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AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip


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S. Charron

13. Mai 2024

Nice sound

Very nice sounding on dialog but need native version

L. Alin Gabriel

19. Februar 2024

One of the best

Sound is absolutely top notch in every scenario, this level of performance is unrivalled, it is up there with the best of the best. I hope that we will benefit from a native version also.

I. Sedick

12. Februar 2024

The Critical Acclaims Are Spot On

This plugin is used to mix films and TV shows for a reason. It is the binding glue in a mix that makes it sound professional.

Z. Netz

5. Januar 2024

My most beloved plugin

I use it a lot, and it has become one of my most essential tools. It’s clear and very precise, expanded with a lot of functionality (most feature-packed channel strip of uad). If you want something that sounds modern and elegant but is also very useful for little, precise corrections, e.g., very small EQ or compression when you need it, and detailed highs, why I love its EQ so much. The same developers made it as the original hardware, so it uses Apollo very effectively, with low DSP need. It’s the most underrated UAD plugin, top-notch quality, like the hardware, my secret weapon. For voiceover, DFC with VoxBox is also an excellent choice.

B. Kelley

31. Dezember 2023

Not bad if u need a gate

I specifically bought this for the gate and it works as expected

M. Obuchowicz

28. Dezember 2023

Versatile tool

Great plugin, a lot of functionality in one

A. Parikka

2. Oktober 2023


Excellent multipurpose Channel Strip!

A. Parikka

2. Oktober 2023


Excellent multipurpose Channel Strip!

O. Barnes

1. Oktober 2023

neve for sure

this is magic. I used it live at church on vocals and solved so many issues, it will save you a ton of work grab it.

S. Tanner

13. August 2023

Sounds superb

Very like the AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip. It is sounding awesome and never let's me stuck in a Project.

B. Brown

11. August 2023

Incredible Plug-in.

Came here for the low key hype but stayed for the Gate/Expander.

Let’s get this out of the way. The DFC looks ridiculously out-moded. Like something Charles Dye three in the garbage back in 1998. But don’t let the tired, sub-rudimentary GUI fool you. This is probably in my top best plugin list of all time. It’s phenomenal. Buy it.

V. Sulimov

1. August 2023

All You'll need

The tone of this unit is second to none.

G. Ginux

6. Juli 2023

Veloce e pratico

Un prodotto fantastico veloce e facile da utilizzare. Tutto quello che serve per fare una produzione fonica professionale.

J. Mateo

30. Juni 2023

A classic

This is indeed a digital console channel strip but it sounds very good. clean and flexible with more options than you can think you will need in 1 plugin. I genuinely love using this for live situations

S. Parikh

3. Juni 2023


I like this plugin for the mastering my mix love it

R. Thorogood

29. März 2023

Much better than I expected and really easy to use

The DFC channel strip turned out to be a lot better than I expected, and really easy to use. I was kind of looking for a really good gate, but it turns out I also got a really good expander, compressor, eq and ... you name it ... as well. Sounds to my ears remarkably analogue in the very best possible sense, whilst not sacrificing its digital self. Highly recommended!

V. Todosovski

19. März 2023

For the ultimate professional sound mix

I don't like to write product reviews, but for this product I had to. This is my first review of UAD plugins. This console emulation is AMAZING!! The best Channel Strip I've heard so far.

c. rosario

31. Januar 2023

Very Nice

Wish there were more presets

A. Khatchadourian

27. Juli 2022

Clone of the Original

This is a digital clone of the actual AMS Neve DFC. I use it for live audio processing for Podcast, Zoom Meetings and Recording. One of the few UAD plug-ins that has Gate during tracking and live purpose. It seems to be underrated but it is actually one of the most effective and versatile UAD plug-in.

S. Shaw

20. Juli 2022

Swiss. Army. Knife

best digital channel strip with low footprint for the quality. good code is good code. the UI looks rough at first but is very easy to get used to!

1-20 von 84 Ergebnisse

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