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Diezel VH4 Amplifier


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W. Schurat

14. Januar 2023

A beast with a soft charcter

What really got me surprised was the character of the clean tones that are more than useful and convincing

J. Donovan

30. Dezember 2022

The Diezel VH4 is Irreplaceable

This Amp Plug-in remains a top-flight choice for a wide variety of styles. "Don't mistake this as a metal only amp." It covers a lot ground without compromise. Put it this way. I own a pricey - not to be named amp modeler, yet I continually find myself grabbing the Diezel when I want excellent tone and feel in very short order.

R. Granadillo

30. Dezember 2022

This is a awesome plugin!!!

Sounds incredible good!! Totally recommend

M. Ahmad

23. Dezember 2022


guitar amp for heavy & anything.. great job for unison Technology

a. maceroni

16. Dezember 2022


One of the most faithful emulations I have heard

S. Ramsey

13. November 2022


Best clean guitar sound i have heard. Love it!!

G. Christiansen

14. September 2022

Vh4 with superior sound on both the diezel amp and as an Cab impulse

I bought this to use it as a Cab Impulse for my amp heads, and it sounds very organic and real. With the power amp section using the presence and depth It gets Even better.

One could only wish for a dedicated uad Ir loader based on this VH4, but the diezel vh4 works just as good!

K. Kamonrat

5. August 2022

vh4 good plugins

good sound good dynamic

J. Marth

24. Juni 2022

Great Diezel Sound

Both Diezel Amp Sims sound great, but I prefer the VH4. Channel 4 plus some EQ makes your metal sound shine

e. vantroyen

21. Juni 2022

Sounds real in a mx

I love that one, even better than the Herbert. That Unison gives life to Amp Sims.

A. Portillo

16. Juni 2022

Too good to be true

The simulation is superb. UAD as always making unbelievable analog sims. I recommend it to all guitar players. This is a beast amp.

D. Diadema

10. Juni 2022

Very good but... No IRs...

I own the VH4 and the Herbert which both sound pretty good! But neither of them can support third party IRs... That is REALLY a big limitation for using those plugins live. Of course you can do whatever you want in your daw, bypass the cab section and add your own IRs afterward. But adding your own IRs, that would be a HUGE upgrade. The Apollo could definitely compete with any Axe FX or Helix.
Pretty please UAD?? :)))

c. zouen

3. Mai 2022



A. Zhukau

25. Februar 2022

may be the best thing i worked with

this beast can everything not only metal. l am very happy to use this. plugin in my tacks.

S. Lednev

17. Januar 2022

Diezel VH4

Great sound. I'm very happy to have this in my plugin collection

S. Lednev

17. Januar 2022

Diezel VH4

Great sound. I'm very happy to have this in my plugin collection

V. Baotić

6. Januar 2022

Authentic Emulation

I played a VH4 through a 4x12 cab live for a while and I must admit this is quite a faithful reproduction for a plugin. I can see why it’s so popular with metal players, but I always found it to be far more than a metal amp. In my opinion one of the most versatile amps ever - and the plugin version is the same. Great plugin!

P. Clough

29. Dezember 2021

Great Amp Plug

Love it. Use it for quick demos and for monitoring when using a load box with my amp heads. Responds really well to playing and feels good. Would easily make it onto releases if needed.

K. Flisiak

17. Dezember 2021


Perfect amp for heavy music situations

W. Gall

15. Dezember 2021

Metal Monster

Having this and the Herbert available for the Unison slot makes it easy to make bone crushing metal anywhere you can take your apollo....

1-20 von 83 Ergebnisse

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