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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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K. Howard

7. Oktober 2022

Incredible Compressor Plug-in

The Empirical Labs EL8 is one of my new favorite plug-ins. It enhancing not just individual tracks but, it glues the mix perfectly. This will be my go to compressor on ALL my tracks and productions..

G. Fricke

20. September 2022

Cleaner Vocals

The EL8 has been a nice addition to the signal chain creating cleaner vocals that require fewer takes and really help in the overall mix.

I. Inkilä

15. September 2022

This thing is becoming my favourite compressor

It's very versatile and simply kills on vocals, the detection and colour features are great tools and the GUI is pleasing to look at. It also has a very good sound when automated to destroy tracks for more experimental sounds. Great addition to your arsenal, easy to use and sounds great. Simply a must have.

P. Raebiger

28. Juli 2022

simple a very good one

Put the distressor on your vocals or parallel to your drums or what ever you want. Some tweaks and it sounds amazing good with character and weight. How it was mentioned: simple a very good one. Enjoy it!

c. jinho

23. Juli 2022


best classic comp

I. Papagiannidis

18. Juli 2022

Best for drums bass!!

Favorite one for drums and bass! A classic! Best tool for mixing!

L. Bates

17. Juli 2022


I've put off getting it for 2 years and now i have it i have a crush on my drums))

C. Klutts

14. Juli 2022


This things adds the nasty with just a few twists but is also capable of subtle compression.

I. Kravchenko

14. Juli 2022


Super versatile and great sound!

M. Peak

11. Juli 2022

I Keep Coming Back to the EL8

The main strength of the Distressor is how fast it is. Even on a 2:1 ratio, the attack and release times make it quick and smooth, especially for vocals. I've also used it as hard limiter. Add to this its detection and color features (such as distortion) and it is a great go-to compressor.

M. Verblakt

8. Juli 2022


Just like the hardware units. Put it on drumbus and Bam!

e. rydberg

2. Juli 2022

Just like the hardware

I own a pair of EL-8X's. Now I can slap several of these on my mix without having to do the hybrid setup thing a few at a time to find the blended sound I want. thumbs up.

J. Bullard

1. Juli 2022

Toolbox Staple

A must have in your arsenal, especially for drum parallel compression...distression*

S. Ramsay

1. Juli 2022

Such a vibe

Added this to a track to try give it a bit of extra vibe and life. Works very well on drums and vocals. Have used on rhythm guitar bus tracks to make the stereo width sound fuller too. Love it, hopefully a UADx variant soon :)

E. Ananda

23. Juni 2022

No explanation needed

There's a reason everyone loves this unit. and this plugin delivers it. so so good!

K. Beleznay

22. Juni 2022

Perfect sound

good plugin! hot sound!

T. Young

18. Juni 2022

Recently purchased and already loving it on my mixes.
UA has the best plug-ins

R. Bond

17. Juni 2022

If you could only have one

Demo this plugin on my drum buss using a preset with a little adjustment I stop the song and immediately purchased this plugin!!!!!!!

O. Viamontes

17. Juni 2022

Great for tracking

Just finished tracking vocals without the need of a preamp, thanks to the distortion modes… thanks UA

F. Mico

13. Juni 2022



61-80 von 635 Ergebnisse