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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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K. Greaves

21. März 2018

Empirical Labs Distressor

Definitely worth the wait. Universal Audio has created yet another solution to the needs of many.

K. Greaves

21. März 2018

Empirical Labs Distressor

Definitely worth the wait. Universal Audio has created yet another solution to the needs of many.

I. Marconi

21. März 2018

Great Plugin

I have always used distressors for recordings, never for mixing, after a week this one seems to work like a charm

J. Jordanov

20. März 2018

Love it!

Own this one for 1 week already and used it on many different types of tracks. Just love it!

G. Leonard

18. März 2018

The Distressor done right

I bought a Distressor the first year they were available and used it for many, many years. This plugin is fantastic and captures the sound and even the feel in exceptional detail. I retired my hardware a while ago and am so so happy to have an EL8 back in my toolbox.

C. Muggenburg

18. März 2018

Try this one first!

I remember the hardware first hitting the market and I thought, "Great, another flipping compressor, with big, white, over-sized, cheap looking knobs!" Frankly, I thought there was a good chance the looks alone may sink the product. Then I heard it! It had something, some color, some attitude that was different from the others. The plug-in is a very close match and I find myself using it instead of some of the classics, such as the 1176. Don't get me wrong, I still love the 1176, both hardware and plug-in, but now there is another, useful tool, in the tool box. If I had heard this one first, I question if I would have purchased any other compressors. Perhaps a couple of LA2A's but maybe not. In short, if you are looking for your first compressor plug-in, try this one first. If you already have compressor plug-ins, you should really try this one. It will expand your sonic pallet.

V. Juvvaanapudi

15. März 2018



T. Axtell

15. März 2018

Mix Engineer, Producer, Musician

They nailed this one... I still can't believe how good it sounds. And the bonus is getting to mix the amount of dry/wet! So great...

R. Flack

15. März 2018

EL8 seems like cheating in the best way

You can definitely get “that drum sound” w/ the use of the nuke button, but there are many transparent ways to use the EL8 to tame unruly transients. The killer feature is the ability to blend compression into the mix w/out sidechain busing in DAW.

F. Zellner

12. März 2018

Hard to tell...

...because it can not be authorized and the support does not respond to our requests.

F. Ruisch

10. März 2018

Fast as a shark !

The Distressor is absolutely amazing, it is the fastest of them all. Perfect to beef up that snare, bass or give a unique effect to the room mics. It's a must have plugin from UAD.

K. Garcia

2. März 2018


An amazing emulation of the original hardware! UA continues to impress me with everything they're doing right now.

j. elliott

27. Februar 2018

as a distressor owner...

this is by far the best software version i have found. maybe not 100%, but it's behavior/reaction is very similar and it's nice to have access to multiple extra distressors come mix time.

R. Invernizzi

25. Februar 2018

Amazing Tool

I love this Distressor! Very powerful tool. I use this on a lot of kind of tracks and sounds.
I really love it!!!

A. Apolo

16. Februar 2018


ive got the hardware and did an a/b test with this plugin.. I was blown away! this plugin really sounds and acts like the real hardware! bought it straight away! finally I can have the disstressor rocking several tracks both in mono and stereo at the same time!!

M. Nazir

15. Februar 2018

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor

simply says i love it

R. Heaney

14. Februar 2018

Forget IT U Nailed iT!!!

Holy Shit U Nailed iT!!! End oF Story .Buy it and Thank Me!!!

A. Fontaine

14. Februar 2018

very good

very good results in no time.

A. Maiani

9. Februar 2018

Simply essential

Must have, nothing else to say

j. van den berghe

6. Februar 2018

New favourite compressor

Title says it all!

641-660 von 700 Ergebnisse