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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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H. Powell

14. Januar 2024

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor

The Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor Is a must have for my Studio. I have a lot of different Compressors, but this one is the best. There’s nothing like it for any Instrument

J. Smith

14. Januar 2024

One to rule them all

This thing is fantastic. Great on its own or so versatile to work with many other compressors

A. Volpato

14. Januar 2024

The distressor is amazing

I love the plugin of the distressor. It is amazing, I just wished there was the gain reduction showing on the pro tools mixer. Other than that it is perfect

Y. Elkayam

14. Januar 2024

Just wow!!

This sounds just like the original, and instead of buying a unit and using it on one thing I can put this plug in on whatever I like!! I love love love the mix knob…such a clutch addition.


O. Gurtovoy

14. Januar 2024

Very interesting compressor


M. Mårtensson

13. Januar 2024

Best software compressor I own.

I have many software compressors but this is by far the best and most versatile compressor.

C. Tabatadze

12. Januar 2024

no words

just to tasty this distresoor

C. Tabatadze

12. Januar 2024

Cool distresoor

recomenneddd awesome sound

c. holley

10. Januar 2024

The Real Digital Thing!

I have the hardware version. I only have one, so I was never able to place it on my mix bus. Now I can and I love it! Highly recommended!

W. Krol

9. Januar 2024

Amazing sound.

Wide sonic aspect!

J. Romero

9. Januar 2024

Very versatile.

Simple to operate and contains the best of classic compressors.

An amazing tool.

L. Morandi

9. Januar 2024

Compressore mitico

Assolutamente fantastico rispecchia il carattere e la versatilità delle macchine analogiche Fantastico consiglio vivamente

L. De Caro

9. Januar 2024


Plugin maravilhoso , usando muito nas produções.

S. Batten

9. Januar 2024

New Authorisation doesn’t work

Why after the simple foolproof way of authorising your plugins have you changed to the idiotic new way where it gives you an authorisation certificate to download that doesn’t freaking work. 10 new plugins bought and can’t authorise any of them and the new support system means I’m not gonna hear back for weeks. How to lose customers

A. Hathot

4. Januar 2024

Perfect for what it does

Its a must have compressor for drums bus and Bass, if you looking for that specific color.

A. Rexroat

4. Januar 2024

Pretty great compressor

I haven’t used the hardware version of one of these before but I can see why engineers all over use them. They are cool compressors. Definitely have their own vibe about them.

A. Niculescu

26. Dezember 2023

A must have!

This is simply amazing! Very versatile, I use this on any track of my mixing, mastering. Loving it! Got it on an amazing price also so double the happiness! :)

Y. Rotem

25. Dezember 2023

Swiss army knife of compressors

This one does it all. Rich harmonic distortion if you want it. Clean if you want it. LA2a if you want it. 1176 if you want it! Subtle to Punchy, this packs all the goods. If you need one compressor suitable for all types of instruments, or an absolute classic and integral part of the 90s, this is for you!

R. Butler

23. Dezember 2023

In Yo Face

For in your face voocals this comp is the key. Used it on spark, and had to buy.

B. Lehaney

18. Dezember 2023


Sounds amazing, love it on drums but and adds to any instrument.

61-80 von 752 Ergebnisse