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Apollo Solo


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D. Echegorri

9. Januar 2022

Muy buena interfaz de sonido pero mejorable.

Soy locutor y el uso que necesito de este equipo es bastante limitado: buenos pre de micrófono, buenos convertores AD/DA, y 3 o 4 plugins para mi voz. Mi Apollo Solo cumple con eso a la perfección. El sonido es limpio y claro, la señal ruido es prácticamente inexistente, los plugins de UA son fenomenales!
Sin embargo, hay cosas para mejorar: la cantidad de plugins que se pueden usar a la vez es poca. De hecho, probé si uso el C-Suite, no puedo usar ningún otro porque el equipo deshabilita los restantes. Me parece muy poco para una interfaz de sonido de USD 500.
La consola donde se cargan los plugins mantiene la latencia controlada, pero no es práctica. Si la grabación la hice en "rec Mode" ya no habrá vuelta atrás y no los podré deshabilitar de esa grabación. Preferiría que los plugins se cargaran en mi DAW y de allí, habilitarlos o deshabilitarlos según mis necesidades. He probado tímidamente LUNA, pero no como para hacer una evaluación consistente.
Para terminar, agregaría que la alimentación por un cable Thunderbolt es genial porque no necesito enchufarla a la energía eléctrica, aunque naturalmente consume mucha batería de mi MacBook Air M1. Sería bienvenido un botón de encendido / apagado, ya que cuando mi notebook entra en reposo la Apollo Solo permanece encendida.

J. Wade

4. Januar 2022

Big studio sounds

Nicely done great sound and features

J. Wade

4. Januar 2022

Best interface for a solo artist

Big studio sound!

L. Abbott

30. Dezember 2021

Very nicely done!

Very happy with the Apollo Solo. It linked up right away with the iMac courtesy of the Thunderbolt 3 cable. Very high quality A/D conversion rate at 96K 24 bit makes guitar and add ins sound very clear.

A. Flores

29. Dezember 2021

Great interface!

Love it!

R. Zenko

28. Dezember 2021


had to call support to be able to register the device!
the latency is actually quite hight, especially input latency is higher than my 10 yrs old USB2 UR22..quite unexpected and quite ridiculous

D. Morales

27. Dezember 2021

DSP & Plugins

The plugins I like most use a large amount of dsp which limits the amount of uad plugins I can use. I specifically bought the apollo solo because of the high quality plugins they have. The plugins are very good but I did not realize that the solo doesn’t have enough processing power to run multiple uad plugins. Sometimes I can only use 2-3 at a time. luckily I make it work because I only use handful of uad plugins in combination with other plugins. Aside from that, for one of the lower model interfaces uad has to offer, the interface is top notch.

J. Gray

27. Dezember 2021

I have no clue

I have this interface for a full year and I just can't get it to work so, who knows how good it is? I sure don't!

K. Gorski

20. Dezember 2021

Little big interface!

This is the interface I send together with Townsend Labs Sphere L22 to my singer clients. Recently it traveled abroad, where it was used to track vocals on a whole album (the instrumentals were recorded at Abbey Road Studio 3). We were extremely satisfied with the results.

R. Cruz Reyes

18. Dezember 2021

Excelent Sound and Quality

I'm so happy with my purchase, this Apollo has a lot of level.

G. Valente

11. Dezember 2021

Excellent sound quality.

It pushes your sound to that certain level.

W. Hearn

7. Dezember 2021

Incredible upgrade

So happy with my purchase. This little thing is an absolute weapon full of power and clarity. I was previously using a quad capture Roland and the solo is far superior. Unison is incredible and I’ll definitely be upgrading to Apollo twin in the future. Thanks UA!

C. Bors

7. Dezember 2021

High quality, and ideal entry into the UAD universe

I bought few weeks ago my first Apollo, and i’m satisfied with it. Opened the UAD universe for me. I will extending with a Satellite Qaud TB3 in the future. :)

M. Peak

19. November 2021

Underrated Audio Interface

The Apollo Solo is portable, requires only a Thunderbolt 3 connection, and allows the use of UA plugins before recording. Perfect for a hobbyist like me. The DSP limits of having a single processor are only problematic if someone wants to use a large number of pro-quality plugins during mixing, something more for professional producers who can afford options like the Apollo x8. For the most part I use stock plugins in my DAW or third-party options, which do not require use of the Apollo's resources, and use one or two pro quality plugins to sweeten the final sound. For the price, the Solo works for me at my current work level. No regrets.

A. Miles

17. November 2021

Perfectly small

Let's start by saying the Solo is not the cheapest audio interface money can buy but not the most expensive! Hardly level entry but it is the cheapest from Universal Audio if you want to get into the whole Universal Audio eco-system including Luna. Cheaper interfaces like the Volt 276 are available and more expensive ones like the Twin or Apollo 4, 8 or 16. If you want to run Luna and don't need loads of audio inputs then the solo maybe right for your studio. It's small, very portable, powers via one Thunderbolt 3 or 4 socket (cable not included). Fairly easy to set up even on Apple M1 based machines. You perhaps do sacrifice some DSP power to its bigger brothers but you later can always add an UAD-2 to get more DSP power. Home studio this is a perfect audio interface.

M. Smith

14. November 2021

Great Product

This is my first piece of equipment from universal Audio…They did not disappoint me either…I don’t think my audio has ever sounded better,clear…It’s like u get more detail with the Apollo interfaces…I will never go back to anything else and I will soon be adding a twin to the family…Keep up the excellent work universal audio…5Stars from me…

D. Chevalier

13. November 2021

A perfect interface for work in the field as well as in the home studio

The Apollo Solo is a brilliant portable unit that draws its power from the computer's Thunderbolt III bus. This is handy, so long as the computer's Thunderbolt III can cope. Unfortunately this means that it cannot be used with older computers having only Thunderbolt II ports via an adapter as can the mains powered interfaces. It is less expensive than a Twin X so that weighs into the decision. The only other caveat, which is true for all the UA Thunderbolt gear is that there is no Thunderbolt cable in the box. So if you don't have one, or did not order one from somewhere when you get your Apollo, it's a paperweight until you do. Thunderbolt III short cables are not overly expensive and it would behoove UA to make them part of the package so a buyer is ready to go out of the box.

T. Piper

12. November 2021

Great piece.

Works as expected and the plug-ins are truly the best. Very mobile so worth the money spent & then some.

D. Valerga

9. November 2021

apollo / solo heritage

I'm so happy I decided on my apollo / solo Heritage. I've now incorporated it into my brand new system work station, using Logic on my new M1 Mac Mini and the improvement on the audio quality of my work is astounding. Beyond belief. I'm ecstatic.
not sure on how to obtain the free plugins being offered with my new, recent purchase but happy with what I've got and looking forward to to great sounding productions. Thank you xx

G. McCallum

3. November 2021

I had the apollo 8 + satellite already... (should have got the twin instead?)

Why get this when I have the apollo 8 + satellite already? Thought I could use it as a cool monitor control and handy if i need to record @ different location. The problem I have is thunderbolt 3. I have 2015 Macbook Pro running thunderbolt 2 with my existing UA gear. So I had to get a thunderbolt 3 hub that can power the solo. (UA do not recommend this) All good there. Only con is I still can not control my monitors with the solo unless I plug the monitors directly into the solo, not what I was expecting. The 'Twin' has this function. Little gripe but otherwise a great looking/ sounding addition to the studio. I do have a new macbook on order with thunderbolt 3 - so had to order a thunderbolt 3 card for my apollo - $899?! Hence my low (sh) review

41-60 von 169 Ergebnisse