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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


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V. Trendel

1. Januar 2023

Nice Product !

i love use this Fairchild Tube Limiter, because it's nice and easy to have a good sound with

L. Spilger

24. Dezember 2022

Creamy Mojo

I sometimes use this babe as third (and Last) compressor on my lead vocal - just slightly to add some extra cream!

J. Gellis

15. Dezember 2022

There is a reason this is a classic

Good compression is essential to making a professional-sounding recording. There is a reason Fairchild is a classic. You need this plugin!

l. manosalvas

15. Dezember 2022

Wow very impressed

This version of the Fairchild has that mojo tube/transformer sound the thickness I mean the legacy version is not bad at all but this one is a mist have

a. maceroni

14. Dezember 2022


The only compression plugin that makes its character felt as soon as it is put on a track


9. Dezember 2022

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


J. Tofte

9. Dezember 2022

Character and tone!

I just love this thing! It adds character and tone to everything you run through it. Great job UA!

w. ward

8. Dezember 2022


This plug in does everything I want it to do, and I am able to bend it to my will. It sounds fantastic on group vocals, master bus, and pretty much anything you want to put it on. Also not very “expensive” when it comes to processing power. Love love love the Fairchild!!

S. Ramsey

23. Oktober 2022

Wow! Its awesome.

Just insert it into the track and you here a difference immediately, you dont have to do anything else, if you are like me and a beginner at recording. Then as you get comforatble you can try the presets and start learning from there..

K. Cromwell

6. Oktober 2022

Fairchild the name says it all!

Ok, so it took me awhile to write this review as I find the process to be difficult because most of these plugins are soo subtle you have to listen with a trained ear. As far as this compressor I am shocked at its result. It is Smooth, subtle and creates presence. I used it on a recent documentary Frustrated 3 and the entire audio track was just hugged by the compressor nothing was too loud nothing was too soft I was amazed

M. Park

1. September 2022


Just Great

J. Raja

4. August 2022


Sounding too good in My Buses.

B. Lythe

16. Juli 2022

Think I've found my new favourite compressor/limiter

Adds so much warmth and character to Vocals, whilst adding punch and clarity. LOVE.

C. Preston

15. Juli 2022

Fairchild Collection

Wow, UAD’s emulations really do make other software manufacturers look like toy makers. No competition, UAD are the best through and through. That said, 2nd place goes to Softube. Thanks!

M. Bernabel

11. Juli 2022

Just Might Be My Absolute Favorite Compressor Ever

This baby just has sound to it. I can't help but pass almost all of my tracks through this tube, it just adds such a liveliness and warmth with punch and tightness. Beautiful what it does to a vocal.

V. Clark

8. Juli 2022


This peace of equipment is new to me I’m to the game with us and I must say definitely one of the best things I’ve bought so far!

E. de Souza

8. Juli 2022


Loving it on Vocals and Mix buses

y. kim

7. Juli 2022

I haven't used it yet, but..

I haven't used it yet, but I believe in the UAD plug-in.

h. kim

5. Juli 2022

very good

good. i'm happy.

D. Matas

20. Juni 2022

Great plugin

I've never used the hardware version but the plugin is great I love it!

41-60 von 778 Ergebnisse