really like UA products but I'd like to know what processing they use in their videos. Almost every preset for this plugin sounds muddy and dark. I've even gone online to the video and tried to match the settings on the screen to my setup with the same type of guitar. I can get close but mine still doesn't sound as bright. I've owned and used real Marshalls and most of the time they're brighter than you need. With this plugin, even if you crank the treble and presence, and lower the bass, it's still too dark. The Marshall sound is there, but it sounds like there's a piece of foam stuck in front of the speaker. There's plenty of stellar reviews from people, so once again, maybe I'm missing something...

A. Molinari

22. April 2022

Great Amp!

Look like real amp! Very beautiful to use!

C. Foster

20. April 2022

Best Amp Models I have tried.

First I bought the Plexi Super Lead, Then the Bluesbreaker. Both were so good I just finished out the bundle. All four amps have a unique sound and are absolutely worth the purchase. I play a Les Paul, a Strat and a Tele and between these four amps I can get any sound I want. Using these amps in the unison slot on my Apollo gives an amazingly accurate simulation. I can't imagine ever micing up an amp again.

D. Tapsell

14. April 2022

Very good amp model

This model captures the essence of the rare silver jubilee which stood out immediately when it was briefly released. With crisp highs (yet not too digital sounding) and easy to dial in classic rock tones it becomes a rather inspiring tool for songwriting, overdubbing leads and just playing for fun. The clean tones are also quite usable and certainly improve a direct-in guitar - perhaps not as versatile for clean tones (it is a Marshall after all) it has a lot of functionality and the control response is pleasing. The presets provide a good starting point and the multi mic interface gives a lot of options although I would like to be able to adjust mic placement a little more. I have mainly used it in Unison on a UA interface which really does feel like playing through an amp, but it works equally well in Pro Tools as an insert effect for re-amping. Although I have a number of amp, cabinet, and mic options available to me and prefer the organic aesthetic of capturing the actual movement of air, sometimes you just want to plug in and play or sketch an idea (or revisit a work in progress) and this is ideal for that. I spent a bit of time dithering as whether it was worth buying another guitar amp simulator, but the unison input was the tipping point for me and this has replaced any other sim as my go to for unison, re-amp and insert processing. Keep an eye on the sales and coupons from UA too!

C. Olovsson

19. März 2022

As good as the real amp.

I tried the demo version and about 10 minutes later immediately went and bought it. It sounds and have exactly the same feel as the real amp. Simply amazing!