Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


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D. Pierce

14. November 2017

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

Fantastic compressor with parallel options. Don't sleep on this one, rap vocals shine on the Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection!

B. Vladimir

9. November 2017


It adds dimension to the sound; dimension and color.

M. Buzniak

9. November 2017

Instant thick, rich, full sound!

I only have it for few weeks now but I can't imagine my overheads or masterbus without it.
Even with minimal GR this thing gets you to the next level with your audio only passing through it. The real fun begins when you engage more compression...

C. Zettervall

9. November 2017


Being very much a beginner, I have been struggling with my heavy nukindofmetal Kemper emulated Gitarr sounds in the Cubase-mi for some time, though, with little success. In desperation. I decided to try the Fairchild (having tried many other alternatives), With little expectation, I might add. Suddenly, and to my surprise, it just sounded brilliant, after some tinkering with the controls, and the headroom option made it a breeze to adjust levels without affecting other parameters. The unpleasant harshness of the guitars was gone, while the aggressiveness of the sound remained. Thus, thank you UA for creating this Plugin, and indeed, adding this plug-in into the bundle that came with Apollo MKII after the actual purchase.

G. Joiner

5. November 2017

Da Plug

an awesome and very clean plugin UAD 4 Life

J. Harris

4. November 2017

Fairchild Tube Limiter

Like butter and hot syrup on pancakes!

F. Mangano

22. Oktober 2017

Professional compressor

One of top machine ever,settled in every professional audio production's studio

R. Cote

18. Oktober 2017

Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

This is an excellent collection of softwares. If this software is included with Universal Audio promotion sale of hardware like Apollo or any other device they are selling, don't waste your time to think about it, buy the hardware and get the software because later on, you will want to get it.

L. Turner

18. Oktober 2017

Great Limiter

The real deal!!! Sounds so good!!!

UAD User

18. Oktober 2017

The quickfix for dull sounding drumbusses

I usually slap a Fairchild on room mics and blend in the uncompressed signal not altering punch and impact. the Fairchild has a tendency to shape up low end which is partly what i love about it.


17. Oktober 2017

Very Nice Plugins!!! :)

Very Nice Plugins!!! :)


17. Oktober 2017

Very Nice Plugins!!! :)

Very Nice Plugins!!! :)

S. Cohen

10. Oktober 2017

Best Fairchild Emulation by a mile

It's not a real one, but when it comes to software this is as close as any software has gotten.

T. Kennedy

15. September 2017

Tasty Tube

If you like Tube, get this

T. Poole

11. September 2017

Warm sound

I only mix jazz (big bands, small groups). The new Fairchild was recommended to me. It's a very warm and compact sound. If you want a warm controlled sound on a wide dynamic range of say a trumpet in a big band, this is a very good option. It helps me get more strident sounds to sit in the mix. Due to the extremely fast attack, I would recommend using the mix control at the lower right to dial in the parallel compression so you don't loose all the attack. my two cents...
Disclaimer: I have only use the 660 on individual tracks, not the 670.

K. Gilroy

26. August 2017

FAIRCHILDREN is what they call us. We Love Our Fairchild 670s. Oh, and 660s too!

If you hang out with engineers and they start talking about ITB, The Fairchild Plug from UAD always comes up. "Hey Man, Have you heard that Fairchild Plugin from UA? It Smokes!" or go to the forms and you'll read and hear all about the Fairchild and the SHMC Shadowhills from UAD. These are the 2 best adored Compressors among the Yo Cats. The best part is that the phase is cool and you won't screw up a mix. Love you guys at UAD...The Best Plugin Shop In Town! - GILROY

E. McKenzie Jr

7. August 2017

The Fairchild Tube Limiter

The Fairchild Tube Limiter collection has served exceptionally well on sources like vocals, drums, guitars, and synths. It allows vocals and instruments to shine. While it may take some fine tuning to determine how much compression will be applied in context of a mix, the plugin has a mix knob (dry/wet) feature which is extremely useful and also provides a way to parallel compress. Whether the compression you desire is subtle or aggressive, this plugin can certainly add tonal character and weight to your mix. I have used this collection for the past 3 years and believe it's worth adding to your tool kit of UAD plugins.

L. Leal

4. August 2017

Now you don't have to sell your house

This compressor is true to the original.

E. Sokolowski

27. Juli 2017

660 is a beast!

The 660 has pretty much lived on a drum parallel for me since I bought this plugin collection - its fast and aggressive and can groove so well with drums. The 670 can be a slightly smoother option for some tracks, with the added benefit of various side chain and unlinking options.

These essentially shine on whatever you throw at them, I'd hate to imagine mixing without them.

T. Young

17. Juli 2017

Good Ol' Days

Reminds me of and sounds incredibly like the Fairchild from my glory days.

221-240 von 695 Ergebnisse