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Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool


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a. meli

16. August 2017


No puedo dejar de usarlo. Exelente

A. Singh

28. Juli 2017

Perfect Swiss Knife

Very elegant tool.

G. Scuderi

3. Juli 2017

Marvelous tool!

Very indefensible too (when you need it) - I only use it to correct phase issue from tracks received by clients, not as an effect :) But, when needed, I would no want to work without it. Simply the best tool for the job.

O. Søgard

30. Mai 2017

New drums!

This phase adjustment tool aligns all your drums, and make them sound tighter, bigger and fatter fast! And you can fix you "out of phase" stereo and room mics. And when you have 2 mics on a guitar cabinet, to make them supply each other in the best way possible. Cant mix without this tool!

N. palombo

21. Mai 2017


I have the hardware version but this is so convenient. I highly recommend it.

A. Chapin

15. Mai 2017


I waited to grab this product because wasn't sure how useful it'd be. IBP really helps instruments sit well together in the mix. I have many of the UAD plugins and I find myself using this most often.

T. Herman

6. April 2017

Works great!

Works great!!!!! :)

T. Herman

6. April 2017

Works like it should

this simple tool is great!!

B. Bentiba

30. März 2017

It can be a stereorizer too

This plugin for people who use Harrison Mixbus32c not only it is phase fixing but also it can be used as a stereo tool. Very creative tool. All you have to do is using pin out bypass the left or right input and start playing with the time and polarity you will get some surprising result. Very nice tool

e. hartwell

22. März 2017

Great Tool

If you've ever needed to invert the phase on a track then you know how crucial it is to invert it! The sound will definitely tell you. However most plugins with the ability to flip the phase give you one button,. So its on or off. But sometimes its still not right. Being able to dial the right phase in is not only great for corrections but also creative sounds.
If you have a little extra cash and want the best tool to handle your phase problems or creative a cool sound .. this is a great UA plugin

A. Crowley

14. Februar 2017

Very handy tool

Almost feels like moving mics around the way the audio comes in and out of phase. Awesome!

J. Driscoll

25. Januar 2017

Does what it says on the tin

Don't understand some of the low ratings for this, does exactly what it's meant to, very useful for mixing live recorded instruments with multi-mics.

J. Driscoll

25. Januar 2017

Does what it says on the tin

Don't understand some of the low ratings for this, does exactly what it's meant to, very useful for mixing live recorded instruments with multi-mics.

T. Prilesky

23. Dezember 2016

Awesome for drum mixing!

Flipping the phase on overheads can really beef up the sound of a drum recording, but sometimes 180° isn't the choicest phase correction; it could be 90°, or 37° etc... With this plug you can use your ears to dial in the best relationship between all the drums mics to arrive at the most pleasing/natural balance. Before any other processing, the IBP is the very first step in my drum mixing. Highly recommended.

W. Sutton

6. Dezember 2016

LL IBP Phase Alignment

... this is a handy enough little tool if one should need to align... might make us a little lazy on times, but does the trick to allow it..

G. Hout

4. Dezember 2016

Such a nice little tool

In a very detailed way you can solve phase issues. Acoustic guitar for example that has been recorded with to mics. You can really finetune it to a sweet spot. A must have tool.

C. Holford

1. Dezember 2016

It definitely does stuff!

I'm not sorry I got this, but I do feel like it's going to take me some time to really learn how to use it optimally. I went through some dual mic electric guitar tracks where I felt like there were phase issues, and I was actually able to improve some of them in ways I don't think a simple phase flip would have done. However, it's also possible to get in the weeds with this tool and think you're making something better when actually you're making it worse. Gotta keep on messing with it but I think it's pretty great so far and I can see it's going to be very helpful in future once I have a better grasp.

S. Watremez

29. November 2016

Excellent outil

Très facile à prendre en main et deviens rapidement indispensable.
A utiliser sur les overheads, guitare/Voix

F. Juan

29. November 2016

Easy and very useful

I've never tried the original hardware, but this plugin really works great. Now I can solve almost every phase problem. A very cool thing is that it is really easy to use. Great plugin!!

m. meli

25. November 2016

Cool Little Plugin

I still haven't figured out exactly what I'm doing, but I turn the knobs until I can get it to cancel as much as possible and then flip and Bam. Way tighter phase then a simple phase flip. The delay knob is great for moving drum spots closer to overheads, or two guitar mics that were a few feet apart.

141-160 von 275 Ergebnisse