Cambridge EQ

Cambridge EQ


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Cambridge EQ


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R. Fernandez

26. Juli 2012

A Fantastic EQ! The filters are amazing.

I just finished mixing the new Clint Eastwood Film. The score was made up of a 60 piece orchestra featuring 2 Harps, Solo Piano, Acoustic Jazz Bass and 2 Acoustic guitars( Nylon and Steel string). All playing live in the same.

The Cambridge EQ was used on all featured instruments. Using the Filters to clean
up any unwanted low end rumble or noise. and EQ for carving

Harps were filtered at 80hz as well as the Acoustic guitars.
Some carving EQ on the harps at 300 hz with some top added 1db @ 8k an 5.6k to the guitars for some sparkle.

The Piano high mic was rolled off at 50 hz the low at 30hz. This was only EQ applied to the Piano.

Jazz Bass 2db @ 63Hz and 1.5 db @ 2.4K.


L. Velloso

24. Juli 2012

I'm really impressed whit this equalizer ! Flexible , pratical and sound quality a neat .... simple amazing !!!!! Thanks UA Team !!!! =)

D. Holdredge

20. Juli 2012

The Cambridge EQ is a solid parametric EQ that has become my "go-to" EQ for general purpose, replacing all others.

M. Islamovic

14. Juli 2012


R. Godoy

9. Juli 2012

Fantastic and easy to use EQ very happy with my entire UAD plug ins! Love this Company!

J. Jahn

4. Juli 2012

I use the plugin mostly for mastering and its one of the best I ever had, there´s no lowcut filter working more accurate than this at the cambridge;
in addition with the pultec pro you get an unbeatable pair of EQs for overall using in any music style
I also tryed it out in recording, in this case for a vocal track, and it did it´s work excellent, impressing how it gripes already you turn only a little bit!
thank you for building such a plug-in (and sorry for my english, I´m a german...:-)
Johnny Jahn, Berlin

T. Rossato

24. Juni 2012

Cambridge is a vital equalizer for those who have a UAD card!

Tiago Rossato

From Brasil

M. Denda

19. Juni 2012

Classic Eq, very versatile and accurate. If i would be forced to use only one Eq, i would choose the UAD Cambrige Plug-In!

F. Javier

14. Juni 2012


I bought it for 129$ and was worth the buying. So what are you waiting for???

Don´t expect colorful mixes with this, but fast and surgical EQ.

A must in every studio, precision EQ for really bad situations.

And also just in case you can't afford any EQ from UAD, this one is, for sure, much better that the standard in your DAW.

So, no reason for not to buy it.

ENHANCEMENTS.- A realtime analyzer in the graphical screen and an on/off button would be great.

H. Kwang

11. Juni 2012

I remembered when I used uad-1.
This is very simple but Effect is Good!
My vacal have a color by Cambridge EQ .
But I have a question . That's Tone. My ability was bad. So.......^^
TO DO MIX ! with My instruments. It is hard work to me .
But I expect . Because My Uad-1 upgraded by Uad-2.
And I have a plan about New Audio Interface (Apollo,Ufx,and so on)
I will try about many time . Thank you for read my words. Bye !

K. O'sullivan

10. Juni 2012

This is my go-to EQ. Not as musical as the Pultec Pro but far more versatile in my opinion. I also prefer to see a visual EQ curve when I mix. I'm extremely happy I purchased this plug.

M. Jasionowicz

6. Juni 2012

Absolutely a Must-have EQ for precision work and very light for the CPU!

S. Hurtow

5. Juni 2012

The intuitively easy and accurate 'Click-And-Drag' option, the simple controls, the 'Zoom-In/Zoom-Out' feature, the flexibility of the Low and High Cut, the smoothness and precision of each parameter, not to mention the price; all make this a very frightening EQ. Do not be fooled by the colorful layout and the $149.00 tag. The Cambridge Plug-In is capable of rendering even the most expensvie hardware and best DAW EQ's useless.

M. Cillari

4. Juni 2012

I use(d) it on every single track. it's T H E must-have tool for lowcuts and very useful for cleaning a signal.

D. Wray

24. Mai 2012

I love the Cambridge. Its so smooth. Has an extremely nice & controllable cut. And with 17 filter types on offer, it features opportunity for an even more unique sound. A Great buy for any producer, or sound designer alike!

M. Weber

19. Mai 2012

very flexibel must-have EQ, i like to work with it and i think it's important that this plugin doesn't "discolor" the signal you are editting with...

R. Sousa

17. April 2012

I am very happy to work with the UAD products, I recommend to everyone, thank you ryldo di souza

G. Palmutti

16. April 2012

Cambridge Eq is like Air... you can´t survive without it ;)
Fine for all time!

J. Casters

31. März 2012

one of the best eq's I ever used true analog and o so good withdetails

C. Silva

3. März 2012

After getting my UAD2 QUAD, i was looking for an EQ who could do it all and this is it. You can do almost anything EQ;wise with the cabridge.. I just ditched using the REQ and Q10 in favor of the Cambridge (except for recalling old sessions). I specially like the LPF filter types, great choices for anything to subtle lowpass cleaning from heavy DC removal. Top end is great, too and you can make some complementary boost-cut curves ala pultec using the LPF on any of the 6dB slopes. Very musical !

401-420 von 504 Ergebnisse