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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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14. April 2023

Super As Parallel-Comp

My New goto as promo for Vocals Snare Guitar and Kick


14. April 2023

Super As Parallel-Comp

My New goto as promo for Vocals Snare Guitar and Kick

C. Domenico

4. April 2023

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

Considered one of the best drum compressors ever, the original dbx® 160 stands tall among its peers, boasting a very clean sound with minimum THD.

B. Spence

4. April 2023

DBX on Bass

Purchases DBX 160 to fill out my Compressor Plug-ins and found out how well it works with my basses on direct Unison input on the API Preamp.

C. Leonard

29. März 2023

Great Value

Good compressor to have in your arsenal. Simple to use; easy to determine gain loss and for subsequent corrective adjustment. Has a nice tonal character contribution. Cannot adjust attack/release specially but for how you will likely use this particular compressor plug-in, that’s ok. Definitely worth the money and a good product.

V. Ruzicic

20. März 2023

Crushing competition

As always UAD wins all the time

N. Singappulige

6. Januar 2023


Absolutely amazing on the bass and electric guitars!

A. Gorobets

11. Dezember 2022

Nice punch!

Finally I got it!

M. Uuttu

9. Dezember 2022

Throughly enjoying this

Using this on bass and guitars. While I’m not a mixing wizard, I’m find it easy to to get convincing sounds using this.

M. Galavan

12. Oktober 2022

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

Definitely adds analog punch to bass sounds. I really like it!

P. Maiz

24. Juli 2022

SImplicity, at it's finest

Long ago, I noticed that a handful of some of my favorite bassists had the dbx 160 mounted to their instrument rack during live performances. I thought this was so strange.... why not just use a pedal? Empress makes a killer compressor pedal, and it's specifically for bass guitar.

I now understand now. The dbx is truly something special. Like most who have bought this plugin, I use this for recording/mixing in a studio environment. It is hard to believe that such a simple tool can outshine so many of these modern and more complex compressors. That's part of the beauty of the dbx: I can dial in just what I need in less than a minute, instead of fumbling around and getting caught up with another compressor for half an hour and still being unsatisfied with the results.

r. sharma

18. Juli 2022

Must have!

An excellent emulation, especially for parallel processing.

J. Robert

15. Juli 2022

Hardware Nicely Captured!

I had other companies’ version for a long time so waited for awesome sale to try UA’s. It is better in every way, sonically, graphically and ergonomically. Best for drum bus!

h. kim

15. Juli 2022

punch sound

very good i'm happy

S. Dana

30. Juni 2022

Universal comes through solid as usual

I'd been looking for a compression plugin that was appropriate for kick and bass and their symbiotic relationship. This compressor is just that tool. I've used it for both louder and softer dynamics and transitions between them and it sounds fantastic!

Š. Kominko

26. Mai 2022


Excellent VCA compressor. Perfect for drums, basses and acoustic guitars and more. My first choice for kick and snare. I recommend. As always, the UA did an excellent job. Well thank you.

G. Castle

13. April 2022

Sounds Good on Everything

Universal Audio Plug-Ins are my personal choice. To my ear they sound a little better than my other plug-ins. The dbx 160 sounds particularly good on my bass tracks.

H. Maack

5. April 2022

As Advertised !!!

I read a lot about the dbx 160 Compressor / Limiter and never found a single review that gave it any disrespect !! And when I finally got it into my studio a brand new dynamic world opened right upon my ears !! It is has and IS every Great thing I read about it !!

Hans. M

K. Kearney

28. März 2022

dbx 160

Just like the one I own!


4. Januar 2022

One of my favorites

This one is a wow. I put this on my kicks and man! You can really feel this body of the kick and the sound is amazing

101-120 von 449 Ergebnisse