EP-34 Tape Echo

EP-34 Tape Echo

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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EP-34 Tape Echo


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M. Kondracki

1. Juni 2016

Absolutely addictive

Perfect tape delay, without the tape maintenance. This is the one. Great vibe and awesome flexibility. I can't get enough of it.

K. de Wit

15. Mai 2016

Beautiful Sound Tape Delay

I love the sound of this tape delay. It is a classic and is very easy to use. It can be used for wild effects or or a very subtle vocal delay.

UAD User

13. Mai 2016

What can I say that hasn't been said?

It sounds really great. It's amazing how you can give a delay so many knobs and options, and it makes it so much harder to get "the sound".

These simple controls make it easy to dial in what you're looking for. Also, definitely watch the UA video about it. Some great tips and tricks.

L. Kohlus

10. Mai 2016


Sounds so good! you almost smell the old electronic working

s. malone

30. April 2016

Amazing plugin!!

The next best thing to having a tube driven Echoplex!! I've owned one of the first models and this virtual unit is a very accurate simulation of the real deal! Really well thought out and every detail is represented!

S. Jensen

29. April 2016

This was what I was looking for!

I think the 1st thing is this is just good fun! Love what can be done with it. Of course the sound quality is UAD all the way... You should d/l the trial and give this bad boy a whirl!

R. Cox

26. April 2016

Absolutely stellar recreation

I've used real eps and this is spot on! The finest tape delay plugin I have used. Plain and simple.

A. Stormo

18. April 2016

Brings static tracks to life

After I purchased his plugin I find myself using it on many more sources than I initially thought, just from experimenting. It has become a cool mixing tool that I love using. Very usable indeed. Some uses I have discovered since the purchase.

- It is really cool in sync mode as a slapback echo on drums to create sort of a ghost note feel to straightforward grooves.
-On distorted rhythm guitars try the preset "Eddies Frontend" to thicken the sound. It works equally well as an insert post recording.
- Try some synced delay on a piano track and feel the thing become more vibrant.

UAD User

15. April 2016

Ottimo plugin!

Ho provato la versione demo e sono rimasto subito entusiasta della qualita' di questo delay, molto semplice da usare, ottimo su voce ma anche su altri strumenti! Consigliato!

UAD User

15. April 2016

wonderful other echo sound

lovely warm sound, with some many different styles ! love it

UAD User

13. April 2016


Fantastic ~ a versatile tool for creative recording

J. Ivarsson Björklund

5. April 2016


... to work with. Not the only delay you'll ever need but a good complement to standard delays.

r. roth

4. April 2016

My preferred echo tape

This one sounds great! So Analog!!

S. Thomas

3. April 2016

Great tape delay

Sounds very analog. Great plugin!

R. Ray Harris

22. März 2016

This got the job done.

The little artifacts that only happen with tape..well they happen again here..well done.

P. Marriott

17. März 2016

I'm totally in love!!!

Maybe it's because I'm a Jamaican-American who grew up on dub style reggae and psychedelic rock who also happens to be a huge fan of Portishead, De La Soul, Massive Attack, A Tribe Called Quest and Broadcast to name a few... But now thanks to Universal Audio I have the ability to implement that same kinda of warm reactive trippy echo into my tracks. I've already mixed several new records using the EP-34 and each of my clients are very impressed. One of them cited how much it sounds like the real Echoplex which they use during their stage shows. I can't get enough of this plugin, it's too awesome!

D. Gray

5. März 2016

Always wanted this one

Its good but to be honest i expected a bit more. It is very diverse and can accomplish a lot creatively. Im glad I have it but if it was between two plugins and I could only get one, I would most likely be leaning towards the other.

A. Crowley

4. März 2016


Really impressed how real authentic this sounds (although I guess I'm comparing it to the sound I've heard on records, as I've never actually tried a real one!).

The echo has that real tape feel which degrades into an ethereal texture, which can easily be pushed into self oscillation.

I've wanted to go past the 700ms a few times though, these are the kind of things I think should be offered beyond the 'authentic' simulation, even if it's on a hidden button etc.

V. Salvaggio

17. Januar 2016


I really wanted the Roland space echo but UA recommended this instead, I'm just not that excited about it. I probably should have spent my money on something better

K. Scragg

16. Januar 2016


I've made records with the real thing and it's almost indistinguishable. Such a great atmosphere builder when used carefully. Lovely effect.

181-200 von 382 Ergebnisse