Empirical Labs® EL8 Distressor

Empirical Labs® EL8 Distressor

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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c. Schattka

19. November 2018

i have my hardware unit out for sale now

by far the best emulation of a distressor i have heard. so close to the real hardware that i am selling it now. anybody wants a hardware distressor?

K. Morris

13. November 2018

Essential piece, amazing sound, faithful to the real thing

One demo and I was ready to buy this. By far the best EL8DC software I've ever heard. A colorful, easy to use utility everybody should have. Thank you UA and Empirical Labs!


12. November 2018


Just beautiful, this plugin is very very great, tried in demo of 14 days I will buy it. So good in my voice, thx UAD

J. Wilkinson

8. November 2018

Great emulation of an industry standard

I own the original, and this comes very close! I love the addition of the dry/comp dial - just like on the eL9. Really useful on kit and and bass guitar - it's my go to for these instruments. The distortion section adds that little extra crunch on bass guitar that I love:) Very happy with it.

M. muñoz

7. November 2018


He podido usar el hardware y este plugin es casi como el original.

C. Edmonds

28. Oktober 2018


What I meant to say in my review was: The UAD Distressor is absolutely the best software emulation of a hardware signal processor ever done as of October 2018. The Distressor happens to be an incredibly versatile and useful compressor in its own right, which makes the fact that UAD has modeled it so mind-blowingly well even more enjoyable and useful to have.

M. P

28. Oktober 2018



C. Edmonds

24. Oktober 2018


It’s pretty simple. If someone asked me what the best software compressor available was, I’d have to say the UA Distressor. Name a better compressor in the box. You can’t.

J. Oliveira

23. Oktober 2018


It´s a swiss knife compressor. Everything is fatter and wider by using this Plug-In.

J. Oliveira

23. Oktober 2018


It´s a swiss knife compressor. Everything is fatter and wider by using this Plug-Ing.

C. Hutchison

22. Oktober 2018


Distressor is my only outboard piece of gear. Been using it for years. Now with the plug and being able to use it on multiple tracks is an absolute dream come true.
I say this with no hyperbole: I have been waiting for this plugin for years. Thank you, UAD. It's perfect. (And the wet/dry knob is just a fantastic addition)

T. Christmann

15. Oktober 2018

Distressor to go

I wanted to gig with a distressor using mainly for lead vocals in a live front-of-house situation; and in conjunction with an apollo twin it even fit's into your backpack.

D. Marais

12. Oktober 2018

Grit and cream to perfection

What a beautiful plugin, UA. Again, you provide us with the magic we need to weave beautiful spells with our sound. Thank you!!

K. Korolev

11. Oktober 2018

A real Distressor inside the box

I’m a big fan of the Distressor, this plug-in is mind blowing how it gives you the same sound as the hardware... as usual I have no words thank you UAD

J. North

6. Oktober 2018

Spot On

Ahh this thing sounds like the hardware. Don't tell anyone.

UAD User

4. Oktober 2018


I love my analog Distressor, and once again UAD nails it with their digital version.

W. McMiller

1. Oktober 2018

In the pocket

I first experienced the Empirical Distressor Hardware at Prince's Paisley Park studios and immediately put this plugin in my wishlist. When I plugged this in on my lead vocals, the focus and warm was just like the studio! I threw all other compressors out! Even on my vocal buss, all the voices were in your face and I could still dial in the dynamics. Love it!

N. Sharif

9. September 2018

Another great UAD plug in

Very nice plugin. Makes the instrument stand out

N. Sharif

9. September 2018

UAD are the best! Period

I'm using it on drums and bass and made my mix a day and night difference ! Compared it to the real thing and it's very difficult to differentiate.
Thank you UAD team for this great plug in.

H. Ataka

8. September 2018

Sharp sound!

Delicious distortion, sound that comes out earlier, this has both.

441-460 von 561 Ergebnisse