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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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A. Richardson

1. Juli 2020

Love it

My drums sound so dope now

S. Heidemann

30. Juni 2020

Been looking forward to this!

I have actually just been starting with UAD plugins, but this is exactly the joy and sonic quality I was looking for! Purchased the API 2500 as well which I love already and couldn't let the Distressor slide. Good choice!

j. campos

29. Juni 2020

Must Have

UA's modeling of this classic piece of gear comes very close to the hardware and in my opinion is a must have for anyone serious about recording, mixing or mastering audio.


26. Juni 2020

Multi purpose tool

Very efficiant and useful in a lot of situations

S. Cupellaro

25. Juni 2020

Veramente fantastico

Suona come L originale....grandi!!!

A. Reverberi

24. Juni 2020

You never know

I don't know why I held back so long before grabbing the EL8. Surprisingly good, surprisingly versatile.

B. Stamnes

24. Juni 2020

Classic kit, perfect modeling

Sounds sensational, easy to use, well priced.

R. Leon Junquera

22. Juni 2020

Opto setting...

Is just great

D. DeBerry

22. Juni 2020

What works , works

Distressor are great on rounding out your sound. The GOAT.

D. DeBerry

22. Juni 2020

What works , works

Distressor are great on rounding out your sound. The GOAT.

D. DeBerry

22. Juni 2020

What works , works

Distressor are great on rounding out your sound. The GOAT.

A. Petrini

22. Juni 2020

Just Awesome

This plugin brings life to everything I put it into. A must have in my opinion.

G. Porrino

17. Juni 2020


Does exactly what it's supposed to, and for a lot less dosh. Excellent.

M. Kleimert

16. Juni 2020

Compressor with attitude

I like plugins that have their own personality and sound. The Distressor is such a plugin. Having worked with the hardware version I must say you really nailed it

M. Montañana

15. Juni 2020

Impecables armónicos

Al aplicar logran armónicos que empujan frecuencias fantasmas. Increíble

B. Ford

15. Juni 2020

Bruh... Its a Distressor... Enough Said

You’ve seen it in the studios and you’ve heard it on countless tracks. I’ve used it in so many session but never owned one... UNTIL NOW!!! Stop playing and ad this your plug in library.


a. petrucci

15. Juni 2020

Greatest Tools for Musicians

These are the tools needed for musicians to make the art, without them theres no art
this plugin is amazing! in fact all the ua plugs are the brush for the artists.
Thank you!

K. Kling

15. Juni 2020

Pushing stuff forward!

Works on so many things that need some grit, midrange or parallel compression. Some of the presets work very well also, on some vocals I worked on. It became a handy tool for me at once.

D. Leitner

14. Juni 2020


Tightest Kick Ever!

P. Rackley

13. Juni 2020

Absolutely Love it

This plugin is a perfect tool for drums!!! I’m finally getting my kick to sound like I want. Outstanding!!!!!

261-280 von 584 Ergebnisse