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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


81-100 von 913 Ergebnisse

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M. Ramalho Neto

11. Oktober 2023


Excelente compressor, uso ele na compressão Paralela de voz, uso na Baterias,e deixa som com a aquele toque aveludado

e. gallardo

11. Oktober 2023


Fantástico y agradable pegamento para todas mis combinaciones

j. Hudes

11. Oktober 2023

Excellent sounding plugin

The plugin sounds excellent and you can really here the results. The UADx version crashes Ozone 9 which is a problem for my mastering work considering the price of the plugin. The classic UAD version works well though.

G. Josset

11. Oktober 2023


premier test sur le master bus, une compression super légère à -0.5db...le son traverse la machine et la magie opère. Forcément on ne doit pas attendre quelque chose de transparent, mon ressenti est qu'il apporte comme un filtre granuleux qui est chaud et doux. Je ne l'ai pas encore testé sur des pistes voix ou basse, mais je ne doute pas qu'il va apporter ce caractère analogique attendu ! Full of MOJO


10. Oktober 2023

sound like the real thing

I like the warmth and details, magic under the hood/UAD plugs are great

B. James

10. Oktober 2023

Vibey drums for days

Been using this for a while now on my drum bus for more vintage sounding compression, a great alternative to the more transparent and cleaner options that UA have to offer.

B. Spence

10. Oktober 2023

This is as close as I'll Get to a Real one!

Really sounds great, Would love one day to compare with the real deal but with UAD Plugins not sure I have too....

K. Grunauer

10. Oktober 2023


mega amazing

A. Cano

10. Oktober 2023


Amiguitos tienen que tener esto, funciona para absolutamente cualquier cosa

s. lee

10. Oktober 2023


super fantastic compressor

S. Kumar

10. Oktober 2023

My Favorite till date

Nothing can beat this fairchild emulation. My favorite till date

R. De Sena

10. Oktober 2023

Really good

This is as close to the hardware as I've heard, In a mix I don't think you'd be able to tell the difference. Sounds awesome.

S. Rogers

10. Oktober 2023

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

I had this with uad 1 but did not use it much. I love the smoothness and phatness this offers to a vocal. I will be tring it on other things. I would love to see more of the plugins sold at a reasonable price expecially for tose who own previous versions.

V. Cuartero

10. Oktober 2023


I love how it sounds compared to other emulations. UA never fails on their plugins.

r. randit

10. Oktober 2023

I can hear the difference in sound

I'm an amateur, so I don't know the subtle differences in sound, but with UAD, I can tell the difference. It's a very beautiful sound.

E. Yeung

29. September 2023

Underwhelming; fell short of expectations

I found this compressor plugin to be underwhelming and disappointing. Obviously it is famous and has a reputable name and legacy, but it didn't deliver the sound I expected it to. The Fairchild is well-known for having like 20(-something) tubes in it, but when I used this plugin, I hardly got any of that colour or expected tube saturation, and when I drive the input more, it very easily distorts in an unpleasant way. I don't think I've ever used this because it has never worked for me. I regret buying this. If I'd tried it before buying, I wouldn't have bought it. You should try it yourself to see if it works for you.

R. van Rensburg

29. September 2023

My go to plugin for bass

This is my go to plugin for bass, I love the texture it adds to the bass and how it brings it to the front of the mix so much better than any other compressor that I own.

b. cheung

27. September 2023

Best fairchild emulation out there

lets face it, i will never see or even touch one in person but just the plugin made my guitar come alive!

E. Zorgman

27. September 2023

Absolute Workhorse

This is extremely beautiful, it adds harmonics ! There is a lot of detail being added. Works great on percussion, works great on mix busses to add a shine ! I use this in every track, and love to keep experimenting with this plugging. It's a go to and a weapon to be enjoyed.

F. Hasan

27. September 2023

one of the best!

grab it now!!

81-100 von 913 Ergebnisse