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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


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U. Juhl

10. März 2023

Harmonics and control

I use it to give analog harmonics.
Or to control instruments and sounds.
I like to use it on bass and piano.

i. Arriola

3. März 2023

Warm enough to use as a coat

Very versatile plug-in that can give you a subtle flavor or be the main ingredient depending how you use it. Highly recommend

V. German

27. Februar 2023

Great compressor!

Excellent in working on the drum bus. Good voice warming, works very nicely on the master bus.


21. Februar 2023

Too hot on the Mix Bus!

This here is a monster, it works for everything. I appreciate a lot in guitars and drums bus.

M. Alexandru-George

16. Februar 2023

Very iconic comp

10 stars <3

I. Tyrväinen

14. Februar 2023

Very good

I actually don't even care if it sounds like the real hardware or not, because this just sounds so good. It pretty much makes many other tube compressor plugins sound like a joke.

J. Tornay

15. Januar 2023

Legendary compressor

It's legendary and it is for a reason: if it's right for your song you'll quickly realize the warmth and glue it brings.

J. Berthier

14. Januar 2023

Lot of harmonics and warmness

I had great result with the 660 on bass recorded DI (Beatles style), and the 670 on the whole mix : just with a little bit of compression ( around -1db) and 50% mix it add warmness, harmonics, body to the mix and tames harshness (a trick I did read in an interview with sound enginer andrew scheps)

B. Lyons

14. Januar 2023

Smooth sound!

Sound good on instruments and mix bus for what I’ve done so far.

D. Naja

10. Januar 2023

Great Collection of Timeless Classics

Loved the trial of these and had to jump on them over the holidays. Smooth and easy to use. Have one on every mix now!! Would buy these again for sure. Try them, you will not be disappointed.


9. Januar 2023

Fairchid unique!

Just incredible!

E. Peterson

8. Januar 2023

Sounds like a classic

Love the Fairchild sound so much. The 175-b is still my favorite color comp but the Fairchild is a close second and sounds so tasty on acoustic guitar and drum overheads. Love it so glad I took the plunge


6. Januar 2023

I love it

I like the color it makes for my mix. So rich and vintage

D. Stanchev

6. Januar 2023


Unic sound , fear representation of original gear. Very useful. I like it !!?

D. Baker

6. Januar 2023

Fairchild Tube to transformer heaven

Even when not pushing it hard the Fairchild brings a wonderful mojo to the party that is hard to describe.

V. Ruzicic

5. Januar 2023

Musical and on the spot!!!

One of the best UAD plugins EVER!

M. Glover

5. Januar 2023

Instant vibe!

I’m a Beatles nut, so these make it into every session. 660 for the goo, 670 for the glue!

V. Trendel

1. Januar 2023

Nice Product !

i love use this Fairchild Tube Limiter, because it's nice and easy to have a good sound with

L. Spilger

24. Dezember 2022

Creamy Mojo

I sometimes use this babe as third (and Last) compressor on my lead vocal - just slightly to add some extra cream!

J. Gellis

15. Dezember 2022

There is a reason this is a classic

Good compression is essential to making a professional-sounding recording. There is a reason Fairchild is a classic. You need this plugin!

1-20 von 756 Ergebnisse

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