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Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection


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J. Ruziev

7. Dezember 2023

Very good preamp!

This is definitely one of the best purchases I've made in a while! My microphone started to sound more convincing in Unison!

F. Hasan

4. Dezember 2023

really great preamp!

Thanks UA TEAM!

C. Bors

4. Dezember 2023

Really vintage tone

You should be used with caution at first due to coloring. It gives a pleasant taste when use in moderation :)


30. Oktober 2023


Fantastic preamp!! It really sounds awesome!!

b. cheung

27. September 2023

Expect the greatness out of the Helios!

Saw a Helious console on the internet and i loved the way it looked and thought it sounded good over the net so i decided ima give this preamp a try and it sounds amazing!

M. cortelazzo

22. Juli 2023

Perfect for my voice

I was about to buy an hardware preamp but I decided to test some of the unison pre. When I came to Helios I've had no doubt that this was what I was searching . The eq section is fantastic, I use it with my sm7b and Iove it

G. Merino

12. Juli 2023


This plugin sounds amazing . It became one of my favorites quickly.
Easy to use, very friendly GUI, simple and effective.
The preamp has a nice warm character, and the eq section is round and sweet, with very “musical” curves.

J. Mateo

28. Juni 2023

Close to the hardware and so sweet on guitars

I love this thing on guitars and bass!

T. Kaminski

22. Juni 2023

No VST3 - No Cubase on M1 Mac

VST3 is actually standard these days. Not with these plugins. Unfortunately, Universal Audio has no interest in bringing UA-Powered VST 3 plug-ins to the market. Marketing is apparently doing everything to hide this thing. And that's how I fell into the trap. The forum shows: I'm not the only one. For Cubase on a recent Mac: Expensive and useless. Thank you Universal Audio!

F. Trentini

17. Juni 2023

Very close to the hardware

I'm the owner of a Helios_1R (a 19" dual rack version of the "Type 69") and I must say that this plug-in sounds pretty darn close to the real thing. Well done.


12. Juni 2023

Clean eq

Very tight bands!!! Lovely and warm

C. Samayoa

8. Juni 2023

Big sound

Big sound !..

S. Blecher

30. April 2023

Super Vorverstärker

Eigentlich ist jeder Vorverstärker (unision) von UA einfach nur richtig gut. Ob es der V76 oder Neve oder der Helios ist. Jeder ist für sein Zweck richtig gut.

J. Srilaam

29. März 2023

Every good

I love Uad

m. kim

24. März 2023

it's awesome

good quality i like it

A. Lee

8. März 2023


Very lovely sound to this, will use with vocals and acoustic guitar tracking

M. Alexandru-George

16. Februar 2023

Very good pre

Very good unison preamp <3

T. Chianti

13. Februar 2023

Helios 69 Pre

Just placing it in the signal chain helps to clear up vocals.

V. Ruzicic

13. Februar 2023


so much fun experimenting and comparing with other Unisons...

J. Mono

5. Februar 2023


Cool stuff

1-20 von 371 Ergebnisse

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