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Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection


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E. Koch

22. August 2020

worth studying the manual.

50"Hz shelfing" not -db...oh my gosh, the original silkscreen is torturous..
but yeah...once you understand it, it mostly makes sense..
it's a premium classic channel strip, with a luxurious character sound, but it needs a lot of DSP... too much DSP for involved signal chains, but worth studying the manual; and leaning what it can do for a source so you know when to go with it...
it would help, if when the 10Khz shelving filter was set to 0dB, it was removed from the DSP load... the mid band is sort of the star of the EQ section...but the pre also has useful character by itself, if you have to switch out the EQ to run the Preamp DSP load..

E. Koch

22. August 2020

Scratch that last review

it uses Allot of DSP

E. Koch

22. August 2020

i am into this pup now

the DSP on this is really a lite load for what it's certainly worth going over manual, just to lean an EQ in this's getting the front end unison spot on my guitars balanced XLR out.

E. Koch

21. August 2020

i know this is a great pre/eq

but i haven't logged much time with it because the EQ section is so confusing to me i just grab something else....i am sure the EQ makes sense to people who already understand it, but do they remember the first time they saw it, and not understanding it???
i have to sit down with the manual, just to run the EQ....i am serious.

E. Koch

21. August 2020

ok, i will give it five stars..

but it's only because i haven't read the manual on it to figure out how to run the cryptic EQ....
i guess you have made the grade until you can actually understand the Helios 69 EQ section...

E. Koch

20. August 2020

is it wrong to rip on a classic?

it's not the pre that got the star down, and it's not the sound....
but i just look at the EQ on this thing, i scratch my head and look at it again...
what am not getting here?...if i ever figured the EQ out, the next time i went to tweak it it would be the same thing...
what am i supposed to do? twist knobs like a blind person until it sounds good?

A. Maire

8. August 2020

Crunchy Saturation, Amazing on Drums

I saw mick gordon using this plugin in his drum chain on his livestream and had to try it myself. This plugin can add a whole new level of aggressiveness to drums, guitars, synths, honestly anything. I don't think theres anything natively that sounds as good when pushed hard as this preamp sim. A must have.

l. parker

7. August 2020


the Helios stuff is all fat and juicy! I always have the EQ in my mastering chain.

I. Inkilä

1. August 2020

The sound of rock n roll

The Helios definitely adds that special something heard throughout the good old Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones records. I can't recommend it enough!

E. Zambrano

29. Juli 2020


Super versatile

C. Kiasi

24. Juli 2020

Precise and smooth

Really precise and smooth. Worth trying out the demo for yourself. But Im getting good results.

G. Felkins

19. Juli 2020

Supreme Midrange JUICE!!

A fantastic saturation and presence tool for midrange bite and brute!! Great for vocals and guitars and anything that needs shaping in the midddle!!!!

A. Phillips

15. Juli 2020


Just put it in the chain and it adds a little somethin somethin. I have all the Unison pre's and this one more times than not makes it's way into the chain. I haven't use it enough on Vocals to say yah or nah but on instruments it's a big yah!

N. Bluhm

14. Juli 2020

Does what they say: colorful eq / saturation

Someone said I’d like this paired with my SM7b on some rap vocals. I do. The grit it adds particularly in the highs is definitely unique. So I used it on that vocal, then threw it on a synth bass on the same track, and I was happy enough with both to buy it. I don’t think this is one of those “foundational” plugins per se, especially if you only have a handful of UAD stuff so far, but if you want something to make a vocal bite, be it rock or industrial or lofi or old school hip-hop, it’s definitely interesting. I will use it again but I’m not sure yet if it will become a permanent fixture on my vocal chain. Might be too specific. We shall see.

P. Mulders

13. Juli 2020

Beauty at its finest!

Ads depth and richness to any source of audio without sounding harsh on the top end like some Neve models. My friend did a comparison test on acoustic guitars with api, neve1073, ua610AB, avalon, ssl E and voxbox, and the Helios came out best. Beautiful plugin, highly recommended for guitar players.

J. Griffin

10. Juli 2020

Raw Beauty

Its a remarkable plugin and been using it to great effect on vocals. Of those that I own, the Helios is my number 1 for honesty, in the room type projects where you want that bare bones raw sound. It has a peculiar quality of delivering this rawness but in a wonderfully controlled way. Its my personal favorite.

T. Trimble

3. Juli 2020

Neve 1084... or Helios?

I do a lot of acoustic guitar and mandolin recording. I purchased the Neve 1084 plugin (which is awesome) at the recent release, and then remembered how good the legacy Helios plugin sounded on acoustic guitar. I demo'd the new Type 69 against the 1084 on acoustic and the Helios won that battle to my ears. Both plugins are awesome, but while the 1084 is polished, controlled and somewhat processed sounding, the Helios is live, raw, with more depth in the mix. It seems to take a few seconds after engaging to hear the full impact of the plugin. I use Superior Drummer 3 (Al Schmidts Decades pack) and the Helios sounds fantastic on the Neve Summing Buss in LUNA. I was so impressed with the plugin I starting looking into the original circuitry to see if I can build a couple hardware versions.

If you do any acoustic work in your recordings try the Type 69. I click the line gain to 30 and bring the fader down about 8db, set the 10K to +8 and the 3.5K to ~11 o'clock and.... Wow! At $99 (or less with a coupon) I think it's a steal!

M. O'Connor

30. Juni 2020

Magical sparkle!

Brilliant plugin. It seems to add a warmth and sparkle to every I do!

M. O'Connor

30. Juni 2020

Magical sparkle!

Brilliant plugin. It seems to add a warmth and sparkle to every I do!

M. O'Connor

30. Juni 2020

Magical sparkle!

I don't think I use any of this stuff to its full potential but this is wonderful. It seems to add a little something to everything - it's hard to put your finger on exactly what but it makes everything sound better!

81-100 von 350 Ergebnisse