Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle


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D. Scott

26. Dezember 2020

So easy!

Great tone with very little fuss. This plugin just works.

J. Markunas

22. Dezember 2020

Holy S&%& This Sounds Amazing!

Honestly, I give this 6 out of 5 stars. Not only does it sound like the real thing (even when re-amping midi bass), but the cabinet/mic IR's (which they should sell a lot harder on the product detail page) are killer. Very easy to just 'set it and forget it' with these amp sims, and fits brilliantly into a mix without a lot of work. Again... Fairly reasonable price point.

j. bray

20. Dezember 2020


Been looking for a decent bass amp simulation for years, at last ..I won't need to look any further - sits great in a mix with a few small tweaks and knob turning would recommend..!

E. Luebs

16. Dezember 2020

UAD console could be much better...

...if UAD just provided a tuner for free or at least didn't bundle their only tuner with a bunch of other plugins. Very predatory practices. As a loyal customer this will be my first comment to other musicians when talking about UAD.

G. Forrester

13. Dezember 2020

Wish you could bridge the A and B channels

This is an amazing plug-in. Sounds just like the VR. I just wish you could bridge the two channels so you had more control like you can do with the real amp. This is on my wish list UA!

C. Pagonis

12. Dezember 2020

Horrible marketing

Every time I start my mac I get an info that I do not own this plugin. And at this point my DAW is not even open. Does marketing have to be sooo aggressive? This is disappointing, let alone the sad fact that I cannot buy it without buying an entire bundle.

S. Shaw

10. Dezember 2020

Amazing emulation

A giant leap over the free Ampeg SVT lite. Worth buying, even I don't play a bass. Super handy on bass synths for tone shaping purposes.

z. chao

8. Dezember 2020

good plugins!

best bass amp!

z. chao

8. Dezember 2020

good plugins!

best bass plugins

z. chao

8. Dezember 2020

good plugins!

best bass amp!

z. chao

8. Dezember 2020

good plugins!

best base amp plugins!!Excellent!

A. Nabavi

8. Dezember 2020

Rockers Must Have !!!

If you're serious about Rock and looking for he Modern Clarity + Classic Tone, Don't hesitate to buy this thing.
Before buying this amp, I was struggling with shaping my Bass through tons of plugins, it saved my @$$. Specially when I can put it on my UA Console and hear it in Realtime !!! Sped up my work flow, and made my basslines shine on the song.

J. Boeke

1. Dezember 2020

Saved me a long long search

Now my Fender Jazz Bass '72 is really sounding like an even older Precision somehow. No need to look further, I can sound like James Jamerson if (I practice my index finger a lot more)


30. November 2020

Are u kidding me

make this free...... or able to buy separately from that bundle that only guitarists want

G. Lovett

30. November 2020

Ampeg bundle

A must have in your toolkit for Bass. Excellent

A. Tikhonov

15. November 2020

but why?

It works great, but what a hell i can't just buy it?

A. Reverberi

14. November 2020


I was gonna get by with the Legacy version, but once I demoed this one it was night and day.

G. Hall

9. November 2020

Great, solid sound

I'm loving this plugin. The bas fits in the mix nicely. Tight solid and full sounding P-bass through this plugin.

J. Slavin

7. November 2020


My bass player insisted I get this, he loves it, that’s the real goal for me,if you love the sound you’ll play better n he does wi this

J. Monstad

5. November 2020

Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier

sounds very nice

101-120 von 938 Ergebnisse