API® Vision Channel Strip Collection

API® Vision Channel Strip Collection



Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Die legendäre Klangfarbe des analogen Flaggschiffs von API, mit erweitertem EQ.

Von Stevie WondersInnervisions bis zu Radioheads In Rainbows haben API-Pulte über 50 Jahre lang Hit-Alben mit unverwechselbarem Punch, Präsenz und Farbe geprägt.

Im Jahr 2013 veröffentlichte Universal Audio das API Vision Channel Strip Plug-in, das APIs Flaggschiff Analogkonsole eindrucksvoll einfängt. Heute bietet Dir die aktualisierte API Vision Channel Strip Collection für UAD-Hardware und Apollo-Interfaces einen noch authentischeren API-Klang, jetzt mit schaltbaren EQ-Modulen und einer meisterhaft modellierten Output-Sektion sowie allen wichtigen Recording- und Mixing-Funktionen der legendären Kompression, des Gating und der Filtermodule von API.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Über eine atemberaubende Emulation von APIs Flaggschiff-Analogkonsole tracken und mixen

Klangquellen mit dem neuen 10-Band Grafik-EQ Modul der 560L-Serie und den beliebten parametrischen 550L-EQs formen

Signalen Punch verleihen durch den API 212L Preamp mit dem berühmten 2520 API Op-Amp und Custom API Transformern, mit zusätzlichen Funktionen von APIs Flaggschiff Konsole Vision

Mit dem 235L Gate/Expander Räumlichkeit neu gestalten und dynamische Effekte erzeugen

Transienten zähmen und kräftige neue Texturen mit der legendären 225L-Kompressionsschaltung von API erzeugen

Mixen mit Artist Presets von Joe Chiccarelli, Neil Dorfsman, David Isaac und weiteren

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
5-Minute UAD Tips
5-Minute UAD Tips

5-Minute UAD Tips

Learn how to add punch, definition, and tone using the API Vision Channel Strip's legendary modules.

Forme Deinen Sound mit parametrischen und neuen grafischen EQs

Forme Deinen Sound mit parametrischen und neuen grafischen EQs

Mit einem Klick auf den neuen EQ-Type Knopf kannst Du in der API Vision Channel Strip Collection zwischen dem bewährten 550L 4-Band parametrischen EQ und APIs berühmtem 10-Band Grafik-EQ der 560L Serie wählen. Die neue 560L-EQ-Emulation fängt die komplexen Bandinteraktionen, Clip-Points und musikalischen Filter-Amp-Verzerrungen der begehrten API-Hardware ein, mit denen Du schnell Gitarren verfeinern und formen, Drums Aggressivität verleihen und Vocals mit analogem Punch, Low-End-Transparenz und ultra-tighter Abbildung nach vorne bringen kannst.

Instant Magic: Der 212L Preamp mit Unison Technologie

Instant Magic: Der 212L Preamp mit Unison Technologie

Die API Vision Channel Strip Collection wird mit Apollo Interfaces noch besser, dank der Unison Mic Preamp Technologie. Du erhältst mit Unison alle wichtigen Impedanzwerte, "Sweet Spots" der Verstärkungsstufe und Schaltungsverhalten von APIs legendärem 212L-Preamp über die bidirektionale Steuerung und Kommunikation zwischen der Software und den Mikrofonvorverstärkern deines Apollo. Du erhältst außerdem die gleichen Funktionen wie in APIs Flaggschiff Vision Console, einschließlich eines Mic/Line-Schalters, eines dedizierten Cut-Filters und eines -6 dB-Pads.

Gestalte Dynamik mit dem 225L-Kompressor

Gestalte Dynamik mit dem 225L-Kompressor

Der 225L ist ein vielseitiger, charaktervoller Kompressor, der auf jedem Instrument und in jedem Genre brilliert — von einer einzelnen Spur bis zu einem ganzen Mix. Außerdem kannst Du mit den wählbaren "New"- und "Old"-Funktionen zwei schmackhafte Kompressionsarten auswählen, von mild bis stark.

