Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


Du sparst 20%

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Drei Varianten des klassischen Ampex Bass‑Sounds exklusiv für UAD-2 und Apollo.

Wenn man über amtliche Bassverstärkung spricht, führt kein Weg an Ampeg vorbei. Der Ampeg SVT hat sich dabei über Jahrzehnte als der ultimative Verstärker erwiesen – nicht nur unter Leistungsaspekten, sondern vielmehr, wenn es um den Sound geht. Die von Brainworx entwickelten Bassverstärker-Plug-Ins Ampeg SVT-VR, SVT-3 PRO und B-15N präsentieren drei Klangfarben legendärer Bass Amps exklusiv für die UAD-2 Hardware und
die Apollo-Interfaces.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Mit drei zeitlosen Klangfarben der bewährten Ampeg Bassverstärker aufnehmen und reampen

Sounds über das eingebaute FX Rack mit Noise Gate, Klangregelung und einem Ein- und Ausschalter für das Hochtonhorn fein abstimmen

Sofort auf verschiedene Recording Chains mit unterschiedlichen Mikrofonen, Lautsprecherboxen und Studioperipherie zugreifen

Dank des enthaltenen Brainworx bx_tuners immer die richtige Stimmung überwachen

Enthaltene Plug-Ins

Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier

Der Ampeg B-15 Bass Amp definierte von Motown Produktionen mit James Jamerson bis hin zu klassischen Stax Platten mit Donald “Duck” Dunn, den Klang klassischer E-Bass Aufnahmen. Dank der Unison Technologie für Apollo Interfaces liefert das Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier Plug-In mit seiner exakten Emulation dieses 30 Watt Basscombos mit 1x15“ Lautsprecherbestückung den Sound und das Erlebnis des Amps, der die Grundlage für die Rock, Funk und Soul Hits der ’60er und ’70er legte.

Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier

Der 1969 vorgestellte SVT-Bassverstärker ist das Ergebnis der Idee von Ampeg, den „gewaltigsten und bösesten Bassverstärker aller Zeiten“ zu bauen. Diese Mission wurde erfüllt! Jetzt kannst du eine absolut authentische Emulation dieses klassischen 300 Watt Vollröhrengiganten sowie der gleichermaßen legendären 8x10" Lautsprecherbox für die Aufnahme und das Reamping verwenden.

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier

Das für seinen Druck und seine Vielseitigkeit bekannte Plug-In Ampeg SVT-3 PRO vereint den Sound des klassischen SVT mit einem strafferen, moderneren Klang. Mit einer akribisch emulierten Röhrenvorstufe, der Endstufe auf Transistorbasis, einem Mittenwahlschalter mit 5 Positionen sowie einem grafischen 9-Band-EQ erweist sich das SVT-3 PRO Plug-In als extrem leistungsfähiges Klangwerkzeug mit enorm vielseitigen Sound-Möglichkeiten.

Unison<sup>™</sup> Technologie für Apollo Interfaces

Unison Technologie für Apollo Interfaces

Durch den Einsatz von UA´s bahnbrechender Unison Technologie liefert jeder Ampeg Amp des Heritage Plug-In Bundles die Impedanz, das Gainstaging und Schaltungsverhalten, die dazu beigetragen haben, damit diese legendären Bass Amps zu den am häufigsten aufgenommenen Bassverstärker der Geschichte wurden.


Drei legendäre Bass Amps für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Interfaces

Unison™ Technologie liefert den Sound und das Erlebnis der klassischen Ampeg Bass Amps

Moderne Klangfarben und Texturen mit dem Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier

Gewaltige Rocksounds mit dem Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier

Gefühlvolle Tube Combo Klänge mit dem Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier

Integriertes FX Rack mit Noise Gate, Filtern und mehr

Bundle enthält den Brainworx bx_tuner

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

D. Baumann

25. März 2020

Makes any bass sound great, and a great bass sound even better...

My only complaint with the UA Ampeg plugins: I think you need the entire bundle to cover a reasonable musical range. All 3 sound great. Each is very distinct in character. I've used the SVT plugin with less expensive basses for years. What really surprised me is how much better my good basses sound with the B-15, even with an API LX pedal or Aguilar Tone Hammer in the signal chain. Just try an A/B with the demo and you'll see what I mean.

