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API Vision Channel Strip Collection


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J. Loring

21. Januar 2016

Punch factory!

If you're looking for punch, this is it. If anything in your mix is lacking something special pop on the API Vision and carve away. Anything you try it on will be clearly defined and punchy. Love it!

M. Dennis

21. Januar 2016

Really brilliant!

After upgrading to an Apollo 8p, I thought it would be good to have some Unison plugs. This is one of the best! Makes a marked difference. Having used plenty of analogue gear (SSL, Neve), this really lives up to expectations. You need lots of DSP though… Having 3 x QUADs helps!

P. Marriott

21. Januar 2016

Another Winner!!!

They say God is in the details and it pretty obvious to me that Universal Audio lives by this philosophy. This is another plugin I came across while working at Subatomic Audiolab so when I finally got my own Apollo system I had to buy it and I'm glad it did!

P. Christensen

18. Januar 2016

Nice channel strip for vocals

Just started using the API channel strip on vocals and the sound is nicely focused and easy to EQ. I still have to try it as an Unison plug but I expect the result to as good as what I hear mixing with it. Not familiar with the hardware version so can't compare but really happy with the soft-version.

D. Weal

16. Januar 2016

Amazing plugin (review plus a little tip).

The filters on this thing are amazing! It's magic! The compressor and limiter are also among the greatest I have used! My top is to run plugins through waves q clone to see what the compressor/plugin does to the signal and my God does this do a lot. Cuts crap out and boosts where you want it. Try q clone!

A. Sitton

13. Januar 2016

Just Amazing!

What a great plugin! The channel strip is very clean with a little analog warmth. I think it has one of the best gate and compressor I ever used on a channel strip. I also like the idea you can turn off parts of the channel strip to conserve DSP power. I also love the idea of tracking with this plugin using the new Unison Technology with my new Apollo 8 black face thunderbolt unit. Great Job UA! keep them coming. I would highly recommend this plugin.

F. Homeier

10. Januar 2016

No difference to the hardware

Awesome! I do not like it to write .... I have the original hardware .... But I do and this tool sounds exactly like the hardware and the workflow is absolutely the same. This piece is a nobrainer. You can buy it without a try it's awesome and every penny is well invested even if you use it as a normal channelstrip in your daw or as the legendary unisono preamp. Rock on!

D. Williams

9. Januar 2016


When I bought my Apollo I had a minimal budget for plug-ins. I chose the API Vision for the greatest flexibility for the price. It totally delivers. It makes whatever you place it on sound better. The preamp gain is awesome as are the rest of the modules. I use the comp and EQ on every instance and they really help sweeten things up and help them sit in a mix. The only downside is that it is moderately resource intensive so even with a Quad you can only cover a few tracks in a mix. I also bought the SSL E Series Channel Strip which I place on every channel reserving the API for critical tracks such as main vox, bass, kick, snare, etc. I wouldn't say you can get by with just one plug-in but this is definitely the first I suggest.

T. Vines

7. Januar 2016

Great sounding, aggressive

I love the aggressiveness of this channel strip on drums with the Neve 88RS channel strip tone on the bass. It's a match made in Heaven! I am anxiously awaiting my Apollo Duo USB so I can record through it! Great quality as always! In my home studio it's as close as I will ever come to a true analog API console.

P. Alves

6. Januar 2016

The best sounding channel strip

Great character!
I like the gate very much since transforms the transients in a very good way. Same thing with the comp.
Not 5* because it uses much DSP and I would like to use it in a large amount of channels :)
Thank you UA!

J. Ivarsson Björklund

6. Januar 2016

One of the best...

... sounding plugins I've ever used. Wish I had the DSP to run this on all channels. Sounds beautifully when the preamp gets pushed and the compressor and EQ fits me perfectly! This one in combination with the Studer on all channels would be a dream setup!

N. Nowottny

5. Januar 2016


I love this thing. just a few twists and you are recording a finished sound. I wouldn't consider it risky to track with some moderate Eq and compression. you just can't really mess much up with this thing.


5. Januar 2016

Sounds SO GOOD!

Man this plugin is great. I have been using API's for years now and I seriously believe this Plug. The mic gain is sometime/most times all you need to make a track really sing. I only wish that they would do a update that would not be unison so you can use up less dsp.

J. Pearson

3. Januar 2016

Start here.

UA is doing so much good work with this current generation of plugs. Almost too many options. I've been fortunate enough to use many of the hardware versions over 30 years and there is very little appreciable sonic difference now. More importantly, the cumulative effect of using these total circuit emulations just makes me smile. It's as close as we've ever been to bridging the gap while retaining the convenience, workflow and mobility of digital.

The API Vision is a workhorse. Learn it inside out and expand as necessary. The Neve 1073, 1176 Collection, LA2A Collection and Fairchild 670 are all fantastic. There really are no bad choices. You'll likely get them all in time. Worry less about the tools and make some music

A. Tomashenko

30. Dezember 2015

cool sound

Very cool EQ section and preamp. I want try mixing song with this plugin on all chanel track, but my UAD 2 duo weak for that :)

A. Cannon

30. Dezember 2015

Great Channel

This channel for it's cash value is a no brainer!

V. Salvaggio

27. Dezember 2015

They got it right

So much fun, great character

J. King

27. Dezember 2015



H. Barry

22. Dezember 2015

Simply Beauty & Hard

This is a great Channel Strip. I've never used a real API but, I like the sound and it seems the selected frequencies work very well on various sources. Simply Beautiful and Hard at the same time.

C. Castanheira

18. Dezember 2015

API Vision Console Channel Strip

Plug in wonderful !!!
Equalizer with very close to hardware sound.
And great filters.
Worth it

1021-1040 von 1355 Ergebnisse