dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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Y. Hisquin

25. Dezember 2018

A 'Must Have'

This compressor is definitely a 'must have'. Perfect for drums, buss or for parallel processing ,the Dbx 160 is in every song that I produce. Thanks UAD!


19. Dezember 2018


Works very different to other compressors,great for attack,good on bass,drums,perfect for parallel compression

j. roper

18. Dezember 2018

game changer

Gives an edge to the sound you're working on. I have it a lot of things in a mix. Become my go to vst compressor

D. Jaramillo

14. Dezember 2018

Dbx 160

All I can say that it’s great. Love the sound

C. Clancy

16. Oktober 2018

Best software emulation of the hardware I've heard

I've used the Waves plugin since it was released and it's become a big part of my sound, particularly on snares. I demoed the UAD DBX plugin and did a blind test between the two and the UAD one was in a different league. Really punchy with a nice slam but maintains the weight of the drum

K. Gilroy

5. Oktober 2018


Yes, and wait till you use it on everything else. It has massive wide spread usability and you'll know where when you patch it in. Everyone loves it on Bass too. Low DSP - Fat Sound...Warm & Punchy! This is one of the UAD TOP 20. If you have the 33609 get it. NO OTHER Compressor can do what the 160 does. The Virtigo maxed out comes close. If could only use one compressor on drums....this is THE ONE!

S. Svishchev

17. Juli 2018

Like it very much!!!

Small in size, but big in business. This compressor handles the drum parts very well. It's really just a miracle!Everybody has to have the compressor!

D. Nelson-Ashley

5. Juli 2018

big sound on drums

big sound on drums especially an 808

吳. 璃

19. Juni 2018



A. Müller

17. Juni 2018

Nice and little but powerful drum-compressor/limiter

Great for drums and other stuff...gives great punch. GUI is a bit little, we hope for scaleable versions of all plugins in future ;-D.

A. Wentz

11. Juni 2018

Why'd I wait..

I always loved this little box. UA nailed it of course. Nothing else gives me that pop like the dbx 160. THx!

I. Avraham

9. Juni 2018

Best Drums Compressor!

So easy to use takes just a few seconds to tweak and BAM I got that snare sound that i was looking for. Works great on any type of percussive source Just like the Hardware and it's very Dsp friendly as well which is a big plus. A must have Compressor!

H. Ramos

29. Mai 2018

Talk about easy!!!

When they say easy to use... oh man they mean it!!! Anything you put the 160 on, it just works. It adds flavor to the harmonics. I love it!

J. Mairena

24. Mai 2018

Love it on drums!

Been recording a lot of drums using it and couldn't be happier.

w. costa

21. Mai 2018


Great gear, great emulation! I just wish UAD would revamp the UI. The plugin windows is too small for nowadays monitor res.

C. Santana

22. April 2018

Punch and hard sound over every sampler you want

Warm, tight and punch sound. I really love the way this compresor make my samplers sounds bigger and great!

A. Gamez

17. April 2018

Want punchy drums, GET THIS.

This plugin just delivers punch and in your face drum sounds. I use it on my kick and snare and it seriously took them from ok to being present, punchy and powerful. A really useful tool for tracking / mixing.

T. Spaniel

11. April 2018

DBX 160 Classic

Easy to use and and poweful compression !

R. Gagl

6. April 2018

Big little thing

My first impression was: Oh how pathetic it looks!! Hard to find it again once it got lost between other open plugins...Really, it needs to be scalable! OK - the original was a tiny little box, but...Under the little hood it sounds as you´d expect it from Universal Audio: Big! Great on drums. I definitely would use it more often - but its guy stops me from really loving it. Call me crazy.

UAD User

19. März 2018

Simple and effective

What a great and simple to use compressor. It was always my go to compressor for bass guitar but I have used it on vocals and guitars too, it sounds greats

41-60 von 280 Ergebnisse