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Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection


17 Artikel

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S. Zsolt

16. April 2024

Nice preamp

This one is a very musical preamp. It adds a really nice color to a lot of sources!

J. Romero

15. April 2024

Color & Character

If what you are looking for is to give a mix that vintage color with punch, this is the ideal complement.

R. Fukui

15. April 2024

comprehensive evaluation

Stable effects and ease of use are great.

A. Holbert

14. April 2024

Funny Name, But No Joke

If you want to get that Badass Guitar Tone like Jimmy Page, or Brain May. Go ahead and get the Helios!

W. Rice

13. April 2024

Character& attitude

Serious attributes in a Mix Helios is the one to use.

C. Chen

23. März 2024


This pre-amp is so good! Very subtle addition of color! love it!!!

P. Sviyazov

20. März 2024


Great preamp with so much color! Best sounding preamp overdrive I've heard. Very musical eq curves.

L. Carlos

18. März 2024


Aguardando a mais de um ano, pelos modelos clássicos, mas é um bom pré. Ainda falta acertar o consumo de cpu no ARM mas quando resolvido, vai ser uma boa opção no setup (incluse pra usar ao vivo nos meus vstI)

M. Krizaj

16. März 2024

Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

My be I expect little more about Helios T.69 Pre. & Eq., but plugin work corrects and not so heavy for processor.

D. Kirschbaum

16. März 2024

Helios Type 69

The Helios Type 69 by UAD delivers incredibly rich and warm tones for synthesizers and bass. I am extremely satisfied with this product and highly recommend it to everyone.

F. d'Ersu

15. März 2024


Overall it sounds Amazing. The mid band is incredible, it has character and softness combined. Love it !

b. boubacar

15. März 2024

Nice eq collections

Nice pream for my bus channel

K. Efstratiou

14. März 2024

Sounds unreal!

Got the Helios EQ recently and fell in love with it. Quite possibly my favorite console-style EQ so far. And I own many. Thumbs Up UAD!!

A. chandra

12. März 2024

Used on Guitar

Very impressive plug-in so far.

a. falesi

4. März 2024

Underrated gem

People are often looking for the same emulations over and over.
We are plenty of the same Eqs, Comps, Channel strips... How many Neves do you already have in your arsenal? This have his own flavor, his "personality" and, most of all, it sounds sweet.

M. Balanky

2. März 2024

This thing is magic - yes

Sounds great for electric guitars. I use it probably more than the 1084 and 1073 etc. It just sounds great for classic rock type tones.

J. Dallarda

1. März 2024

Tons of mojo

This is one of UAD's best. I slept on this one for far too long. Have had it for a about a year now, and since then and now as well, every session gets multiple instances of this one. I'm generally not one to write reviews but saw that somehow this was sitting at two stars and that's such an inaccurate injustice that it's a crime, so had to write a proper review, since (I guess because it's native now, or there's some kind of glitch?) suddenly this plug only had one review, only two stars and did not even make any sense and talked only about the 1073 and 1084. Totally nonsensical review. Anyway - tons of character, depth and analog mojo, for guitars and anything you throw at it. Big, rich and aggressive in an ear pleasing, complimentary, musical way - not harsh. This one is a beauty.

17 Artikel