EP-34 Tape Echo

EP-34 Tape Echo


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Warme, abgefahrene und schummrige Delays mit dem beliebtesten Bandecho aller Zeiten

Das EP-34 Tape Echo Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces bietet eine exakte Emulation der legendären Bandechos, die man von Künstlern wie Jimmy Page, Brian May, Chick Corea, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson oder Andy Summers kennt. Die klassischen Echoplex-Geräte sind dank ihrer charakteristischen Eigenschaften – Verzerrung, Tonhöhenschwankungen, Selbstoszillation, Squelch-Effekte und andere analoge Artefakte – zu echten Legenden geworden. Das EP-34 Tape Echo Plug-In emuliert all das und noch viel mehr.

Genau wie bei der Original-Hardware lässt sich der Tonkopf in Echtzeit verschieben, um abgefahrene „Wisch-“ und Dub-Effekte zu erzielen. Über den Record Volume Regler wird sogar die musikalische Eingangsverzerrung der verehrten Preamp-Sektion des EP-34 nachgebildet und erlaubt Färbungs- und Verzerrungseffekte von subtil bis ganz und gar nicht subtil. Zusätzliche moderne Workflow-Optimierungen wie z. B. Tempo Sync machen das EP-34 Tape Echo Plug-In zu einem Pflicht-Werkzeug für jeden Audio- und Mix/Engineerr.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mit der definitiven Bandecho-Legende schummrige Delays und stimmungsvolle Slapbacks kreieren

Die Regler des EP-34 Tape Echos für Echtzeiteffekte und zur Klangformung verwenden

Die einzigartige Übersteuerung am Eingang des klassischen Echoplex auf Drums, Vocals und Gitarren anwenden

Exklusive Plug-In-Funktionen wie Tempo Sync, Wet/Solo, Pan und Tape Tension einsetzen

The EP-34 Tape Echo is not affiliated with, sponsored, nor endorsed by any companies currently using the "Echoplex" name. “Echoplex” “EP-3” and “EP-4” model names, are used solely to identify the hardware emulated by Universal Audio.


Der extrem begehrte Sound der Tape Delay Legenden EP-3 and EP-4 Echoplex*

Tape-Echo-Effekte, die praktisch nicht von denen zu unterscheiden sind, die man in unzähligen, klassischen Aufnahmen der letzten sechs Jahrzehnte hört

Die einzigartige Bauform mit beweglichem Aufnahmekopf erzeugt einen warmen, satten Sound, wie bei keinem anderen Delay

Bietet eine große Klangbandbreite, von einfachen Slap-Sounds bis hin zu chaotischen Eigenoszillationseffekten

Verschmelzung von Funktionen der EP-3 und EP-4 Hardware-Geräte und zusätzlichen, nur im Plug-In verfügbaren Funktionen für modernes Mixing

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


EP-34 Tape Echo

UAD User

13. Mai 2016

What can I say that hasn't been said?

It sounds really great. It's amazing how you can give a delay so many knobs and options, and it makes it so much harder to get "the sound".

These simple controls make it easy to dial in what you're looking for. Also, definitely watch the UA video about it. Some great tips and tricks.

S. Goodison

4. November 2015

Perfect tape delay.

I love using this on almost every mix I do. It's got a great sound, and if you really drive it with a very short delay time and low feedback then is gives great characterful space to vocals without being obvious. Excellent value for the price!

T. Urban

28. Oktober 2015

Most creative delay I own

I love this delay. The sound is amazing and for me, I find it to inspire creativity. For a demo, you can see a youtube dub tutorial where I demonstrate this plugin in action.


I would not have this as my only delay. The cooper time cube is way easier for me to get clean measured delays on vocal and drum tracks. But it sounds great and is fun!

M. Herrmannstorfer

7. Mai 2015

Easy to setup

Not as versatile as the Roland Space Echo, but easier to quickly dial in the right amount of delay...

B. Elijah Smith

23. April 2015

Very cool on guitars & vocals!

Sounds very analog & adds a cool sonic texture I haven't found with other delay plugins. It's good to have on hand when you want to add some unique character to an instrument or vocal track.

