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API Vision Channel Strip Collection


1201-1220 von 1344 Ergebnisse

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S. Hoffmann

29. Mai 2014

API Vision Chanel Strip ...

For me the sound is amazing. It is warm and punchy but also helps to have a crisp sound in various applications. Great tool ...

B. Blais

21. Mai 2014


... to bring back to life bad recordings !!!
I haven't tried yet the UNISON mode.

P. Bunditlertrak

19. Mai 2014

Yes, It's API

Good for rock music, or anything you want. If you looking fo tight or strong signal with no muddy. THIS IS IT!!!

C. Borneo

15. Mai 2014

best plug in ever!!

Im tracking drums real type with the API legacy plug in....and its a killer!..I get the great API color on my "Online session" plus all the other features ( eq, filter, gate, compressor) .....now Im just started "demoing" the Neve 1073 and of course I going for it , will be broke soon if u still real sing this AWESOME stuff :) ....Unison technology is here, and its gonna change the future .

N. Wilson

15. Mai 2014

Great Channel Strip

I have the waves API and also the UAD API eq's that are great. I tend like the UAD eq a little more then the Waves version, but they are both good.

The API channel strip is really a great addition to the eq;s. It has everything you need in one plugin. The sound is warm and fat. The compressors are easy to use and can cover a wide range of dynamic contrail. The preamp adds some weight...

I didn't want to spend another bunch of money just to add some features around the existing API EQ I already had, but the channel strip is really something else and more. I tend to use it on kick, snare, overhead bass, box, and then run the API eq on other sources, and it does give a nice API sound to the overall mix. Great plugin

J. Gay

15. Mai 2014

Solid, quick workflow, my favorite gate

Adds weight in a good way. My goto on drums, guitars, keyboards. Being able to adjust everything from a single interface is a tremendous time saver. With so many interdependent parameters the Vision allows me to easily make adjustments while keeping the output level constant so I can accurately judge the effect of the plugin.
Love the gate/expander. So simple and effective. I can put it on my noisy Clavinet and it keeps it silent in between notes while preserving the transients.

W. Thums

14. Mai 2014

All You Need

I use the Channel Strip for Electronic Music and Vocals. If I want to add some fundemantal and precise frequencies which bring my Kick Drum to the Point Where it belongs: The API is it. If I want to add presence and clearance to my Vocals: this is it. If the transients of my Snare need some snappy but easily controllable compression: This is it. If I want to Cut some unwanted decays or Noise from any sound: The fantastic Gate is it. I dont Know the Hardware but I dont have to because this Channel strip blows all Plugs I know simply away. It is transparent, precise and can add distortion that I dont want to miss anymore. Dont try it... BUY IT!!!!!!

J. Madsen

14. Mai 2014

Very autenticitet

Very nice channelstrip. It sounds very good on drums pianos and synthesizers. The EQ is very sweet and musical but not very subtle. The compressor kan be very clear sounding and also quite aggressive and punchy. I use the channelstrip on most things that needs to be clear and fast and clean - without being boring. I love the EQ on my analog synthesizers. It gives them a more modern sound. I have mixed on Real API consoles and it has the same vibe as the original. Especially the EQ and preamp. Love it. The only disadvantage is that it is quite DSP intensive.

M. Fix

14. Mai 2014

extremely versatile

this has become my 'go-to' channel strip. Instant character just by cranking up the gain. Ive been using it on just about everything, & haven't been disappointed. Some cool presets to get you started, too.
Highly recommended

D. Piredda

13. Mai 2014

beautiful not to be missed

Excellent sound very deep and crystal clear treble always very musical in the tradition UAD.ottimo work!

S. Mcfarling

13. Mai 2014

API Vision channel strip is killer

I really like this plug-in a lot. I've gotten lost for hours just plugging my guitar directly into the Twin instrument input (taking advantage of the Unison technology), pushing the API gain, compressing just a bit, then running it through the EMI 150. You might disregard my reviews since they've all been "5", but I'm just very impressed by the quality of these plugs!

D. Bosnjak

12. Mai 2014

Good Stuff :)

Really good plug-in.I like preamp,Eq,Comp,everything is good.I've run demo,and I have to buy it...My recommendation for this one.

B. Pratt

11. Mai 2014

Perfect channel strip for me

I've never had the pleasure of using a real API board, but for what I do, this plug-in channel strip does all that I need it to. I've demoed the Neve 88 and SSL channel strips from UA and while they are nice, I prefer the API sound. I can't wait to see UA release MKII versions of both of them. The compressor has a nice grab to it that has worked well on any instrument I've thrown at it. Haven't had an opportunity to use the gate yet so I can't comment on that yet.

G. Bucci

9. Mai 2014

API Vision Channel Strip

I have another API EQ and compressor from another company, so I was not to interested in this channel strip. Out of curiosity, I decided to compare the two. With the other API plug ins being around 7 years old, todays technology has proven to provide better molding than was done back then. The API Vision EQ and compressors just have more of that analog sound since they modeled more than the EQ curves. All the transformers and circuits were modeled quite well with the Vision. It is best to use cleaner type mic pre's when you record to get more of the API pre sound. It adds a gentle pleasant character of API to your mix. Presets are a great start to get some amazing drums, guitars, or bass sounds to your mix. Highly recommended.

R. Swiger-jackson

8. Mai 2014


Works flawlessly the unison aspect is still blowing my mind!!!

R. Dolabella

5. Mai 2014

Aways API

The API sound is wonderful! I am impressed by the warmth and precision of this plugin. I would recommend without a doubt.

A. Anyn

4. Mai 2014

API Vision Channel Strip Plug-In

I have already UAD Neve 88RS which I use often and much, and now after the demo test, I bought API Vision Channel Strip Plug-In because I receive new colors and opportunities (first of all it is finite
preamplifier 212L) for my operation. Further is a tremendous universality of this plug-in (all in one) and flexibility of settings that defines its character
and surprising musicality of the received results.
Universal Audio bravo! As a result, for reasonable money, I received one more very powerful, generalpurpose tool for my mixes.

A. Ferguson

3. Mai 2014

Clarity and Warmth

Love this emulation. Gives everything a clarity and warmth that I love.

T. Zink

2. Mai 2014

Real Punch

Love this plugin. To my ears, it adds the most noticeable punch and presence of any of the channel strips, and has really useful routing and presets. Though I don't have a lot of experience with the API hardware, it's hard to imagine that it could sound better.

S. Kirkland

30. April 2014

Everything you need…

It's so nice to have everything in one window. The warmth and punch make the API Vision our new go to plugin. Scott & Ken (the crystal method)

1201-1220 von 1344 Ergebnisse