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Capitol Chambers


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K. Socasau

30. April 2022

Stunning Chamber reverbs

For me the best Chamber reverb plugin, sounds spectacular on a lot of sources, gives a lot of natural ambiance and it's 3 dimensional sounding, really simple to use and great features.

J. Poijärvi

11. April 2022

Capitol Chambers

Great plugin/reverb tool for lead and backing vocals especially. Took a while to learn tricks but it definitely was worth it. Soft, natural sound. Just what I was looking for.

D. Bojan

16. März 2022


Simply magical.

D. Parra

2. März 2022

Unique sound!

Very unique sound!! Love how it can blend a wide range of elements. Beautiful character.

B. Xenophontos

13. Februar 2022

Classic Chamber sound!

Unique yet useful chamber reverb, just what some of my mixes needed!

P. Towler

6. Februar 2022

Be inspired WHILE you record...

Very heavy on DSP so I'd suggest trying the 14 day trial first, but this thing sounds absolutely gorgeous.

M. Jarzebski

24. Januar 2022

My Brand New World

It is a blend of flavours. Sweet and sour! Dark and bright! It can be anything I want a verb to be. It is the part of my template in Luna and Logic. Capitol Chambers takes me back to the future and back again.

L. Gomez

19. Januar 2022

THE Reverb!

Just listen to the demo, this Reverb gives you everything, from a lovely lush to a color that sounds like an amazing record, a fantastic plugin, nothing like it in the market!

G. Aksoy

19. Januar 2022


Awesome natural sounding reverb, I loved it.

J. Loureiro

17. Januar 2022

Pure Magic

That is the Reverb that we all want this is just magic...

j. Rempel

16. Januar 2022

A Must-have plug-in.

So Easy to make reverb sound good!

A. Paulick-Thiel

14. Januar 2022

Amazing Depth

As much as I love various other UAD reverbs for their distinct characters and textures to create a proper "studio" sound, this one adds a tremendous amount of natural-sounding depth that allows the entire mix to breathe. It's quite remarkable! Also great to bring synthetic sounds and synths to life alongside microphone recordings, especially using closer settings. Capitol Chambers is a powerful tool and a joy to work with!

T. Wehrmann

14. Januar 2022

Just amazing sound

i was searching for a reverb for a ballad style electric guitar. It was by far the best plug-in for that purpose, compared to other plugin manufacturers.

B. Stanisic

13. Januar 2022

retro vibe...

great one...

G. Jamsek

13. Januar 2022

Just beautiful!

It’s a great sounding natural reverb! You can also go a bit over the top with it and it still doesn’t sound invasive. Good setting choices. Was on my wishlist for a long time…
Unfortunately very CPU hungry. The original price is a bit “juicy” but with all the holiday discounts and coupons it became more affordable so I bought it. Great buy!


13. Januar 2022

Just amazing

This is is the best reverb I ever tried on my electric guitars
Really easy to use and sweet to my ears

J. Sundström

13. Januar 2022

Capitol chambers

Wonderful. Only thing that i have to do is figure out how settings chould be for my satellit firewire unit. It says audio overload in a very small project

G. Axon

12. Januar 2022

Very warm natural space!

Great plug-in!

D. Martinez Miquel

12. Januar 2022

Top workflow & great sound

The handling to create a reverb (room) is so simple and the result is great, natural pro-sounding.

s. fridburg

11. Januar 2022


A very interesting plug-in for vocals and acoustic instruments, probably one of the best in its segment.

61-80 von 568 Ergebnisse