Diezel VH4 Amplifier

Diezel VH4 Amplifier


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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Ein höllischer High-Gain-Klassiker mit fesselnden Clean-Sounds.

Der 1994 erstmals vorgestellte VH4 Verstärker war Diezels umjubelte Premiere - ein 100-Watt-Biest an Verstärker, das mit markanten Clean-Sounds, dynamischer Verzerrung und vielschichtigen High-Gain-Sounds für ein immenses Aufsehen sorgte. Der Diezel VH4 überzeugt auch 25 Jahre nach seiner Markteinführung als moderner Klangriese, ist in Heavy Rock- und Metal-Produktionen nicht wegzudenken und bei Bands wie Tool, Metallica und vielen anderen im Einsatz.

Von Brainworx entwickelt und vom legendären Verstärker-Guru Peter Diezel offiziell empfohlen, emuliert das Diezel VH4 Plug-In den mit vier KT77-Röhren ausgestatteten 100 Watt Verstärker für UAD-Hardware und UA Audio-Interfaces.


Mit Deinem UA Interface nahezu latenzfrei über den Diezel VH4 aufnehmen

120 unterschiedliche High-End-Aufnahmeketten mit mehreren Lautsprechergehäusen und klassischen Mikrofonen vorhören und verwenden

Deine Sounds über Effekte des FX Racks weiter optimieren, z.B. mit dem Vintage Delay, Noise Gate, High / Low Filters und vielen anderen

Mit Diezels originaler, hochmoderner Soundmaschine mühelos irrwitzige High-Gain-Sounds, dynamische Verzerrungen und glasklare Clean-Sounds einstellen

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
Vier Kanäle, unzählige Klänge

Vier Kanäle, unzählige Klänge

Mit seinen vier Kanälen Clean, Crunch, Mega und Lead bietet das Diezel VH4 Plug-In die glorreichen, strahlenden Clean-Sounds des Originalverstärkers ebenso detailgetreu wie die siedenden Mid-Gain-Sounds und die absolut sinnlichen Lead-Texturen. Unabhängig von der angeschlossenen Gitarre liefert Dir das Diezel VH4 Plug-In alle Referenzsounds, die Du für die Aufnahme dynamischer, moderner Gitarrensounds benötigst.

Diezel FX Rack

Diezel FX Rack

Das Diezel VH4 Plug-In bietet Dir über das integrierte Brainworx FX Rack die erweiterte Kontrolle über Deine Sounds. Es verfügt über ein Noise Gate, umschaltbare Hoch- und Tiefpassfilter und eine Power Soak-Schaltung, mit der Du beliebig viel Overdrive dazufahren kannst, ohne die Ausgangsverstärkung zu verändern.

Zusätzlich enthält das Diezel VH4 Plug-In 120 Impulsantworten von Aufnahmeketten, mit denen Du sofort "aufnahmebereite" Sounds erhältst – perfekt von verschiedenen Boutique-Lautsprechern abgenommen und über die Vintage Neve-Konsole von Brainworx mit einer erlesenen Auswahl an High-End- und Vintage-Mikrofonen und Outboard-Geräten aufgenommen.

Unison™-Technologie für UA Audio-Interfaces

Unison™-Technologie für UA Audio-Interfaces

Das Diezel VH4 Plug-In hat die bahnbrechende Unison-Technologie von UA implementiert und bietet Dir die gleiche Impedanz, Verstärkerstufe und das Schaltungsverhalten, weshalb der VH4 zu einem der meistgefragten Röhrenverstärker aller Zeiten wurde.

Key Features:

Exacting emulation of the original 100-watt Diezel VH4 guitar amp, endorsed by Peter Diezel and Peter Stapfer

Four independent channels for a huge range of tones, from clean to ultra-high gain and all points in-between

120 Recording Chains with multiple speaker cabinets – recorded in Brainworx´s studio using the
NEVE VXS72 console, stellar outboard gear and world class microphones

FX Rack includes host-syncable lo-fi delay, noise gate, filters, power soak, pre and power amp bypass

Unison technology for UA Audio Interfaces


Diezel VH4 Amplifier

J. Houghton

19. Oktober 2020

Versatile and deep-dive options!

I think this is one of the best amp plugins available. You think Diezel, you think blistering high-gain, but this is no one-tricky pony. The amp is much more versatile than I imagined. That aside, there is so much more to unpack in this plugin: dozens of cab IRs, mics, consoles, a delay, and so on. This is definitely a must-have.

P. Rezba

17. Oktober 2020


Makes me want to go buy a real Diezel amp great amp plugin the best one on this site.

J. Lamar

29. September 2020

Love it

Best sound guitar emulation by far.

