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Apollo Solo


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J. Collins

2. Februar 2023

Almost perfect for voice-over recording

When my bright red audio interface refused to play nice with my M1 MacBook Pro, I decided to upgrade to the Apollo Solo Thunderbolt. This is a great piece of gear for owners of modern Macs. Build quality is solid. Controls are intuitive. I love the high-pass filter for eliminating rumble. Phantom power is easy to toggle on and off. Voice recordings using a Sennheiser 416 shotgun condenser mic at 48 kHz/24 bit sound clean and nuanced to me, and more importantly, to my agent. The included plugins appear, usefully, in the Effects menu of my simple DAW software program, Twisted Wave - yet unfortunately, so do scores of others that are irrelevant to my work. LUNA looks amazing, though I have no need for multitrack recording - and I suffer from a bit of PTSD (ProT***s Stress Disorder). Three small quibbles. This device needs an on/off switch; it usually wakes up - rather noisily - when plugged in to the Thunderbolt port, but often I have to reboot. It would be great if a dust cover were supplied. And the daily emails from UA exhorting me to buy more plugins have become tiresome. All in all though, after 2 weeks of daily professional use, the Apollo Solo is a real winner.

G. Wusu

23. Januar 2023

Apollo Solo Cannot Register

After installing the software, the registration process just stopped and won't go to the next step. I tried to uninstall everything and reinstall them back, the problem is still there. Can't even connect my device to the computer, no matter with a thunderbolt 3 usb-c or type in the serial number myself. It just won't work. So bad.

J. Frost

8. Januar 2023

Ummmm. Yes.

Sounds so clean.
First piece of music I made came out impressive. I started small, made it minimal. Clean!

My bad. Tonight I threw a bunch of junk noises and mismanaged beats and a guitar. Woopsie. Now I've gotta decide how to make it sound worse.

Beautiful. Simple. Easy. Affordable. (End commercial)

Get one if you can.

S. Rico Hernandez

6. Januar 2023

La mejor interface!

Una maravilla total muy recomendable

D. Pal

31. Dezember 2022

Good mobile device

Very good for mobile recording work without Power supply

W. Stanziola

27. Dezember 2022

Top Audio Interface


W. Hacksteiner

25. Dezember 2022

Sehr gelungenes Produkt insbesondere auch zum Aufnehmen von Gitarren

Ich verwende das Apollo Solo bisher fast ausschließlich zum Aufnehmen von Gitarrenspuren, welche dann in einem Tonstudio weiterbearbeitet werden; das spart mit als Hobby-Gitarristen das Einspielen im Studio und den damit verbundenen Zeitdruck. Mit den phantastischen Plugins (verwende vor allem die Simulationen der Amps von Fuchs - hervorragend geeignet für meine Fender Strat - und Marshall) macht bereits das Einspielen zu Hause richtig Spaß; mit einem sehr guten Studiokopfhörer hat man das Gefühl, vor einem echten Röhrenamp zu sitzen und diesen in ordentlicher Lautstärke zu spielen. Hätte nicht für möglich gehalten, dass der Klang dermaßen realistisch ist. Wenn man dann noch ein wenig mit anderen Plugins herumprobiert (ich schätze vor alle die Oxide Tape-Simulation sehr), dann klingt das wirklich so, wie ich es aus der "analogen Zeit", in der ich begonnen habe, Musik auf Band aufzunehmen, kenne. Und macht auch genauso viel Spaß wie damals, da das Feeling passt. Für diesen Verwendungszweck kann ich das Apollo Solo sehr empfehlen. Mit Überlastung des Prozessors hatte ich noch kaum Probleme; zahlreiche Plugins zugleich werden für einen einzigen DSP sicher zu viel sein, aber das wusste ich ja beim Kauf; sollte mir die Leistungsfähigkeit auf längere Sicht nicht reichen, werde ich mir eine Erweiterung oder ein größeres Apollo-Interface gönnen - im Augenblick bin ich mit meinem aber sehr zufrieden. Übrigens auch mit Leistung und Sound des eingebauten Kopfhörerpreamps, welcher etliches besser ist als jener meines früher verwendeten (auch durchaus hochwertigen) Interfaces. Fazit: Apollo Solo ist für mich ein sehr erfreuliches Produkt.

