Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Königliche Kompression für deine Mixes.

Der Variable Mu ist seit 1994 Manley Labs‘ Flaggschiff-Kompressor, der als Klassiker mit Röhren- und Transformator-Kompression das Charisma echter Handwerkskunst ausstrahlt. Als ein bevorzugtes Werkzeug von Mixing- und Mastering-Ingenieuren verbessert der Variable Mu auf Stereo-Bussen oder dem Gesamtmix die Klarheit und Verschmelzung.

Unter strenger Prüfung durch Manley Labs entwickelt, ist das Manley Variable Mu Limiter Compressor Plug-In eine sorgfältige Emulation dieses legendären Röhrenlimiters und basiert auf dem begehrten Model “6BA6 T-BAR Tube Mod”. Sein berühmter Sound ist jetzt exklusiv für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Interfaces erhältlich.

Du kannst jetzt:

Einzelne Spuren, Stereo-Busse oder den Gesamtmix mit zusätzlicher Definition und Präzision aufwerten

Schwierige Mixes mit der einzigartigen Röhrenkompression von Manley verschweißen

Kanäle für ein präzises, perfekt abgestimmtes (matched) Stereobild verlinken

Für die genaue Kontrolle der Stereoabbildung zwischen Links/Rechts- oder Mitte/Seite-Betrieb wählen

Den im Plug-In exklusiven Dry/Wet-Regler für einfaches Zumischen der Parallelkompression verwenden

Mit den Artist-Presets von Tom Elmhirst, J.J. Blair, Mike Larson und anderen mixen


Manley Variable Mu unter der Haube

Manley Variable Mu unter der Haube

Obwohl der Manley Variable Mu eine Pegelbegrenzung einsetzt, wie man sie auch im Fairchild oder anderen klassischen Limitern findet, besitzt er dennoch seinen eigenen Sound und Klangcharakter. Seine klassische Diodenbrücken-Schaltung wird permanent über Steuerspannungen im Steuerweg kontrolliert, wodurch eine einzigartig variable Verstärkungsbegrenzung mit atemberaubender Transparenz erzeugt wird. Auf diese Weise kann die Verstärkung von Klangquellen samtweich reduziert werden, während warme Obertonanteile hinzugefügt werden, die frei von jeglichen Kompressionsartefakten sind.

König der Stereosumme

König der Stereosumme

Das Manley Variable Mu Limiter Compressor Plug-In kann sowohl auf einzelnen Instrumenten wie Bass oder Gesang als auch auf Subgruppen wie Streichern oder Bläsern eingesetzt werden. Seine wahre Stärke und eigentliche „Existenzberechtigung“ ist der Mix-Bus, bei dem seine hochspezialisierten Eigenschaften Mixes mit finalem High-Fidelity-Glanz zu einer Einheit verschmelzen können.

Leistungsstarke Regler

Leistungsstarke Regler

Die Parameter-Verlinkung ermöglicht das gleichzeitige Einstellen beider Kanäle von Stereo-Signalen. Im unverlinkten Zustand übertrifft die Mitte/Seite-Bearbeitung des Plug-Ins die Hardware sogar, da es eine phasengenaue Stereoabbildung liefert.

Der High Pass Sidechain Filter (HP SC) verhindert die Kompression von Frequenzen unterhalb von 100 Hz, wodurch Du z.B. Overheads komprimieren kannst und dabei einen druckvollen Bassbereich beibehältst. Die im Plug-In exklusiven Regler Dry/Wet, Mix und Headroom erweitern die Klangfarbenpalette für deine Mixes. Dry/Wet Mix bietet einfache Parallelkompression — ideal für das Ausfeilen von Vocals oder anderen Signalen. Der Headroom-Regler ermöglicht dir abschließend die Optimierung des Gesamtpegels des Variable Mu an dein Wiedergabesystem.


