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EP-34 Tape Echo


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S. Andres

6. Januar 2023

Great for guitar tracking

Great tool combined with some Unison presets and some other plugins , really inspirational.

S. Rico Hernandez

6. Januar 2023

Un gran delay

Buenísimo como envío o inserción.

G. Ob

25. Dezember 2022

Create tool

Excellent tool for making creative echo sounds! One of the best of its kind

D. Weigleb

23. Dezember 2022

Finally! The Echoplex!!!

I have longed to play some Van Halen through a true Echoplex. This. Is. A. BEAST! Paired with some other effects I'm pretty close to VH 1 and VH2.

U. Audio Account

16. Dezember 2022

Nice delay

Not my fisrt option for delay, but when it works it’s perfect

A. Bugella

12. Dezember 2022

FLAVOUR, FLAVour, flavour, fla...

Very versatile. Adds an analog touch. It can be used on many track types and not just for guitar.

A. Gorobets

11. Dezember 2022

Characteristic sound

When it works, it works and sit perfectly on the mix.

J. Szeszel

14. November 2022

Simple but with a nice character.

Very nice for vocals.

H. Nuesink

4. November 2022

Absolute Top

And this is exact what you expect from the software from UAD.

M. Galavan

11. September 2022

EP-34 Take Echo

I found this plugin easy to use. I think it is useful on guitars and vocals. It even has EQ controls like the original hardware did. Good for basic, warm, analog delay sound, subtle or crazy amounts.

F. San Filippo

29. Juli 2022

I repeat myself when I’m distressed….

Best implementation of the hardware in plugin form. If you want to emulate this classic effect exactly, this is the one to get. If you just want a more generalized sort of dirty multi-delay, there are cheaper options.

M. Malloy

1. Juli 2022

I owned and daily cleaned a real one in 1975

And this one was definitely cleaned before they digitized it. And they crushed it it’s just how I remember it it’s always been my favorite echo and now I have it back. I wish I’d purchased it ages ago.

G. Haas

7. März 2022

Great for guitars and vocals

Simple and effective, great for guitars and vocals and a good contrast to all the digital delays on the market.

A. Mladenović

17. Januar 2022

Brilliant on vocals!

My go to slap delay for vocals!

K. Bread

7. Januar 2022

Echo Chamber

The Most Realistic Emulation of my favorite Urban Echo Chamber

J. Miller

4. Januar 2022

Great for folks like me who don't drum, or program beats

I love this plugin! It's my go to for creating more interesting rhythmic patterns ... because I really don't know what I'm doing, so this thing is great for dragging a slider, tweaking some knobs, and there you are with something that sounds g-g-g-roovy! I like to think I'm channeling Daniel Lanois, but I'm probably not :P

G. Fricke

26. Dezember 2021

Not like any other

Digital delay has taken over the market. This plug-in provides the best in distinctive tone and effect to give my tracking something it really needed.

R. Charro

22. Dezember 2021

Amazing sound

It sounds incredible. I use it specially on guitars and it makes them sound huge even with soft parameters.

M. Divola

21. Dezember 2021

Best Delay

This is the best tape delay (blows Galaxy away) by UAD and my favourite delay period. It is magical.

M. Bilderbach

15. November 2021


Wow, as a guitar player who has used the real thing having this in a plugin has been so inspiring on vocals and even drum loops. Such a cool plugin and its just oozing with vibe!

1-20 von 406 Ergebnisse

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