D. Weigleb

23. Dezember 2022

I could only dream of this staring out.

I've recorded music for a long time. Never have I've been able to get so close to the classic gear I've used in the past. It zings along on my M1. Bravo UA!

K. Carter

21. Dezember 2022

It died after 1 week

Yea, no. This product is trash. Save your money. Get an x .

j. vance

8. Dezember 2022

Great piece of hardware

As with every UAD device the sound and build quality are great, but what you're really paying for is the zero latency monitoring and access to the UAD plug-in library (when you track guitar through the amp emulations it's like you're hearing the guitar in your hand). But with very limited DSP on this device don't expect to mix a session with it. It will work great for recording through the unison pre-amps and maybe a couple other plug-ins. I would recommend committing to compression/eq as I was only able to run 1-3 plug-ins at a time. Overall a great device and a good first step into the UAD world for an artist of any experience level.

S. Naldi

22. November 2022

Very satisfied

Hi! I'm a new user of Apollo Solo. I bought it one week ago. I had problems to install it because the Apple M1 chip needs a special attention to install new things , then after installed I had to learn how to use the UA Console and Control Panel. Now everything is working perfectly! I'm a new user so I think there will be many other things to learn, but this new beginning is fantastic !

E. Biagini

18. November 2022

Very good , hi quality piece of gear

Very good, flexible with good sound.plug ‘n plsy emwithout any problem.
When it used at 96khz it’s almost unpossible to me to run when tracking without exceeedind dsp capacity using just a channel strip and a reverb. So, one dsp more would make it perfect

J. Koskinen

16. November 2022

Really solid piece of hardware

This is my first Universal Audio device, and it feel really good quality piece of hardware. The size is smaller than I thought, and that's a good thing cause it's even easier to fit in the bag when needed. Haven't really recorded anything with it yet, but the drivers and the Luna software have been working flawlessly. I don't have to worry about the gear and can focus the main thing. Just as I was hoping to. I can recommend thunderbolt Solo+mac mini combo with no hesitation!

L. Barahona

17. Oktober 2022



B. Sabet

6. Oktober 2022

Preamps, Usability and Headphone Amp: AAA+

Coming from a Antelope Audio Zen Go which Is already a pro device I was surprised how much better the Apollo Solo is. Preamps are cleaner, usability is way higher and the headphone output is the best I’ve ever heard. Especially with studio headphones (Beyerdynamic 770 pro in my case). It’s a pretty expensive business but once you’ve experienced it you won’t regret it…

J. Ball

4. Oktober 2022

Poor Quality

Unreliable for six months, and then it completely died.

p. angeles

24. September 2022


Gran calidad de interface, he mejorado mucho la calidad de sonidos mas los plugins que vienen gratis de Universal Audio son lo mejor! INVIERTAN!

P. Jaktholm

23. September 2022

Great gear

It's such an awesome sounding product. The bundle included is really versatile and the sound quality of their plugins is hands down the best on the market.

A. Brown

23. September 2022


I would like everyone thats new to Starting a Home recording Studio to check out this Amazing Interface ! Hands down its your best move now to buy ! See, if you buy other interfaces & spend lots of money it would be cheaper to get the Apollo Solo Now . Plus you get Luna Daw free 7 & Lots of UAD Plugins !

S. Schmidt

23. September 2022

Hardware top, Win driver bad

- Very good workmanship
- top audio quality in DAW with ASIO drivers
- first class plugins

- not usable for applications like Discord, Skype, OBS etc. which use the standard WDM window driver for the microphone - very poor microphone quality
- only standard format WDM window driver only 2ch, 32bit 48000 Hz studio quality - nothing else selectable
- installation of drivers worked only after I installed UAD version 9 and then version 10
- not recommended for streaming on a Windows computer

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