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Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor


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j. Dietzel

1. März 2016

Good at what it does

I would have prefered a different UAD plugin, but this came with my OCTO Satellite, so I had no choice. I guess it is good at buss compression, I still prefer VBC. maybe after having more time to play with it I will appreciate it more.

J. Banfield

1. Februar 2016

Used a lot..

I've been using this on a lot of mastering projects since I got it. The real unit has never been in my budget, so I can't comment on it's accuracy. However, this sounds great. Very transparent, not an in-you-face compressor at all. Great for smoothing out a mix.

v. souza

1. Februar 2016

Very nice!

Use to fatten the sound ! Really a great compressor and master buss!

C. Leiria

27. Januar 2016

No pumping allowed

I don't know about the hardware, but this plug-in compressor it's kind of magic. I tried to compress the sh*t out of a track and it was really hard to get a bad sound even at really high db reductions. A friend told me that It can never emulate the hardware but at this price it does a really good job imo, been siting in my master bus since I got it coupled with the massive passive. Tried it in pianos and it's really impressive what you can get out of it and you get a less colored and noisy tone that the Fairchild for example in pianos.

S. Hudson

19. Januar 2016

manley vari mu compressor

What great plug. Very versatile, primary use is on the output bus
Where it adds abit of focus. In this situation the lows get abit warmer
And the top end gets abit of air or sizzle. (If dialed in with a subtle
As for mastering. Its a dream. And simple to get great results.
Like other vari mu comps for those familiar. Abit Like a 1176 the allows the
Threshold to adjusted.
In the mix. Its just as friendly. Very suitable for individual inst or stems.
Im finding the ms mode is helpfull on stems and can really help
Put some life back into flat or dull sections. My go to comp for
Pre recorded material.
Very happy with this product.

S. Jensen

18. Januar 2016

My new go to Master compresser!

I use this in the mix and also after for the mastering process. It just on it own adds life to my output wave file's. Yes, I would recommend this to anyone. Just getting started or the seasoned veteran audio guru!

UAD User

14. Januar 2016

매우 자연스러운 조정

전체의 믹스를 아주 자연스럽고 긴밀하게 연결해준다.
매우 마음에 든다.

j. panno

13. Januar 2016

Vari Mu is one of my favorites!!

Adds a rich depth to anything its added to. Musical, clean and oh so transparent! Thanks UAD, you guys are the best!!

N. Alfia

7. Januar 2016


Wow what a Beast
So, i have just entered the UAD kingdom, and this is one of my first purchases
i do not familiar with the original hardware unit, so i have nothing to compare to,
but this compressor is very very good, while i love the 1176 and the signature sound of it for a long time, now i have another compressor with it's own special characteristics, I really like the nice 'Shine' it gives and extra openness for a track
the nicest i think is the Mix control so can do a parallel compression, and give my drums this little extra.
kick and bass also can be compressed for the glue it gives.

and of course on the master bus. its really sticking out.

defiantly one i will use a lot in my productions


3. Januar 2016

Master buss perfection

This is the best plugin master compressor ever.
I was thinking to buy a hardware until I tried the demo of the uad manley vari mu.
Bought it immediatelly and I have already use it to master 2 cds.
Everybody stayed happy.
Me, my clients and Universal Audio. :)
Happy new year!

R. Morrison

30. Dezember 2015

A good emulation of the hardware

I've used the hardware unit many times for mix bus compression and really enjoy it's ability to smoothly control the dynamics, imparting a hint of smooth creaminess to the sound. Particularly for acoustic jazz and orchestral (film score) mixes. Up to 4dB reduction on the meters feels very natural sonically. The plug in retains this character, particularly it's compression characteristic (behaves very much the same); perhaps a little less creaminess than the hardware, but nonetheless, a very good emulation.

J. Rostrup

11. Dezember 2015

Silkey smooth

My go to comp, for every thing.

If I should start fresh with UA plugs, this would be my purchase number 4.

b. forbes

12. Oktober 2015

Breathtakingly Pristine

I have the Apollo Quad and an Octo card in a Mac pro. This compressor really shines... I'd say more Hi-Fi than the Fairchild. What a glow and blanket it wraps your mixes in. It's something really beautiful.

H. Petersson

8. Oktober 2015

One of the best

I had ignored this one for a long time thinking I had enough compressors already. Then I did the mistake of demoing it, and what it did on my master bus just made me smile. After some time of trying to convince myself not to, I just could not keep myself from buying it.
I have been continuously impressed at how well it handles a wide variety of sources. It's so smooth, gentle and transparent while at the same time adding a nice sheen to everything it touches. It's not a heavy character like the 1176, but rather a nice touch.

My only regret is that I got the Fairchild before this one, because I can't see myself picking it over the Vari Mu. So if you are on the fence of buying he Fairchild, make sure to demo this before you do!

A. Momsyakov

2. Oktober 2015


Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P. Lordo

1. Oktober 2015

Highly Recommended

I bought this and pretty much use it on Vocals as well as a Bus Conpressor. Sounds nice and warm, and actually very easy to use.

UAD User

20. August 2015

That sound

The sound your looking for but cant quite reach with anything changer.. Wicked on transients

J. Roye

3. August 2015

Killer Plugin

Great sounding plugin! Who cares if its not a 100% match to the hardware unit?

Sits on my mix bus all day. every day.

G. Hadfield

29. Juli 2015

Best mix bus compressor plugin

If ever there was a plugin that just makes almost everything sound better glued together, it's this one.

As with the Manley Massive Passive I found that it was all about making small and subtle changes and not sculpting massive chunks. So really a finsher and polisher in the best possible way.

D. Sokolov

2. Juni 2015

This is my reference of compressors!!!

It just works perfectly with DI bass and Kick! All that passes through it becomes denser and thicker. UAD Thanks for the great work!

181-200 von 270 Ergebnisse