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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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G. Scharmer

19. Dezember 2019

Not the Real Deal gut a nice Compressor

The highend does sound a little bit cheaper than the hardware but overall it's working pretty well

H. Holzheu

18. Dezember 2019


Since I have this Compressor, it is always in my mix.

I. Sencan

16. Dezember 2019

Most favorite now!

After i bought this, i became a big fan of it.

J. Hammond

15. Dezember 2019

Perfect and Versatile.

Extremely useful and like the original. Pretty decent on DSP as well. If you have the cash just get it.

E. McClure

15. Dezember 2019

My favorite UAD plugin!!!

I was blown away after demoing this plugin. It’s like a warm blanket wrapping around anything it touches. Sounds great on anything, especially vocals. I just can’t believe how close it is to the actual hardware. It not only sounds fantastic, you can also emulate pretty much any style compressor on the market. Probably the most versatile compressor ever made.

A. Kouvatsis

14. Dezember 2019


It’s not another compressor plugin! It’s like the hardware! I love it!

T. Sales

14. Dezember 2019

Distressor Compressor Addressor!

Fat - Quick - Sparkly
Bass - Drums - Vocals ...and anything else that you can think of

T. Alfred

13. Dezember 2019


This plugin sounds 95%of the hardware unit..I can hardly tell the difference

F. Lubrano

13. Dezember 2019


Very good !! Great

s. simmonds

11. Dezember 2019

Empirical labs

Good as

J. Rubio Almanza

10. Dezember 2019

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor

Probably one of the best compressors in the worild. I find the sound quality for this pluging simply fantastic. Very useful the posibilities on ratio selection to be very accurate.

G. Nikolay

9. Dezember 2019

I Love

My favourite

J. Steffen

8. Dezember 2019

Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

I’ve always heard people rant and rave about these things, but I never had a chance to use one. So I stated the 14 day demo to try it on some vocals for a track I was mixing. I put it on the vocals, set it to “nuke”, adjusted the threshold, attack, and release. Uses the hp filter for the detector section and the hp filter plus setting 2 for the harmonics and wow it simply blew me away on the girls vocals. They really popped out of the mix. And that harmonic setting 2 really helped her consonants come out clearer. After that I tried it on the drum bus and again it was perfect. My go to compressor for vocals and drums has always been the 1176. Not anymore. This thing really is amazing. It is in my opinion the end all be all of compressor for the mix stage. It’s fantastic on EVERYTHING. You simply cannot go wrong purchasing the Distressor. Just buy, you’ll be really happy you did. I’m completely thrilled with it. I think it may be the best purchase I’ve made all year. On a side note the Vertigo VSM-3 on the vocal chain right before the Distressor with some high boost really made her vocals perfectly sit in the mix. Mind completely blown. Those two together are perfect for vocals.

M. Chang

8. Dezember 2019

As good as advertised.

Kinda makes me question why I bother owning any other compressor plugins.

P. Ruddy

7. Dezember 2019

Really awesome

I've got 2 of them in my studio and get the plug to have more. It's just amazing because I've got more possibilities !!

P. Carper

4. Dezember 2019

Excellent emulation, the best I’ve seen.

I’ve used two different distressor replica plugins and this one takes the cake, big time. The sound is clean, thick, and sounds very analog.

J. Moore

4. Dezember 2019


Great on just about everything!!!

g. paillotin

4. Dezember 2019

Parfait pour les drums

Ramène un centre bien compacte et estompe les sybilances des frequences tres hautes des cymbales de manière magistrale... Un must-have

g. paillotin

4. Dezember 2019

Parfait pour les drums

Ramène un centre bien compacte et estompe les sybilances des frequences tres hautes des cymbales de manière magistrale... Un must-have

S. Smashnov

2. Dezember 2019


The Best comp!!

461-480 von 700 Ergebnisse