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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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m. tery

28. September 2023

Classic vintage

The best way to make your kick punchy.

J. Frýbert

27. September 2023


I love UAD compressors and the dbx 160 is definitely one of them. Great on all drum tracks including overheads.

R. Marzuolo

27. September 2023


This unite works well.

S. Lee

27. September 2023

It is real compressor

I'm happy to have it!

F. Flore

27. September 2023

Very good compressor

Extraordinary plug-in. I love uad!

A. Giroux

27. September 2023

Great compressor

I used this compressor on a Martin hd35 that was tracked with a SM57 . Made the guitar stand out in the mix exactly like I wanted . Glad I got this DBX 160

A. Thierry

27. September 2023

Best punch for kick

Just got this master piece for smithing my kick.. and it’s my go to since my deal.. thanks uad

T. Laja

27. September 2023

Very Good

Great in vocal. Very good in other instruments.

E. Sokolowski

27. September 2023

killer for $39

kudos to UAD for getting the pricing right recently. Its an old plugin but still sounds great and is well worth the sale price

N. Sepulveda

27. September 2023

this got pop

it makes your snares pop out of the mix. excellent fast compressor. good for bass too

F. Mico

26. September 2023



S. Lontano

26. September 2023

The snappiest compressor

If you want your kick and snare to litterally punch in you face this is what you need.
It also works really good on bass.

E. Romero Rodriguez

26. September 2023

Tremendo compresor

Nice comp, i like me

g. yang

26. September 2023


Just like my 160!

o. ortiz

26. September 2023

Nice punch, fast attack compressor

M. Cordray

26. September 2023

Drum Legend

Great on all drums especially sweet on overheads. Love it.

F. Verjux

26. September 2023

Awesome on my percussions, claps and snares

I enjoy the sound and the way it can compact the sound and stop unwanted releases

m. fritsch

26. September 2023

Nice addition to my collection

I do not regret buying this one.

A. Lee

26. September 2023


It seems that we do need to have a DBX160 in our plugin collection, as it reacts like nothing else.

D. Hogan

26. September 2023


I'm happy to have it!

61-80 von 432 Ergebnisse