Von Manley Labs gründlich geprüft und exklusiv lizenziert, modelliert von Universal Audio

Transparente Variable Mu Röhrenkompression für die Stereo-Summe, Subgruppen oder einzelne Spuren

Emulation des kompletten Klasse-A Stereo-Schlatkreises, inklusive der maßgefertigten Röhren und Transformatoren, Eingangsverstärkung und Gain Reduction

Stufenlose Regler für Dual Input, Stereo Output, Threshold und Attack und Recovery-Regler mit fünf festen

Sidechain Filter, L/R- oder M/S-Betrieb und – exklusiv im Plug-In verfügbar – Dry/Wet Parallelkompression, Headroom und Controls Linking

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Manley® Variable Mu Limiter Compressor

D. DiPietro

14. April 2015

Maybe it's just me....

As a plug-in stereo compressor it's great- just like a lot of stereo compressors in UA's catalog. I've used the Vari-Mu plug-in in a wide variety of situations and it works fine. But when comparing it to the 10 year old Manley Vari-mu in my rack (recently modified with the HP SC option), the plug-in just doesn't carry the same "weight" as the hardware. The hardware version just has some magical glueness to it that the plug-in doesn't. Maybe I'm just used to my particular hardware version sonic character -using something every day for 10 years, things tend to grow on you. Maybe it was modeled after the tube switch?
So for me it's the hardware version going in and sub-bus on mixes and the plug-in for channels for a little extra as needed.

B. Luyben

26. Dezember 2014

I can't compare it to the hardware but love it already big time

Like the m/s and wet/dry feature and overall glue and cohesionit delivers. No more New York compression thru extra busses with time consuming phase issues to solve or counterintuitive work arounds.
this mu will sit on most busses to glue or to compress NY style. 2 octo cards give me plenty of power to work with manley massive passives and mu's on al busses even channels when needed.

A. Holdsworth

3. Dezember 2014

Brilliant BUT...

There are some bits of equipment that are not just useful, not just essential, but magical... An original C12, a Telefunken V72, an 1176 and a Vari-Mu fit into this category for me.

I'm delighted that UAD have made this plugin, I bought it as soon as I heard it. From a compression point of view it does exactly what the hardware version does, but without the magic.

I was fascinated to see whether UAD would be able to faithfully represent the warmth and depth of the original - the fact that it makes your vocals sit a foot in front of the speakers rather than just in between them. In my opinion they haven't achieved this, but those clever chaps at Universal Audio can't do it, I guess it's impossible.

But it's 1/10 the cost of the original!

B. Busch

21. November 2014

Here's the difference maker!

I have been mixing for 20 years this year and very rarely have I run across something that I can't live without. This is one of those pieces. I have to mix fast a lot of the time so I love when I find gear that glues a mix together super quick and yet doesn't sound like I spent 20 minutes on it. That's what Vari Mu does. I literally slapped this on a rough mix I had going and it immediately sounded like I had been dialing in the mix in for an hour. Love that! You will too. It adds a little top end and clarity to the mix too!

C. Farrell

20. November 2014

The Compressor/Limiter

This is the nicest compressor plug-in I have ever used. Crisp and clean with all the tube character and warmth. I can't speak about the comparison to the hardware but I can say it just sounds right how I want it to.

P. Moshay

14. November 2014

vs the Hardware = 10/10

Having owned the hardware Manley Vari-Mu for many years, this plug is one of the most faithful recreations yet.
If you have not tried a Vari-Mu across your mix buss just for adding flavor and mojo, you are missing out.

A. Tarasenko

13. November 2014

Well Done, Guys!

Does the job, sounds amazing, especially on stereo-bus. Kudos, you're best.

G. Armandine

13. November 2014


I'm Impressed!! THIS IS THE BEST EMULATION EVER, I think we might be seeing a lot more of these units on eBay. This plugin is pretty much like 90-95% close to the original to my ears.