Kreativ werden mit API Gate/Expander und Filtern

Kreativ werden mit API Gate/Expander und Filtern

Mit dem ultraschnellen 235L Noise Gate/Expander kannst Du ganz einfach die Räumlichkeit und den Attack einzelner Audioquellen wie Kick-Drums oder Bass-Synthesizer formen und auch lautes Drumkit-Klappern und knorrige Gitarrenverstärkergeräusche unterdrücken. Die passiven, voll durchstimmbaren Hoch- und Tiefpassfilter des 215L eignen sich perfekt für eine breit angelegte EQ-Bearbeitung, mit der Du Dein Ausgangsmaterial professionell bearbeiten kannst, während der ursprüngliche Klang erhalten bleibt.


API Vision Channel Strip Collection

A. Martín

30. Juli 2021


The world is going crazy, I have read many of the previous comments and I cannot understand how you can be so hypocritical. Universal Audio is exercising the Free Market in a totally legitimate way. In this way they can value their products in the way they want and it is we, the consumers, who, in the same exercise of freedom, decide whether or not we want to buy that product. What's wrong with all this? The old version policy to call it "Legacy" is the way UA uses to catalog repeating plugins. What's wrong? The most incredible thing is that many of those who are here criticizing the company have much more to thank them than to reproach them. Many of us have smiled when we have seen that emulated hardware that we dreamed of having in the form of a plugin. And all thanks to whom ??? To Universal Audio. We have been motivated, we have vibrated along with all these plugins for many years, thanks once again, to Universal Audio. We have grown those of us who have had a little luck in our effort, relying on these fabulous tools to achieve better results and that has taken us even further. And all thanks to whom ??? Once again UNIVERSAL AUDIO. So each and every one of the people who have criticized, should look back and think about all the way they have traveled and also think if it is fair to demonize a company like this for doing what it has to do: making money and getting ahead to continue inventing. and make the world of digital music constantly evolving. I am going to make a small criticism of UA and that is that they should prevent the insertions of users' projects from being affected for the next updates, that is a real reason for complaint but in no way does the persecution that I have seen on this wall fit of comments. It is a real shame and very ungrateful behavior. About prices, we all know that the music industry is not cheap, is a Prophet 6 at € 2,999 not money ??? Let whoever can pay it, if someone is going to hurt having paid it, think about it. This is how the world works. I am very grateful for the update, it is sonically an advance and for me and my work in the studio is more than enough. 5 STAR AS ALLWAYS. PD: bought, as always, at the release day. I have been very late for comments because I have had a lot to do with this purchase in the studio. Think about it

A. Jaffe

29. Juli 2021

Not going to buy - Needs upgrade pricing

I agree with so many of the others who've written in here. UA makes amazing plugins but they absolutely need upgrade pricing or free upgrades. I'm not going to pay $150 (and certainly not $299) for improvements to a plugin I already own. Just not worth it. That money is better spent towards a used real API 512C. Love you guys at UA but come on man.

J. Smith

24. Juli 2021

Greedy. Thanks for the screw

Now I have a plugin that says "legacy" ... looks great to clients who are paying me. I wish I didn't update. I paid several hundred dollars for this plugin, and you just made it worse. I guess I can pay $150 to get rid of the word and get the "upgraded" version which subjectively doesn't even sound as good as the original.


23. Juli 2021

Rip Off

I wish my first review was a positive one, there is a lot to like with UA but this is a total BLUNDER and ABUSE of your loyal (maybe not for long) customer base. I BOUGHT THIS ALREADY. I own the other EQ modules as well. Do this like the DBX 160 VU or LA3, which made me smile.. this really pisses everyone off for no reason. What bean counter decided this stupid move? Doesn't look good. Bad move UA.

G. Gonzalez

22. Juli 2021

Not gonna buy an upgraded plugin as it was a new one.

This greedy attitude from UAD is making me sick. We pay top dollar for your plugins, this upgrade should be free for everyone who already had the original version. Shame on you.

D. Binnall

21. Juli 2021

What a SCAM

I just bought the original a few months ago.. now all the presets I had are gone, and any mix I had an instance of the original plug-in on are out of wack. What the hell is going on over there?

R. Lincoln

18. Juli 2021

No Thanks UAD, I've had it with you

This is it. I will not spend one more cent on UAD plugins. I bought the API vision channel strip, and now it has "legacy" stamped on it. I have to pay 150 more to get the "Upgrade"? shame on you. Shady Shady Shady. PA is too good for you to get away with this.