A. Reverberi

31. August 2020

Great Amp

Not only a great emulation of the original, but also a very versatile amp for all your tone needs

UAD User

30. August 2020



G. Rhodes

10. August 2020

Absolutely Brutal Amp with Amazing Cleans!

Those looking for an amp that can also cover all styles equally well, look no further. This is undeniably a face melting amp that conjures amazing metal tones. But I consider the clean channel just as good. No need for overdrive on this beast. I really can’t overstate how good this amp sounds. Just get it. You will not be disappointed.

J. Ramos

26. Juli 2020

Metal-heads Rejoice: This VH4 has you covered!

I bought this along with the ENGL Savage 120 plug-in and I couldn't be happier. The VH4 will give you all shades of metal, from black metal and thrash to old school death to tech-death and beyond. It's equally suitable for rhythm or lead; I find it shines best when I throw an overdrive pedal/plug-in in front of it, although you can get a similar effect by utilizing the built-in FX rack Input Gain and Power Soak knobs. Mix and layer it with a differently voiced amp like the ENGL Savage 120 for incredible results. Be sure to take advantage of the huge array of impulse responses that come stock with this plug-in and you're bound to find something that blows you away.

H. Hundseth

19. Juli 2020


Sounds really amazing.

R. Marant

12. Juli 2020


Impulso rápido, sonido fuerte, contundente, crujiente, sólido y efervescente!!!. Sonido explosivo para hacer rock. Así como cristalino y limpio.
Me sorprendió!!!

A. Keeler

10. Juli 2020

Great sound, great response

I snagged this to compliment the myriad of amp models I’ve had and by far this is the best. Stunning tone, great response and a helpful fx rack make this a must have if you’re searching for a quick boost to electric guitars or something to re-amp with. I use it as my daily driver to practice and record with. You won’t be disappointed. Then again if you are using Universal Audio, you’re used to that.

L. Herve

4. Juli 2020

Sounds good but needs MIDI

The sound is good, but like every amp sim with UAD, there should be MIDI in console to be able to footswitch the channels.

C. Vurnis

17. Juni 2020

From clean to heavy, has all the right tones !!

Great clean channel, great crunch channel, great high gain channels !!
Hit the crunch channel hard, and there is a lot of saturation. Play softer, and it cleans up really well !!

Also, the plugin responds well to hardware boost and drive pedals in front of the interface. Can't go wrong with this plugin !!

C. Billmeier

16. Juni 2020


I was curious what this would sound like on a standard Strat or Les Paul since all the demos show 7-strings and/or very low-tuned guitars, and WOW. It sounds fantastic! Very high gain but not nearly as metallic or inarticulate as one might fear with so much juice.

UAD User

16. Juni 2020

Best amp sim I've played!

From the start, I have always wanted to play and record a tight, punchy, raging metal amp sound, but be able to do it silently via DI. I have tried many software amps (UA and others) and many hardware units. This has led me to a Fractal Axe FX and a Blackstar tube head running into a Two Notes Torpedo Live, and while I am still very glad to have that hardware, I might never have bought any of that if this plugin came out for UAD a few years earlier. To me, it is by far the best sounding UA amp. The cleans are great, you have tons of flavors of distortion to play with here, and exploring the huge list of IRs will almost certainly yield one or two sounds that will fit perfectly in your mix. If you have felt like amp sims (including UA ones) have not quite felt and sounded the way you wanted, I suggest you give this one a try.

M. O'Connor

6. Juni 2020

Almost the real thing!

This is amazing. The range of tones from 1 amp is brilliant and I love how it responds to external effects pedals. I know these are not cheap but they are amazing value and very close to the real thing.

J. Ray

29. Mai 2020

Just like the real thing and more!

I’m not too familiar with Diesel amps in general, but the tones that I’m able to get out of this thing are TOP NOTCH! I was blown away when I put it in Unison mode and got it dialed
in with a Teletronix compressor and limiter combo. Definitely worth the price even when it’s not on sale.

A. Sudarkin

21. Mai 2020

Passion and rage!

Sounds fantastically natural. For me, this is the best emulation in the world. Universal amplifier in all senses and styles. Indispensable thing. Recommend.

C. Mortensen

20. Mai 2020

Raw as it gets

Loved this amp from the beginning. Raw and clean, you got it all right at your fingertips

L. Flores

20. Mai 2020

Tone, and room to explore

I was just as surprised with the Tweed 55, in that the what I was hearing from the Diezel surpassed my expectations. I use the amp plugins for scratching out ideas on the fly, song ideas for initial drafts. But this amp has me spoiled ! Very responsive, with tube saturation from think crunch to a blast from the past 70’s rock. You will not be disappointed, but caution in that you just may get hooked on this being your main amp for studio work........

C. DaPonte

10. Mai 2020


Hands down, from clean to dirty, the best itb guitar sound I've ever had.