EP-34 Tape Echo

EP-34 Tape Echo

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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EP-34 Tape Echo


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J. Grindstaff

11. April 2019


This plugin is perfect, and really , sounds like tape. That sound you get using anything that has tape as its delivery source. As always Universal Audio nails it again.

P. Batenev

9. April 2019


great plugin, I mix his on guitars through bus track)

UAD User

8. April 2019

EP-34 Tape Echo for Slapback Delay on Vocals

There is a nice Slapback preset on the EP-34 Tape Echo, when adjusted to taste, can help Vocals pop just ever so subtly.

UAD User

4. April 2019

It does one type of delay incredibly well

If you want warm, crunchy, tape-y delays, there isn't anything out there that will beat this.

P. Gharapetian

29. März 2019

fantastic tape delay emulation

all the joys of the original hardware, without the hassle of maintaining it. thank you for this!

T. Glosser

25. März 2019

Fun and sounds great

How can you not have fun playing with this?

J. Rodriguez

15. Februar 2019

The best psychedelic delay ever made adding character and space to any instrument

If you need a delay that breaks through or that you can control in ways you can't with any other delays, this is your delay. It is amazing all the sounds you can get out of it and if you automate the sliders you can get some sounds never ever heard before, spacey

m. łuczak

11. Februar 2019

Extra sound

Extra vintage sound

A. Ferreira

29. Januar 2019

Great delay.

For vintage delay freaks like myself, this plug-in is the real deal. Way to go, UA!!

S. May

28. Januar 2019

Great Audio Quality

i do enjoy using this tape echoes controls great sound and always gives me great results.

j. almeida

15. Januar 2019


great timing tape delay simulation

c. Eastman

22. Dezember 2018

not just a delay

I treated myself to a EP-34 this holiday season thinking that it would be another delay in my toolbox... I am so happy that I did, as it is so much more then just a delay... it's a vibe box! brings out the soul in anything I play through it! Love, love, love it!!

m. koontz

21. Dezember 2018

EP-34 tape echo

I had one of these in the 70's.It was nice but sometimes noisy and not the easiest to get the same set up everytime.The Universal Audio version is quiet, easy to use and you can save your settings.I love this version and I give it 5 stars.Thank you.

R. Gagl

18. Dezember 2018

My guitar fell in love with it....

This is by far the best tape delay emulation I know. Its creamy and extremely musical dirt fits like magic into any production. It sounds never "in the way".
My guitar fell in love with it immediately. It´s hard to separate them...;)

UAD User

14. Dezember 2018

EP-34 Tape Echo

Really awesome emulation, the sound is dirty but in a nice plugin you can keep under control

R. Rattay

11. Dezember 2018

EP-34 Tape Echo

Very realistic sound, its great.

M. Hatfield

24. November 2018

Tape Echhhhhoooooo

This tape emulator is bad to the bone. Just look it, it's got some issues right. Looks like a piece of equipment I man would be proud to call his own. I've used it a few times during the demo but I haven't given it the time it needs. The time it needs to enlighten me with it's majestic strange beauty. I'm gonna get weird with because I'm about to buy this baby right NOW! And you guys don't be slacking out there. You know you work hard to buy these important tools to refine your craft, SO BUY IT TOO!!! Then we can be happy and think about the next UAD item we need. What a truly wonderful time we live in, am I right? I love UAD, you guys are gamechangers. Changing my music atleast ,,for the better! Look forward to demoing more of your plugins and talking myself into buying most of them,

T. Laegen

20. Oktober 2018

Character delay

Great delay with a ton of character. Use in dual mono for best results.

D. Arentz

2. Oktober 2018

Twist those knobs

A great sounding effect that just begs to be automated.

UAD User

2. Oktober 2018


Inpressive warm sound that feels very matiral in the mix.

61-80 von 387 Ergebnisse