R. Lopes

16. Juli 2021

Shady business

Buying it once isn't enough I guess. UAD literally stole every costumer that bought API Vision, and if you updated mid-production you lost your work too.

I. Macaulay

15. Juli 2021

Amazing Unison Plugin

Compression, EQ, Noise Gate, with that bright and punchy API preamp. I love using it for a clean electric guitar DI sound. Super Hi-fi glossy sound

S. Winkler

13. Juli 2021

you're fooling us costumers again

how often do you want to use this strategy? You want to sell us things that we already own. However... thanks for not downgrading the API channel like you did with the Neve RS88 and SSL G Bus Comp.After the update, the legacy versions needed less DSP power than before. How was that possible when it is the same plug in as before.
is this legal in USA?
it's definitely bad style

m. speer

13. Juli 2021

they screwed me

I bought the original version. They replaced every instance of the one I bought with an updated version that they want me to buy for $150. And it's ZEROED OUT. Yes, all of my settings have been erased. I'm deep in an album mix and I have to go through and find each instance of this plugin and attempt to recreate the sound I had dialed in. There's no way to even find out what my settings were. I have to spend many hours of work before I can resume. My client is extremely unhappy that the sound we worked so hard on is gone. And he's going to have to wait while I spend forever attempting to get it back.

Like, is this for real? I've had to re-open a bunch of projects to make sure that I'm not missing something. No, the API vision channel strip that I bought is gone. And all of my settings along with it. This is costing me real money. Unbelievable.

I've had so many problems with this company. I've dumped thousands into this ecosystem and I can't believe that they'd screw me like this. If anyone asks me what I think of UA I'm going to tell them how horrible it is and to avoid at all costs. I hope you all do the same.

k. deok

12. Juli 2021

실망이다. uad

신규버전 업데이트 안할거야! 구버전 프로그램 돌려줘~

B. Alexandre

10. Juli 2021

Let's pay Again. NO WAY. Such a Shame!

Such a shame to see the price of the update on Vision Strip - 150€. Nice stab in the back UAD. Loyal Customers have to be very frustrated now. You really should reconsider your update politic. It's bad for the future of UAD. And it's really bad for the relationships with your clients. Very disappointed.

D. Thompson

10. Juli 2021

Wise up UAD

A bit much for more or less a GUI update?

J. Poole

9. Juli 2021

Legacy? What's next? SSL? 88? Helios? Manley? 1073?

My API Vision strip won't open in Pro Tools 12. I guess I will just NOT get it as I already paid for it once, and judging by the comments, you don't care. Well, I just switched to Pro Tools instead of going with LUNA and it sounds better and I can use all my NI, Spectrasonics, even my Steinberg keys open. Thanks for helping me decide.

S. Ferguson

8. Juli 2021

Plugs are of course emulations

Someday this new CS will be a legacy because there will be a new "better" EMU with a new button. Depending on workflow, we were all better off getting 1 real API channel strip to track with 10 years ago because of course it'd almost always be better than 99% of these plugs and no need to update the solid state. UAD's $ model is out of touch with current plug market. Sure $25 would be ok for a slight upgrade of code. I must say as great as the plugins are now, I'm still like "wow" when I patch into my hardware units. Too bad we can't just pay UA $250 for all plugs per year right?

N. Laugman

8. Juli 2021

An API guy

I cannot say enough good things about the UA Vision channel strip. I was happy with the original but the upgrade took care of an issue or two and gave us more of what all API'ers like to begin with.

Not a pro as are so many of you, but I know what I like and I get what I want from the Vision channel strip. I wish it took a bit less horsepower and while I like the PA Lindell 50, this is a cut above it. I have a fair amount of the AU plugin library, but - at least for me - I'm good with only the API and Manley collections (ok Capitol Chambers, etc, etc. lol ) Thanks guys!!

A. Miyamoto

7. Juli 2021


I'm sure this plugin sounds great and looks great.

b. village

7. Juli 2021

It’s great

I wish my tampon was as stuck up my ass as some of the others on here but I’m glad to pay for an upgrade that improves my workflow, sounds great, looks great and integrates into the system I already have going.
Thanks UA for continually investing in yourselves and growing your company.

L. Naffin

6. Juli 2021

how often should you pay for the "same"

i can not buy any more uad plugins. if you pay much for a plugin updating should be free.