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Apollo Solo


21-40 von 219 Ergebnisse

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R. Disteldorff

28. September 2023

The Best

After 1 week I understand how it goes, and since than it's amazing.

T. Zhamkochyan

18. September 2023

The best audio interface

killer interface!

L. Bradley

10. September 2023

Apollo solo

Loving my new interface the quality is unmatched

D. Ilyenko

8. September 2023

The best portable audio interface

As is usually the case, Universal Audio produces excellent products. I'm happy, thank you

d. kim

7. September 2023

Apollo Solo is so good.

I was surprised when I actually saw this for the first time. Because the appearance is really beautiful. The appearance made of silver is simple, and it feels really luxurious when you touch it. And because it works with bus power, you can record anywhere with just a MacBook. 그리고 With a loopback function, live streaming is also possible. Built-in DSP chip allows for latency-free sound delivery in live performance. And I can connect my Apollo X6 and Thunderbolt to expand the number of inputs to make it 8 inputs. I was thinking about Apollo Twin X, and I'm glad that this is a really good choice.

E. Bassi

25. Juli 2023


Amazing interface!!

M. Obuchowicz

25. Juli 2023

Above expectations!

I pretty much knew what to expect - solid, high quality audio interface with DSP. I definitely got that, and was also surprised how good it is for headphone monitoring. UA Console, plug-ins and luna are first-class products, too. I can only regret getting it too late!

M. Bekkour

19. Juli 2023

Apollo solo tb 3

Excellent produit

P. Mantei

8. Juli 2023

Big sound improvement

Had an Scarlett interface and a Hx Stomp. The sound improvement with the apollo is huge

D. Dancherov

1. Juli 2023

Best audio interface

It’s such a comfortable to work with realtime uad plugins!

C. Beard

20. Juni 2023

Excellent work

Great piece of hardware to place in you arsenal. But if you are into heavy mixing you will need a UAD satellite, but it is still an empowered interface, small and portable as well.

J. McFarland

20. Juni 2023

Great sounding convertors and preamps

The overall sound is really good. I'm also loving the super low latency I'm able to achieve with the Apollo Solo. Since there is only DSP slot, I do have to be careful what plugins I use as UAD2 vs. Native....but i'm managing well.

s. burnside

13. Juni 2023

All good

Sounds and works great so far

W. Narczyński

13. Juni 2023

Lovely little box

Portable, bus powered, well built. Great sound, needless to say.


24. Mai 2023


Let’s me just get to work.

S. Hascoat

23. Mai 2023

Parfait !

J'ai acheté l'apollo solo pour enregistrer des voix avec un monitoring sans latence et ça fonctionne super bien. J'avais peur qu'un seul cœur ne suffise pas mais j'ai consulté le tableau des charges de chaque plugin avant d'acheter, pour être sûr que ça me convenait. Lors de l'installation, les plugins de l'édition heritage manquaient mais le support a été très réactif. C'est top de pouvoir ensuite utiliser les plugins en version native lors du mixage.

C. Lacheze

4. Mai 2023

Insufficient DSP power

Sounds good but:
- installation (MacBook Air M2 Ventura OS) is really a long and complex process ;
- I bought the Solo because I wanted to install the UA Fender '55 Deluxe plugin. I found out however that its DSP power does not allow to use it together with any of the"basic" (reverb; delay; compression ) guitar effects in the bundle , which I find hard to accept in that price range, and also whilst bombarded almost daily with UA's emails prompting you to buy other plugins.

One last remark : UA's almost daily marketing emails are getting really annoying.
So I sent back my device

P. Singh

12. April 2023

2 second install. Top of its class! Can’t be happier.

Got a new MacBook Pro and a Solo to capture all my melodies on the go or in my studio at home. Loaded right up with zero latency in the software. Works like a charm. Best quality right out of the box. Glad I bought this as the next in line is a far fall down even if the price is half of the solo. I was so impressed with the upgrade from my old DAW and the UA hardware that I bout the Sphere DLX and a satellite to make my mixes literally perfect quality and pleasing to anyone I’ve shown the music to. I carry a pro portable setup to write anytime I get the vibe to jam or vocalise some music. I can also use this rig live for backing tracks. I’m like batman with my special tool backpack that’s like a musical fortress creating soundtracks at the drop of a dime. Win Win!

V. Lukes

7. April 2023

Installation was a arm and leg but it's a beautiful and amazing interface.

Made my vocals 100x better than the Focusrite 2i2 , my only pet peeve about this metal work frame is the god damn clicking noise from time to time.
I even installed a program called throttle stop to try and fix this issue, but is don't work.
that's my only downfall about this interface, what I really enjoy about it is the beautiful UI that this interface comes with, UAD does a amazing job with console.
The quality is overall amazing

T. Fröhlich

24. März 2023

Für iMAC 24 mit M1 und M2 Prozessor nur bedingt tauglich

Die Installation ist unterirdisch und hat mich viel Zeit, Nerven und Abstürze des Computers gekostet - ich wusste bis dato nicht einmal das ein iMAC abstürzen kann. Hatte bisher nur zuverlässige Hard und Software im Einsatz. Das Apollo Solo mag ja ein gutes Gerät sein, doch um die Kunden wirklich glücklich zu machen, muss es um ein vielfaches einfacher und kundenfreundlicher bei der Installation schon losgehen. Hey - MAC heißt Stecker rein un los gehts. Ich habe 4 Tage gebraucht um es zum laufen zu bekommen. Und musste dazu in die Kernel irgendwas rein und an der Wiederherstellung Grundeinstellungen verändern (alles wird so empfohlen in der Anleitung von UA) Leider stürzt nun der Rechner immer ab, sobald er in den Ruhemodus / Standby geht. Heißt, ich muss ihn immer anlassen oder komplett ausschalten, nichts mehr mit Energiesparen, und hinzu kommt das ich das Gerät nicht mal kurz ausstecken kann und dann wieder ein, sondern der Rechner muss wirklich komplett hochfahren um es überhaupt zu erkennen. Ich hoffe das hier ein Software Update kommt. Hätte ich noch die Chance gehabt es zurückzusenden, dann hätte ich es gemacht. Doch leider hatte ich es vor zwei Jahren gekauft und erst letzte Woche installiert. Sorry - aber ich kann nichts gutes berichten - eventuell sobald ich es im studio einsetze, aber zu Hause mal eben Home-Recording war sehr mau...

21-40 von 219 Ergebnisse