EP-34 Tape Echo

EP-34 Tape Echo


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EP-34 Tape Echo


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A. Mladenović

17. Januar 2022

Brilliant on vocals!

My go to slap delay for vocals!

K. Bread

7. Januar 2022

Echo Chamber

The Most Realistic Emulation of my favorite Urban Echo Chamber

J. Miller

4. Januar 2022

Great for folks like me who don't drum, or program beats

I love this plugin! It's my go to for creating more interesting rhythmic patterns ... because I really don't know what I'm doing, so this thing is great for dragging a slider, tweaking some knobs, and there you are with something that sounds g-g-g-roovy! I like to think I'm channeling Daniel Lanois, but I'm probably not :P

G. Fricke

26. Dezember 2021

Not like any other

Digital delay has taken over the market. This plug-in provides the best in distinctive tone and effect to give my tracking something it really needed.

R. Charro

22. Dezember 2021

Amazing sound

It sounds incredible. I use it specially on guitars and it makes them sound huge even with soft parameters.

M. Divola

21. Dezember 2021

Best Delay

This is the best tape delay (blows Galaxy away) by UAD and my favourite delay period. It is magical.

M. Bilderbach

15. November 2021


Wow, as a guitar player who has used the real thing having this in a plugin has been so inspiring on vocals and even drum loops. Such a cool plugin and its just oozing with vibe!

P. Räisänen

23. Oktober 2021

Amazing sound

Great vintage sound and can be used in variety of instruments with amazing results!

P. Borisevich

20. Oktober 2021

The one and only

One of a kind. Magic. Stunning.

J. Dunn

1. Oktober 2021


I test ran this plugin but find it to be a little lacking it doesn't have the punch of a real Echo plex I know because I own a Echoplex 3, it is a pretty good echo if your not looking for the the preamp sound of a real echoplex !

j. Del Rosario

29. September 2021

New fav tape echo!!

I really love that analog retro sound for modern music, this plug in is a must have

장. 은혁

12. September 2021


I like this sound I use every day

E. Midzic

8. September 2021



V. Basyul

7. September 2021

Real analog

Classic gear!

V. Basyul

7. September 2021


Retro classic!

M. Schwarz

2. September 2021

Крутая штука

Офигенный дилей .на гитаре шикардос ,оно и понятно

M. Petrillo

4. August 2021

Mean Tape Echo

A real Echoplex! Sounds just like a real one. No tape wear!

L. Rocha

3. August 2021

fantastic emulator

a brutal tool, using in print can be fantastic

c. An

3. Juli 2021



D. Murphy

1. Juli 2021


Love it, perfect analog retro vibe.

1-20 von 393 Ergebnisse

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