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Cambridge EQ


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A. Jungkunst

25. September 2006

Very, very musical and atmospheric! Exactly that what I was looking/hearing for!

J. Johnston

19. September 2006

This is my go-to EQ for almost everything. I love the interface - and I can get as precise or as smooth as I'm looking for. A UAD top pick as far as I'm concerned.

Jason Johnston

F. Cerbini

30. Mai 2006

I just picked up the Cambridge EQ , and have to say I am very pleased. Blows away my stock EQ in Cubase SX....

can't wait for the NEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. Macrides

25. Mai 2006

The power of a chainsaw with the precision of a surgeons scalpel!

F. Musacco

22. Januar 2006

E' decisamente il miglior equalizzatore che abbia mai
sentito finora in versione software!!

A. Cavaluzi

14. November 2005

This EQ is definitely very musical. I love sweeping with it, 'cause it just sounds so fat. At this price point, there's no other EQ that I've tried that sounds anywhere near this.

B. Purviance

30. September 2005

This EQ is surgical. I never thought there was a difference in plugin EQs until I used the Cambridge. Now, the Cambridge is my primary EQ.

T. Bell

4. Juni 2005

I searched for a long time and spent a lot of money in the process to find a great EQ for guitars. I purchased Waves Diamond Bundle- Then the UAD-1 card - I no longer use Waves EQ's. Top Notch, I only wish I found it sooner.

C. Mccan

19. Mai 2005

Cambridge EQ is definitely the best soft eq Ihave ever heard.It is especially good for lead vocals,pre-mastering{along with precision limiter},and snares.The sweetness and character it adds is something I haven't found in other soft eq's.The only thing I don't like about it is that it has made my other eq's sound very lifeless {except for Pultec Pro}and I want to use it on everything.Guess I have to buy a second card.Oh well!!

D. Udris

20. März 2005

The best thing I like about this plug (apart from its tonal accuracy)is it GUI.Its bright but not glitzy.Its indepth but not complicated.It makes EQing a whole new adventure.

B. Sherman

27. Januar 2005

With my UAD-1 card, I primarily use this plug-in and the LA2A. It is an indespensible tool for me. It's much easier to adjust than the built-in EQ in Nuendo, and sounds better too. I finally feel like I'm in control of the EQ rather than vice versa. Get it, you won't be sorry.

P. Harrington

6. Januar 2005

So accurate, I was dealing with a pesky low frequency last night, so I thought, 'hmmmm, I like the place Cambridge, so, I'll use the eq!' Sounds fantastic, it really is incredibly accurate, and very easy to use, you don't have to fiddle around with the dials so much, just draw with the mouse, and then use the Q to get the offending frequency, top banana, or proper sausage!

Pete from audioreel.com

B. Du

1. November 2004

the only plug i purchased so far.. it's so much better than what I was using until now (waves REQ). I'm not saying waves stuff is bad. It's just one (big) step below this one. Most challengers don't handle zipper noises very well.. this one does ! I'm in love with this one!

The Fairchild seems to be good too but the improvement wasn't that obvious on my (electro) production, so I might think about it at some point but for now the expense is not justified.

D. Flores

23. Juni 2004

This is a great eq! Very much worth the money and sounds great! I love that roll off, great to take out unwanted frequencies!

J. Putnam

1. Juni 2004

This is the only Uad plug that I have purchased so far. I demo'd pultec pro, fairchild, and this all at the same time. I had to choose one of those plugs that would benefit me most and I chose the Cambridge. Why? Well the first thing is that Cambridge jumped out at me as a very versatile tone shaper. The filters can be very smooth, phasey or any where in between. Not to mention that it is like a candy store for filter types. Play for hours. I saw another review where someone mentioned dsp usage as high. Not true. I can hit about 25 cambridge's in mono. That's a lot of shaping at your disposal. My favorite all purpose eq that I've tried which would include waves( reg. and ren.), too many host eq's too mention, q-metric etc... Not that I didn't want the Fairchild though....

T. Frisk

5. April 2004

The first computerized EQ that sounds warm. Use it for everything. But where Cambridge shows its strange is in the mastering process (because its warmth). The filters sounds good.

It is also easy to use. The only sad thing about it is that it eats much UAD power

P. Woodlock

15. Januar 2004

Well I sold my Grandmother to a balding taxidermist to buy the Cambridge EQ, and I've never regretted it. You won't either! buy now to avoid the Men in Black :)

N. Davis

4. Januar 2004

Fabulous. During the evaluation I built a track and used this eq on the bass and finalizing bus.

When the eval ran out, I tried for days to recreate what I did on other eq's, and could not duplicate the quality of the cambridge adjustments. I have tried a lot of EQ's (including the Timeworks EQ) and the Cambridge is hands down the best sounding eq plugin I have ever used.

If you try a pultec on something, and it just won't do what you want, the cambridge is the only thing that can better it, and only because of the added precision.

In a nutshell, your tracks will simply end up sounding better.

521-538 von 538 Ergebnisse

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