dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Exakte Emulation dieses legendären, fast sagenumwobenen VCA-Kompressors.

Der dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Interfaces ist eine vollständig lizenzierte und detailgetreue Emulation des legendären dbx 160 Hardware-Kompressors/Limiters — er gilt allgemein immer noch als einer der besten „Charakter-Kompressoren“ aller Zeiten und ist besonders für seine einfache Bedienung und die harten, meist radikalen Kompressionsmerkmalen berühmt.

Das dbx 160 Plug-In bietet Nichtlinearitäten, die man in keinem anderen VCA-Kompressor findet und die dich nur damit bereits mit einer klanglichen Persönlichkeit ausstattet. Wenn du nach einem transparenten und neutralen Kompressor suchst, dann ist der dbx 160 nicht die richtige Wahl für dich.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mit dem ersten jemals gebauten VCA-Kompressor Signale stärken und zusätzlichen Charakter erzeugen

Die druckvollen Kompressions-Texturen für Bass, Drum-Busse oder auf Drum-Einzelspuren einsetzen

Deiner Kompressor-Werkzeugkiste eine einzigartige Klangfarbe und Charakteristik hinzufügen

Snare-Drums und Akustikgitarren im Mix nach vorne "pushen"

Vielseitige VCA-Kompression

Vielseitige VCA-Kompression

Egal, ob du es auf Synths, Bass oder einem Drum-Bus einsetzt: Das dbx 160 Plug-In emuliert die umfassende Verschmelzung im Bassbereich der ursprünglichen Hardware. Mit dem grenzenlosen Old-School-Charakter verfügt die Plug-In-Version über die gleichen, einzigartigen Nichtlinearitäten, durch welche die Hardware zu einem unverzichtbaren Bestandteil im Werkzeugkasten aller Engineers wurde.

Einfach zu bedienen, zeitloser Charakter

Einfach zu bedienen, zeitloser Charakter

Mit dem dbx 160 Plug-In kannst du dank der gleichen, einfachen Regler und dem „Instant-Metering“ des Originals im Handumdrehen einen parallelen Drum-Bus zerschmettern oder auch nur subtilen Druck hinzufügen. In gleichem Maß fügst du jedem Signal, von Power Chords einer Gitarre bis hin zu Hip Hop Vocals, Aggressivität und Gewichtung hinzu.


Plug-In Emulation des dbx 160; dem ersten Solid-State VCA Compressor

Diskrete Version mit einzigartigen Nichtlinearitäten

Identische, einfache Bedienung und LED Threshold Anzeige wie beim analogen Vorbild

Threshold, Compression und Output Regler

Input/Output/Gain Change VU-Aussteuerungsanzeige

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

b. koh

22. Juli 2020

dBX 160

I've been looking for a decent plugin that has a good representation of this classic dBx that i used during those "Studer multi-tracks" days. This UAD's version just SUPERB! I love that "straight-forward attitube" that comes thru! Wow, now i am using it for percussive stuffs like drums, percussion, bass, etc.
The buttons may be few but it just works!!!
If you are the hardcore fan of dBx's unique character sound, this one is a MUST-HAVE.

G. Jennings

19. Juli 2020

Love the sound; needs an update

My favorite compressor, sounds amazing on a drum bus. Problem is I don't think its been updated in years and the UI is tiny, plus it needs a mix knob and a sidechain filter. I dont really like waves but I might have to buy their version of this cause it had those features :/

G. Jennings

18. Juli 2020

So Glad I Got it

I wouldn't have thought that yet another compressor would be so useful. But no I'm finding myself dropping it in on every kick and snare track. Pretty amazing.


18. Juli 2020

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

Probably the best compressor / limiter I have tried. It makes drums very ounchy. Perfect for snare and Kick.

t. phelan

14. Juli 2020

Great plug on snare

I built some clones to this comp, but they lacked GR metering. I demoed this plug just for fun, and immediately fell in love. It's attack character gets you that "THWACK" on snare drum that I just love. It's super simple, easy to use, and it is actually reasonably sized as a plug so it wont eat up all of your processing power or take forever to render the way the 1176/la2a/distressor plugs do(Though I own and love those as well for the things I use them on.)

P. Jacobsson

2. Juli 2020


Yes, just like the hardware - adds a lot of (analog) character.

C. Gabbianelli

1. Juli 2020

Corrupts Delay Compensation in PT

Consistently corrupts the delay compensation in my PT sessions. Pretty disappointed in UAD's lack of resolution to this issue after all of the money I've invested into using their hardware and software.

D. Warren

15. Juni 2020


Love the sale ! Wish the GUI was bigger. But a great product and recommend it on drum buss

N. Outhuijse

31. Mai 2020

Wonderful on drums

Wonderful on drums

D. Ollivierre

29. Mai 2020

My go to for kick and snare

Make your kick and snare punchy as

C. Bromige-Avery

14. Mai 2020

DBX 160

Tried, tested and trusted for decades, a must for any serious producers arsenal of comps. This version lives up to its legendary name. Love it on the bass and drums.

UAD User

9. Mai 2020


The true and only one for compressing and severely punishing parallel drums.

R. Jacobi

7. Mai 2020

dbx 160 - Instant Classic

The dbx 160 delivers instant classic sound and works marvelously well not just on a snare. The sound is four stars at least. Unfortunately, the interface feels like a relic from the 90s. The tiny graphics and low resolution of the interface take the fun out of this plugin and render it almost unusable in a professional setting. UA, please update the interface and make this plugin usable again. Thank you!

R. Roth

30. April 2020

a "Must Have"

I use it on snare, kick and toms all the time, every time. Just great!

R. Daniel

20. April 2020

My secret weapon..

This "little fatty" as I call it makes my snare snap just right whether it be Soca/Reggae/funk it's all the same result. Thank you UA!

P. Jones

19. April 2020

Not Authorised

I would love to write a review, but it keep a status of "Demo expired" in my system, so this far I will say that it's not that great.....If you would be so kind to fix my authorisation issues (I have several plugins with this problem), I will write a review?

R. Gun

19. April 2020

special one

Very colorful and a lot of spank.
It destroys any bass, makes it flat, but thats the deal.
Not a a compressor for every signal but best on snare.
The lost star comes from a long time missing update of the GUI (it looks grainy) and at least some modern features as a parallel mix,.
Very DSP friendly. thats absolute top.

P. O'Shea

16. April 2020

Like the original

Sounds great, like my old hardware ones (especially for snare)

W. Haupt

11. April 2020

Absolutely lovely

Kick, snare, bass, acoustic, right into your face, easy to handle, coloured. An absolute must have.

s. donat

9. März 2020

very musical and punchy compressor

very musical and punchy compressor very useful in parallel love it on kick drum and bass maybe my favorite comp