D. Pinkston

12. November 2014

Manley Plug Ins are awesome

I used to have the hardware version years ago before selling my Nashville studio. Also the Manley EQ. Simply can't say enough about these plug-ins. They sound wonderful. Just demoed the Variable MU when it came out and I'm sold. The Massive Passive and the Variable MU will live on my 2-buss. I can generally find something to not-like but the Manley plugins are all smiles.

Great job guys.

S. Smith

11. November 2014

The "Crap Sponge"

Soaks up crap, and outputs sweetness. Can't ask for more than that!

L. Berrios

30. Dezember 2014

Without Character

Unfortunately one of the UAD plugins that I have to write a negative feedback. Universal need to do a better job with the next update and improve this one. Is missing the warm and character that made so popular the original Manley Variable MU..a shame.

D. Powell

7. Dezember 2014

great, like the hardware

I've used the hardware version on many projects.... the two heaviest engineers I know in Nashville have it on their mix buss all the time. The UAD version made me smile as I watched that needle do about 2-4 dB of compression and add the same kind of magic glue. One of my friends who has a real one in town has issues with one side not being as hot as the other..... which you can make work.... but with the software version of course you have flawlessness and the cream of the crop, and other options, like the sidechain and the m/s feature. It's just great.... if you want a buss compressor that isn't neutral but isn't overly dark or overly warm either, this is for you......

S. Boman

12. November 2014


Wow! This sounds exactly like the hardware version!!

It has that magic mojo thing going on!
This feel like this will be going on my mixbus a lot from now on :-)

L. Hughes

18. November 2014


Will you stop releasing such ridiculously good plugins please? Everytime I think I have everything I could possibly need you release something else that blows me away. This thing stinks on the 2-bus. Amazing.

L. Nicolas

15. November 2014


The real Analog sound in your computer !!

A. Adedwuon

16. Januar 2015

It's going somewhere, but....

I ran my mixes through it with the HP Filter on and the mix comes out clearer/brighter, punchy and forward. However, with the HP filter the overall sound, to my ears, becomes a bit thinner/smaller sounstatge. This becomes a catch 22 because it is important to me to have a punchy master that also has a big/full sound stage. What I end up doing is running my mix to a clean outboard compressor at ratio 1:5 with slowest attack and HP filter at 400hz, this gives a big and wide sound stage but no character..just I send it back in the DAW and run it through this plug and making sure the GR is bearly moving...then through appropriate EQ..then through a good limiter...with this setup, the plug becomes useful. Basically u compensate...

K. Ishikawa

10. Dezember 2014

far from the oriiginal

this is way far from the original one. since I've using the hardware unit 8 years. and there are not the mix using vary mu. I was expecting this could be the good replacement. but it is nothing like the real one. i can not even use as the placement when i really need that sound.

J. Moreland

25. November 2014

You'll use this every day

There are very few tools you can invest in that will immediately allow your spare bedroom studio to produce music that sounds like it came out of a pro facility. This is one of them. If you just bought an Apollo Twin and you're trying to decide which compressor to buy. This is the one (followed very closely by the 1176 collection - with the both of them, all of your bases are covered). On your individual tracks, it's all velvety smoothness. On a mix buss, it has the unique ability to make every bad mix decision you make seem interesting or boundary pushing - and always better sounding coming out than it was going in.

S. Othniel

14. November 2014

Manley Variable Mu Limiter.....WOW!!!!!!! I tested this plugin and I was speechless. I wish UAD had made this to go through the unison on the apollo. These days I do not buy new plugins if I have one that can do what a new on the market plugin does. but this is now on my must have list. This plugin does the mid-side compression sooo good that phasing is minimal, it doesn't hurt my ears when I drastically widen a track. This plugin is a bad ass.

M. T

8. Dezember 2014

Sounds Like it Looks "Flat"

The front of this plugin looks great:)

Unfortunately you can't see the sides, the top or the back
of the unit.... and that's exactly how it sounds:
It seems like they wanted to make sure this one was out in
time for the holidays..
Maybe they'll be an update after they make enough money?