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API Vision Channel Strip Collection


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T. Gol

24. Januar 2021

My favourite channel strip, because

It has cool functions and great color. I’m using it for live streaming with dynamic mics, recording acoustic guitars and vocals too. I’m very happy with it.

E. Anderson

24. Januar 2021

API and drums!

I bought this for tracking guitars. When I tried it on drums is where it shines the most. As always great stuff from UA plugins.

W. Moore

23. Januar 2021

Amazing Sounding Plugin, would love to use the modules separately

Everything about this plugin sounds great, and offers a lot of functionality with all of the sections of the channel strip! My only wish is to someday UAD will offer a split of the plugin into each of its individual parts. Sometimes I only want to add the 550L EQ instead of the entire strip. Thanks for a great product!

D. Rohde

17. Januar 2021

Like the real Thing

Great Sounding Channel Strip, superb Preamp working in Unison,
really versatile Plug In

K. Aji

15. Januar 2021

a must have

perfect for almost any source, especially drums, percussions, acoustic & electric guitar and other acousic stringed instruments

D. Mojica

15. Januar 2021

Big Difference

great color to vocals, this one is a must to any producer’s or vocalist collection

P. Haas

14. Januar 2021

Distinctive, vigorous, good

Great emulation of the famous mix console channel. Perfectly not only for drums and percussion.
I would like a finer adjustment of the level of individual EQ filters (for example 1dB instead of 2dB jumps), but it would be no longer an emulation of the original, I know :-).
I like this; great job.

B. Spence

13. Januar 2021

Closest I'll ever get to an API!

Great plugin that, love eq and compressor.

C. Coffie

13. Januar 2021


Great plugin, the api vision channel strip enhanced my tracks that I use it on

A. DeShawn

12. Januar 2021

Great On Drums

This is a must have for getting that hot drum sound not your mixes. Not bad on vocals too!

G. Charles

10. Januar 2021


Great type of plugin

b. zucchetti

9. Januar 2021

Excellent as everything of UAudio !

Exremely near the original wooww!!
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everythink of UAudio!

P. Rackley

8. Januar 2021

Hot channel strip to make your mixes Hot!!!!

This unit is Killer unit for adding life to lack luster mixes as well as adding polish to you drums, vocals, etc. Especially for Pop and dance music. I waited a long time but glad I added this unit to my arsenal. Just get it!!!

J. Markunas

22. Dezember 2020

Must Have For Guitar/Drums

I made an entire API Vision console in my DAW with this plugin for drums and guitar, and it turned a dull/crappy mix into something you'd hear on the radio. Definitely worth buying if you're doing rock/alternative/metal.

H. Holzheu

22. Dezember 2020

My favorite on the Kick

Makes a BIG kicksound.

S. Dufour

18. Dezember 2020

The sunset sound ... wow !

When I saw a video on YouTube saying that you’ve modelled the chip in the sunset sound console , I was interested to say the least !!
The gain knob , the EQ , the compressor ... everything sounds great and precise ! I’m new with the unit but so far , i love it ! Great job UA !!

F. Pittenger

18. Dezember 2020

Current Favorite

I've enjoyed using this channel strip in Unison to record both acoustic and electric guitars. I've found that increasing the GAIN to the edge adds a pleasing hint of distortion, and employing the HI-PASS filter on the acoustic reduces boominess without losing body.

P. Konbang

17. Dezember 2020



J. Robinson

15. Dezember 2020

Favorite channel strip

Punchy, flexible, clear. Love the API sound and UA nailed it!

J. Robinson

15. Dezember 2020

Favorite channel strip

Punchy, flexible, clear. Love the API sound and UA nailed it!

441-460 von 1151 Ergebnisse