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Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool


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A. Escribano

4. Oktober 2021

Great tool!

Really useful tool. Easy to use.

A. Alphonse

18. Juni 2021

A Must Have

Simple, easy to use. Love it!

C. Uquillas

3. Mai 2021


Great plugin !

R. Chiga

2. Mai 2021

Essential Tool!

Simply Essential, simply practical, simply as* saver! love it

M. Řehák

26. April 2021

Little Labs & IBP Phase Alignment Tool

These are inconspicuous but very useful devices

M. Řehák

26. April 2021

Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

These are inconspicuous but very useful devices

A. Lindelöf

10. März 2021

Problem solver

If you're having phase issues, this tool solves the problem quickly and easily. It's also more versatile than a simple 180 phase shift found in some other plugins. It made a huge difference on a snare drum track where the drum kit was miked with eight mics.

R. Pressman

5. März 2021

Extremely handy tool

Great to have a phase tool that gives you so many options. Don't know how I did without it!

B. Tari

24. Februar 2021

Egyszerű és jó!

Szeretni fogod! Csak annyit tesz, amit kell.

C. Marshall

16. Februar 2021

Little labs IBP

Helps me out with phase issues, very important for mixing.. good job all we need now is a gate or noise reduction plugin and I’m good.
Thank you.

Z. Pastakia

17. Januar 2021

So simple, so effective

Works like a charm in doing what I need to correct phase issues in stereo tracked instruments / multi mic instruments.

M. Gerding

12. Januar 2021

Super Tool!

Habe mit diesem Plugin schneller meine Phasen Probleme im Griff. Great!!!!

A. Nelson

29. Dezember 2020

Great for Aligning Bass Amp and DI

Offers a surprising number of ways to align two sources. Able to line up amp and DI sources/models like never before by mixing time and phase shifting. Being able to audition during playback is critical. Amazing tool.

G. Christiansen

16. Dezember 2020

All the sudden my guitar tracks grew ten fold!

The tittle says it all

G. Udvarhelyi

15. Dezember 2020

Must have

Very useful tool, love it.

D. Go

26. Oktober 2020

Straightforward delay adjustment

I use it to align my guitar signals recorded thru OX and mics.
I'm using the delay adjustment feature only (phase adj. bypassed) and I really love its transparent compensation.

C. Azarcon

15. Oktober 2020

Awesome little plugin

I use it to align my drums!

N. Butler

11. Oktober 2020

Not studio bling - but there when you need it!

Let’s be honest - it’s pretty rare when a phase issue is completely solved by simply flipping the phase between two sources. The IBP adds a very simple tool to the problem-solvers arsenal, and it really does wonders.

G. Hampton

1. Oktober 2020

It works like it should!

I like this plugin but still training my ear to use it and completely understand its functions. Phase is a tricky beast. In the end I usually time align manually and use this for fine tuning that and I always use my ear. At the end of the day it is a fantastic tool but not something I reach for first when I first notice phase issues.

J. Lamar

15. September 2020

Little Labs, Big Problem Solver

Easily adjusts any funky phase issues in a FLASH! Works great & yet another excellent product from the hardworking crew at UAD!

41-60 von 276 Ergebnisse