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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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M. Culpajevs

14. Januar 2022

Above average

Sometimes its just hard to believe how amazing it sounds/works/reacts/etc.
Never owned a real analog piece nor have i ever had an analog compressor to work with, but this thing just works, it does its job, simple and effective. Plus, you know its a saturator as well, so you get plenty of color if desired.

M. Clark II

13. Januar 2022


This is probably my favorite compressor right now. I recommend you get this regardless of the genre of music you do.

L. Martella

13. Januar 2022

Excellent emulation of the analog machine.

Excellent emulation of the analog machine. UAD as always excellent at creating plug-ins faithful to the original machines! Personally I think it is the best on the market.
As always UAD is at the Top !!!

K. Wu

13. Januar 2022

Very Versatile

Sounds Good!

C. Jones

12. Januar 2022

Must have compressor

This is an awesome compressor to own. It sounds amazing. Worth every penny.

E. Colvin

12. Januar 2022

A Classic

I've wanted the hardware version of this classic for a long time. I finally have it from UAD and it does not disappoint. It's now my new drum buss crusher!

G. Merino

11. Januar 2022


Another excellent emulation. This plugin feels natural, organic. I can’t believe that I'm not missing the hardware. Nice GUI too!

F. Bassignana

11. Januar 2022


Great software replication of one of the most used compressors of the '90. A must have!

I. Pagan

10. Januar 2022

The Secret weapon

Is it a secret? Love it!

Y. Chistyakov

10. Januar 2022

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor

Die Plugin-Version klingt für mich sehr nah am Original und ich bin froh, dass ich gekauft habe. Der Kompressor hat viele Klangeinstellungen und war in den Studios, in denen ich gearbeitet habe, immer sehr beliebt. kann ich nur empfehlen.

J. Socia

9. Januar 2022

Exactly what I was looking for.

Loving it on vocals and acoustic guitar. Holds it all together.

R. Chiga

9. Januar 2022

Must Have

A must have plugin, amazing on almost everything, my new go to on drums and vocals!

M. Velásquez Pérez

8. Januar 2022


One of the best UAD plugins


7. Januar 2022


The distressor is just amazing. It works great with my guitar and drum tracks. Love it!!

B. Gotch

6. Januar 2022


Lead vocals are full and in the front of my mixes

V. Baotić

6. Januar 2022

The Ultimate Compressor

Fantastic plugin! One of the most versatile compressors, works well on anything you put it on. There is definitely a learning curve, more so than with some other compressors, but once you figure it out, there’s no going back.

W. Bekir

5. Januar 2022

I can’t Distress enough!

I’m lucky enough to have used the real thing before but this is a truly remarkable emulation of the real thing. Amazing on drums and now my go to compressor for drums and percussion. Love it!

Z. Kovács

5. Januar 2022


This is the best iteration of the hardware. No question. Must have.

C. Tate

5. Januar 2022

Great Compressor _ My New Best Friend

I was skeptic at first thinking this was an ordinary compressor limiter. After my first use, I was wondering if it was working at all. It's so smoothed and transparent. All you need is just a little adjustment to make things stick. This compressor has now replaced my go to plugin for tube compression.

Z. Rivera

5. Januar 2022

Great compressor

My go to compressor, great on everything, very versatile!!

81-100 von 584 Ergebnisse