G. Pearlman

12. November 2014


I have a real one, this one sounds just like it without the maintenance factor. My buddy is an EP geek/nerd/snob and thinks this thing sounds f-n great. Me too.

R. Kirk

10. September 2014

Sounds like the real deal!

Couldn't be more pleased - it responds and sounds like the real deal, with all it's features and quirks. I've been using it to liven up my guitar tracks. The stereo spread is just incredible, but it also sounds fantastic and punchy as a mono instance. It's really impossible to go into all the detail of this sound.. but it really brings the source to life with depth and movement.

I can't wait to try this on vocals!

Randall Kirk
Keyboardist, Guitarist, Producer, the band "Spain"

D. Kalligas

10. September 2014

This is awesome

I totally love this plug-in. Nice, dirty and gritty. This plug- has the feel and sound that i love.

Way worth it.

M. Tikopoulos

7. September 2014


What a stunning device this really is... Its warmth and versatility are like no other and uncomparable with any other delay device..! Combine more than one and the result is beyond this word..!!!!! Perfectly done once again UAD...!

M. Imboden

31. Juli 2014

Very authentic reverbs & delays

Well for years I was looking for an authentic, noticable but not too flashy reverb, mainly for the use on vocal tracks. I've tested alot of plugins and I ended up using some Lexicon stuff, which is really good too.
Then some lucky day, I've bought my first UAD card and tried this echo plug-in.
Since I own it, I use it in nearly every track to open up and widening my vocal-tracks.
From time to time I use it on acoustic guitars too...it's very nice sounding for both. It doesn't change the natural sound of your material but it prescinds the nicest nuances out of it.
I can absolutely recommend this plug-in for nice reverb and delay programs!

R. Castro

21. Juli 2014

great worble effect

I love messing with speed control on they delay. Automating it is such a cool effect.

H. Barry

14. Juli 2014

Another Great Weapon!

I was lookin' for something to tuck under vocals, drums, and guitars without being heavy just enough to add to the groove. I'm glad I purchased thiis, now I'm experimenting with delay more. Another great weapon added to my arsonal.

J. Grefsrud

12. Juli 2014

A lot of fun

Great sounding delay, and tons of fun! Very inspiring to work with!

C. Hoyer

10. Juli 2014

All character

Put off buying this one for a long time, but finally caved.
This thing is all character, from the drive and saturation to the echoes themselves. It all sounds so real!
Of course you can use this effect to do crazy stuff, but you don't have to at all. It's great just bubbling along in a mix on a much more tame setting. Use this if you don't want to sound like software.

H. Henning

9. Juli 2014


great effect for electric guitar, for example.

Sounds very authentic !

T. Mason

8. Juli 2014

EP-34 Tape Echo plug-in

Lovely little plug-in. I'm a dub producer and this hits the spot! Imparts a warmth and subtle character to the sound. Will use again & again.

A. Abernathy

23. Juni 2014

Sits beautifully in a mix

When my demo ran out I figured I'd just go back to my other delay plugs... Nope! I really missed this one immediately. The EP-34 just always sounds right to me - warm and beautiful and real... great compliment to the wilder and brighter sounding RE-201.

M. Fernandez

13. Dezember 2013


Excellent software, like i expected.
With the wet button, when you print your audio and move it ahead according to the delay time , you've got a great tape sound without delay at no more expense.
The only drawback is the maximum delay time of 700ms. That's a 1/2 at 67bpm.
I thought software could beat the hardware on this.
Too bad, but not enough to ruin the pleasure and true character it adds to your music.

R. Macmullen

9. Juli 2013

multi use processor

this ep-34 tape echo is one of the finest plug ins I have ever used since it is a multi use item with excellent echo ,delay and added effects characteristics beyond any expectations .any sounds can be enhanced both dramatically or with great finesse .
eliminates the multi plug in useage conserving dsp , pgm and time
the ease of operating scope is another example of the uad perfection .
thank you once again for your professionalism
ralph macmullen

T. Spielmacher

15. Juni 2013

My perfect echo...

Vintage. Warm. Control. Historic. Mine!

I love delay. At times (especially for vocals) I will use it like a separate backing instrument. I'm shocked at how versatile, complimentary and modern this effect can be although there is plenty of old school "cheese" if one wants it.

Buy this.