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Sanfter, chirurgischer 5-Band-EQ, der jede Klangquelle meistert.

Das Cambridge EQ Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces gilt mit seinen leistungsfähigen Klangformungsoptionen und dem weichen Charakter bei professionellen Toningenieuren als Standardwerkzeug. Egal ob du ein Master aufpolieren, Einzelspuren radikal bearbeiten oder schlechte Aufnahmen reparieren willst – das Cambridge EQ Plug-In gehört in jede Werkzeugkiste.

Signale mit fünf parametrischen bzw. Shelving-EQ-Bändern präzise bearbeiten

Mit den 17 Hoch- und Tiefpassfiltern die Höhen glitzern lassen und den Bässen das Rumpeln abgewöhnen

Das Audio-Skalpell mit drei Q- und Shelving-Konfigurationen noch exakter ansetzen

Für eine einfache Feinjustierung in die EQ-Darstellung hineinzoomen


Standardwerkzeug für jedes Tonstudio, das Signale mit fünf parametrischen bzw. Shelving-EQ-Bändern präzise bearbeitet

17 Hoch- und Tiefpassfilter, inklusive Butterworth-Filter 2. bis 6. Ordnung, elliptische und herkömmliche Cut-Filter mit 6 – 36 dB/Oktav

Drei Q- und Shelving-Konfigurationen pro EQ-Band

A/V-Vergleich zwischen Setups mit nur einem Klick

Editierbare grafische EQ-Darstellung

Analogfilter mit speziellem Algorithmus verhindern typische Probleme von digitalen EQs

Filter ohne Oversampling auch im hohen Frequenzbereichen einsetzbar

Bedienelemente der parametrischen Sektion nach dem Vorbild bekannter High-End-Mischpulte

Komplexe Latticefilter für einen weichen, analog anmutenden Klang

EQ-Darstellung mit drei Vergrößerungsstufen für eine komfortable Feineinstellung

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Cambridge EQ



S. Lontano

19. September 2023

Surgical and effective

A really surgical but musical EQ.
Oxford always do beautifull sounding plugin.
It need a resizible gui

m. hwang

11. September 2023



I. Cottengaim

16. August 2023

Sounds great, needs a GUI Update

As other reviewers have noted, the plugin itself is high value, but the GUI seriously needs an update. I'm craning my neck and squinting my poor eyes to work with this thing!

O. Cuellar

2. August 2023

My Apollo

Just purchased my Apollo interface , just buy it and let your music ideas come to reality

O. Kudin

29. Juli 2023

Great equalizer with minimal DSP load

Great equalizer with minimal DSP load.
I really like this equalizer because it leaves no chance for the frequency you remove.
With this equalizer you can quickly tune drums, guitar, bass, vocals.
Of course, he looks like he wants to gouge out his own eyes)
But the sound is very good. This equalizer is worth buying.

Taking off a star for old interface

M. Fletcher

17. Juni 2023

Great but it’s tiny

I need a magnifying glass to see it

D. Ho

15. Juni 2023

1st Plug In

This is the first plug-in on just about every track in my mix. Most valuable to me is the many slope options of the high-pass filter. It allows me to sharply cut unwanted low frequencies without affecting too much of the sound above it, or gradually affect the sound if I want to reduce low end. Also, it sounds wonderfully natural and transparent!

P. Mullings

28. Mai 2023

Very good

As you put this eq on the track you can hear the difference

A. Cengic

8. April 2023

This EQ need update

ovaj plugini treba update ne samo za grafiku već i funkcionalnost, jako je nezgodan za koristenje

E. Morgan

10. Februar 2023

Familiar and effective.

I've used a similarly laid out EQ in another DAW and this is easy to use, no learning curve for me at all, sounds great, and is effective.
I dig it.

G. sousounis

31. Januar 2023

Cambridge EQ

very good eq.. I use it when I record and also in the mix! It helps me a lot in the recording when I want to make colors !

d. curtiss

10. Januar 2023


i wish it had an analizer but i am used to this type of eq from a previous daw. quick and easy.

n. hatz

4. Januar 2023

the best!

Simply the best eq ever! it´s the mostly near of a real hardware that i ever seen! you must try it!

M. Ramos Jiménez

9. Dezember 2022

Great for UAD Rec

I use this equalizer to record in real time with the UAD console. I really like it because it consumes few resources and it is a transparent equalizer.

J. Seabrook

15. November 2022

Simple & Musical

I did not expect to like this EQ. The GUI is really ugly, to me anyway. It's also a little on the small side. But that adaptive Q thing it has going on is just so musical. Not always what I want, but I got used to is so quickly. I will probably over use it... Also, so many filter slopes that I feel like I need to go back to school... and I'll definitely need to read the manual for the 3 "Type" options. No idea what those are yet... excited to find out. :)

H. Kumpusch

6. Oktober 2022

Great EQ

I use the cambridge EQ always in my mastering channel. It ist very smooth and sounds great.

A. Ayer

22. September 2022

Great but late

Great sounding EQ with a lot of versatility. I don’t use it a lot because I find it has high latency.

M. Park

1. September 2022


I Like it

B. Thomas

27. Juli 2022

It Works Well

I use it on the drum and instrument bus to take out the muddiness. It gives the the bright bump up in energy I was looking for that made me buy it.

N. Cifaldi

15. Juli 2022


sounds great. Super intuitive, nice visual eq!