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API Vision Channel Strip Collection


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F. Cadela

6. September 2014

Great on everything

This is a lovely plugin, put on everything and be happy.

I use the pre (unison) on overheads, hi hat, kick and snare sometimes, just lovely.

Buy it and be happy!

J. Seung

2. September 2014

api sound.

overall.. can get punch.
nice bunch of features.
gate is useful and musical.
i need more dsp cards.

J. Ezekiel

28. August 2014

Incredible Sound for Drums

This Channel Strip is ideal for drums bus, the sound is very analog, dynamic, ryhtmic and powerfull. Great Sound !

F. Cadela

26. August 2014

Muito bom!!!

Comprei recentemente e não me arrependo nem um pouco! Uso em praticamente tudo.

J. Harris

17. August 2014

API all the way

After buying the SSL & Neve channel strips I thought, I wouldn't need this one for a while. After I tried it, I had to get it. It has a certain sound that just fits. When I read that Fleetwood Mac used the API for Rumors it made perfect sense. It just has a musical quality that is very sweet.

N. Dettenbach

12. August 2014

very cool sound but suboptimal ergonomics

If the API Vision would'nt sound so cool and musically flexible as it sounds i would not use it because - for me (!) - the user interface is very suboptimal to handle. The "original" optics which ideally fit's on a hardware console sometimes feels if i will break my hands on my mouse.

It would be really nice to get a switchable alternative simple user interface (ideally with all UAD "vintage emu" plugins) with modern computer GUI elements like sliders and input fields (as on the nice precision series) just for work - for situations / times where original or "natural" optics is less important for the creativity.

W. Pereira

6. August 2014

API Vision this is very good !!!!

Without a doubt my favorite plugin in unison item preamp. He gives a very real and very solid at the sound characteristic. I loved it in use on snare and also on guitars besides giving much life the voices !!! I highly recommend it

H. Zwarts

6. August 2014

like the hardware

Great sounding channel strip.. As a API hardware user I was really pleased with good sounding emulation. Its getting so close to the hardware , just insane! great job!!

S. Samayoa

21. Juli 2014

API Vision Channel Strip Plug-In

just started using the API channel strip with my Apollo. sounds amazing and easy to use.

N. Sueyasu

18. Juli 2014

API Vision Channel Strip is a great!

I use the AbletonLive, on all tracks.
Sound very good!

D. Mclaughlin

14. Juli 2014

The best channel strip plugin ever!

Demo it and you will buy it, haha. you have been warned :)

C. Terpstra

14. Juli 2014


Really good channel strip that has a very punchy & tight sound. Preamp section is also nice. Did not use the gate yet. Compression & EQ is very good. The interaction between the different sections comes in very handy. Too bad the EQ is not replaceble with the 560.

K. Troop

11. Juli 2014

Fantastic Sound

This one was first on the list to get when I purchased my Apollo 16. Using it on the UAD Console then going into my DAW, the sound is amazing. Plus there is no latency while tracking. This has been a game changer for me. My focus is tracking drums for rack, punk and aggressive type music. But I would highly recommend the API Vision Channel Strip for just about anything being recorded. It is just as good on guitars and vocals. You won't be disappointed.

R. Baird

11. Juli 2014

A must have for drums. Desert Island Plug.

This plug will allow you to sculpt your sounds in an exciting and intuitive manner, and the results are very musical. This has all the tools I need to fashion a sound my ears can be happy with. I find that the auto gain feature on the compressor allows me to dial in the right amount of punch without being fooled by volume increases. The gentle slopes on the filters are just enough to cut away the mud and harshness. The gate is incredible on close miked drums for getting rid of unwanted decays and ringing. I have the 550a eq plugin, but this 4 band allows for more shelf and bell options that I can use to sculpt sounds more precisely than with the broad stroke 550a eq. The selected bands are well thought out. Preamp equals harmonics. Uad ftw.

M. Penn

6. Juli 2014

API Vision Channel Strip Plug-In

This Channel Strip is Awesome... UA hit this one the Head.. Thinking of selling my hardware this is so good and invest in another gear!!

Awesome Work UA Bring on the APi 2500!! :))

D. Zavala

5. Juli 2014

Excellent for vocals

One of the greater recreations of UAD if i can tell, now with the unison tecnology this is a weapon that you will need in your armory. I had work with the 3124+ a lot of times and can say that the caracter and headroom that represents any api product is perfectly captured on this plug-in.

R. Whiting

1. Juli 2014


I'm that guy that swears by hardware. In my opinion, any argument saying software can hold it's own has been denial, until now. After favorably A/B comparing this with my API hardware, I test drove it on a mix. The Vision strip shined, and the client was beyond thrilled. Here's a hardware snob's experience with this plug:
It's easy to get results like it is with hardware.
It sounds musical like hardware.
The cumulative effect is warm and gluing like hardware.
While not 1:1 the same as my API hardware, the two are interchangeable without a sacrifice in quality.
This one is a true must have for anyone mixing ITB or hybrid.

T. Meagher

29. Juni 2014

Sweet Sound

I really love the sound of this beast! Really love the character the preamp can bring to synths.

R. Richards

27. Juni 2014

Real punch

This plug-in really is my go to tool for toning my drums ,the gate is so good and just using the pre am section adds to really character to your track . I highly recommend the for an all in one plugin

J. Rytlewski

25. Juni 2014

clarity and depth

If you need to work fast to get a mix up and sounding great for me this is it .I find it easy to understand the meters translate to my ears and it just sounds classy !

1181-1200 von 1355 Ergebnisse