Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection


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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


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D. Butler

19. Mai 2017

Beast of the 2Bus

This monster is pure magic, you can literally just select a preset and watch it do it's thing. Mastering or Mixing it just pulls it all together.

R. Calegari

14. Mai 2017


Un compresor que apreta pero no destruye, mantiene la dinamica sin achicar. No es lo mismo que el Legacy, en compresiones altas se nota. Vale la pena tenerlo sin dudas!

b. forbes

4. Mai 2017

MUST HAVE... Must Own This!

Just the harmonics and slight saturation are what make this a must have, not to mention how SWEET this beast sounds in parallel...

m. jackson

2. Mai 2017

The Best

Quite possibly the best plugin I've ever used.....

P. Galanakis

1. Mai 2017

The Fairchildren are beats!

I find these to plugins very different but both equally useful and beautiful. Used on everything. The 670 has a mix knob!

M. Monteiro

27. April 2017

It's the glue.

I am still very new to this plugin, but after trying it out on a couple drum busses and acoustic guitar tracks I'm surprised how adds a lively musical texture to the mix. Where I find it really shines is on the overall mix. It seems to just glue everything together.

T. Spaniel

17. April 2017

Fairchild Tube Limiter

One of my favorite tube compressors. !!!

T. Seeliger

12. April 2017

Great functionality, beautiful warm sound

This plug in has a beautiful warm sound and the side chain works absolutely great!
Lat/Vert mode on drum bus: perfect!
It works for any other signal as well. Bass, Wah-Gtr, main and backing vocals and so on.
Great way to enrich your mixes, easy and efficient to use.
One of the most used compressor plug-ins I own.

M. L

9. April 2017



J. Newhouse

24. März 2017


Used on every mix!

P. Duffy

6. März 2017


I've yet to find something this doesn't sound great on. It's totally different to any other emulations I've tried and I'm seeing why most pros swear by UA equipment.

J. Jackson

1. März 2017

Just What I Needed!

I needed a stereo Limiter and this was one of the ones most recommended. After a lot of research I went with this one. I couldn't be happier with the decision. I find myself using this on all types of tracks and situations, including my mastering chain. Great purchase. I recommend it to others as well that are looking for a stereo Limiter!

L. Alin Gabriel

1. März 2017

Good for parallel processing

Expensive sound, excellent for parralel processing.

R. Gun

24. Februar 2017

Make me finished

What a difference to the legacy. Not that the old is obsolete but the larger DSP consume you can hear it clearly. Much less distortion or lets say sonically better sounding one. Warm, clear, loud. Not without reason its the record finishing mastering compressor for decades.
Best now is the sidechain filter. Now its able to switch in much less compression on low end.

B. Thal

23. Februar 2017

A classic.

This really is a work of art. You took the holy grail and digitized it. It behaves like a real Fairchild. I love the 660 on so many sources. I truly recommend adding this plug to your collection.

M. Guillen

22. Februar 2017

Incredible Unit!

Great compressor, I use it mostly on my bus, either drums or main bus, it has a great nice flavor!

D. Deygout

21. Februar 2017


Thanks to the parents whoever they were, this child is really fair ! I haven't had the chance to meet the real brother but this plugin really sounds good. Depending on the situation whether soft or hard, it's always pleasant. I don't know if the MIX buttons where part of the hardware version but I find them very useful for upward compression, thanks a lot !

T. Kennedy

16. Februar 2017

Raw Tube

Happy to own this collection, there is no rawer than these tubes ;)

M. Daubenmerkl

16. Februar 2017


Absolutely happy!

T. Beaudoin

11. Februar 2017

Adds Life

I use the Fairchild on just about everything. Just a kiss makes a huge difference adding color a depth to a mix that previously wasn't there.

261-280 von 708 Ergebnisse