Apollo 16

Apollo 16


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Apollo 16


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M. Capelli

22. April 2017

Top brand. Top gear. Top sound.

Absolutely THE BEST investment i ever made for my studio. With all its power and top quality AD/DA, i have just to focus on shaping my sound. It sounds incredibile. If you think to buy one, then DO IT. Don't think twice. You won't regret.

T. Spaniel

17. April 2017

Apollo 16

Great interface with very high-quality A / D converters

T. Spaniel

10. April 2017

Apollo 16 mkII

Great interface with very high-quality A / D converters

Z. Tayne

23. März 2017

Aopllo !6 Mk II

Apollo 16 MkII add stability to the Uad Satellite and very easy to work compatible with other programs like the services PRESONUS DDP 88. Off the chart with the DB 25 connection makes life easier.

Z. Tayne

22. März 2017

Aopllo !6 Mk II

Apollo 16 MkII add stability to the Uad Satellite and very easy to work compatible with other programs like the services PRESONUS DDP 88. Off the chart with the DB 25 connection makes life easier.

K. Péter

13. März 2017

Under Windows the windows version is not working

I own one unit from last december. Under windows via thunderbolt - now it is the middle of march and my Apollo still not working. What a sucks.

n. afflitto

10. März 2017

A Big Step Up

Just installed a new Apollo 16 into my setup and I am thoroughly impressed with the upgraded sound from my original 8 quad. It is smoother, more relaxed and natural, while remaining punchy and musically engaging. I love that I have 16 channels of conversion to incorporate all my outboard gear. Getting registered and recording took all of 5 minutes. Great products.

H. Bernardo

1. März 2017

Apollo 16

UNBELIEVABLE! Very satisfied with the hardware.

Z. Tayne

11. Februar 2017

2016/17 catalogue

2016/17 catalogue Come on you are you do I know you can do a lot more up-to-date things about you all doing I would like to see the new updates in your new brochure.

Besides that it needs at all expectations future/up-to-date

M. White

21. Januar 2017

Fantastic piece of hardware!

After using the Apollo 16mkii for a month or so, I can say that it is a very well built piece of hardware. The knobs, switches and connections are solid and feel substantial. That wouldn't matter much if it didn't sound good or didn't work well with the software. It both sounds great and works seamlessly with the provided software. The installation process was flawless and easy to perform. One thing I am most impressed with is how well this unit and the two UAD Satellite units I purchased work together. They were aware of each other without any configuration on my part. The Console application and utility application are also first rate. I came from a Pro Tools HD Accel environment, so this is a departure for me, but I found it intuitive and fairly straight forward. All in all, it is great gear!

n. bullock

19. Januar 2017

Apollo 16

The stereo field is way more alive, the over all sound makes mixing and tracking more of a joy then ever before... and the decision making in mixing is that much quicker! It's a great piece of gear!

N. Peters

17. Januar 2017


After 17 years of using Digidesign IOs and wishing to upgrade from PT 9 to PT 12 I'm completely sold on the Apollo Console interface. It took a few sessions to get used to the new workflow but I'm sold on the efficiency at well under half the price. Once pne understands the Console software role it is actually great for selecting tones for overdubs, etc. BTW the UA version fo Oxford EQ is cleaner than Sonnox's. I'm simply impressed.

H. Ómarsson

10. Januar 2017

Serious stuff

I just got my Apollo 16 and couldn't be happier. A joy to setup and everything works great right from the start. Sturdy construction and looks beautiful in my studio. Simple piece of gear which fits very well in into an analog setup. The converters sound like the real deal!
Also it's worth mentioning the wonderful little light-show upon turning the interface on. It's all about the little things.

F. Gamas

6. Januar 2017

Amazing sounding interface!

I love my new apollo 16 mkII! It sounds amazing, super flexible routing options, and tons of i/o channels for running my analog gear! The only thing that would make this even better would be a dedicated headphone out, but I know have an apollo twin controlling the master volume and acting as my headphone monitor so I'm all set! Definitely recommend this interface to anyone with tons of outboard gear!

V. Stellio

3. Januar 2017

FL2P Musique arrangement all systèmes Top !...

I`m back to the moon

J. Younger

31. Dezember 2016

Sweeeeeeet.....smooooooth.....sexy! But.....

This unit is fantastic. The plugins are fantastic. The online support, not so much. They returned one email with a solution that didn't work and then ignored the second...and third, leaving me to my own devices. Thankfully I am good with devices....and what lovely devices they make. 4 3/4 stars.

S. Huttner

24. Dezember 2016

Again a Apollo

After having already a Twin and an Apollo 8, I decided to also have an Apollo 16. I love that kind of studio gear.
It's simply the best!

J. Cho

23. Dezember 2016

I think this THING is


G. Giorgino

13. Dezember 2016

Sounds GREAT

I was a happy Apollo 16 silver face owner. I've just bought the Apollo 16 mk2 and I have to say I'm so happy! it sounds even better! absolutely recommended!

A. Guth

7. Dezember 2016


Not so much to say, convertors, plugins, interface... everything kicks ass

41-60 von 94 Ergebnisse