J. Gellis

23. März 2020

Several Decades of Ampeg Bass Tone

You have a pallet of many decades of bass amplification evolution at your disposal with this bundle. You will have an appropriate tone of any genre in this collection. From warm tube goodness of Motown tone, to grind and metal tones to hi-fi modern, it's all there.

R. Whitney

18. März 2020

Sounds Good

I'm only an occasional bass player for my own home recordings, and I've never owned an actual B-15, so I can't evaluate this simulation with any authority. I give it four stars because it does sound like a miked-up amp to me (and this I've done a fair amount of in the past), and it provides a variety of speaker/mic combinations as well as the two versions of the amp: 1964/1966. It sounds better to me than their SVT Classic Legacy (which I have owned an actual specimen of years ago). I do wish it had Fet47 and U87 microphone simulation options, and perhaps distance and placement options like some other similar plugins do. But at the end of the day, I still usually prefer to go direct in, sans amp sim, into their 1176LN legacy and maybe the Studer A800 tape sim. It's probably me, but the amp sims always give me a muddy result whereas the DI approach usually sounds clearer. I might put an IR on the track after the fact. Among preamp sims so far, I like their simple Neve Preamp best for recording bass.

M. Hall

16. März 2020

Easier on the back

Wished i could take this on stage

M. algar

29. Februar 2020

As good as it gets

Very happy with this plug in, never been keen on guitar amp plug ins, but this bass one is the business, totally wicked, have used it to make records, as good as the real thing, and lighter to carry around!

M. Bennett

19. Februar 2020


I'd choose 0 if it were an option. This is an example how UAD fell short in delivering a simple tool to aid their customers. A tuner, frequency analyser, and monitoring tools should have been provided for free with the console. As it happens, none of these essential tools are even available to buy. What a joke!

UAD's prices exploit users who committed to their business model. Even with discounts and coupons - throw a dog a bone - the prices are extortionate. It's software after all, and doesn't come close to the hardware it replicates! It's just coding. That said, it's the best software out there, and certainly has value. Just not the price tag they expect.

C. Mortensen

16. Februar 2020

Epic bass sound

This is my go to bass amp at any project.
Well done UAD


14. Februar 2020

Had the original , loved it with Fender basses, Watched Fab use it on the NAMM LUNA demo!

IT's my go to Bass tone now, plug in my Fender Precision 5 string, Avalon Vt 737, into Ampeg B-15, instant success!!! it sounds excellent with lots of cool options, IT'S INSTANT TONE!!!

UAD User

14. Februar 2020

Sounds great

Ease of use and sound is amazing.

A. Bertók

12. Februar 2020

Sounds great

One of the best bass amp plugin

p. albert

6. Februar 2020

Super basse

Complétement satisfait de se plugin

G. Rosenfeldt

4. Februar 2020

Gnarly sound for bass

Love this little plugin for practicing with my bass guitar. Gives my P bass a unique tone.

T. Fokas

4. Februar 2020

I ended up also purchasing the SVT but also love this area

T. Fokas

4. Februar 2020

What can I say, it has that sound.

What can I say, it has that sound. Worth upgrading to this full version, especially during times where you have coupons so I ended up getting this for $49. Money well spent even if you end up paying the full $99 for this upgrade as it’s going to be your go-to amp.

R. Trevor

30. Januar 2020

Love them !

The Ampeg amp sim distort beautifully and cut through the mix. I highly recommend them.

S. Kaufman

29. Januar 2020

USD B 15N review. Excellent!!

Haven’t used it much yet, but I can already tell that it’ll be my go to bass plugin. The ability to add it on input is just great.
As I am a bass player, older ( 69) and old school 62 precision, 67 percussion fretlessed), 70 jazz) if there’s bass plugin that I hear about, I buy it. I have the 2 ampeg AmpliTube collections, the Mark bass studio collection, the softube eden WT and so forth. My first bass amp, bought in 1970 was a b -15. It got away somewhere down the line. So I do have an emotional attachment to that model.

Anyway, so far, it appears to outshine the competition. Very pleased. Will need more time to focus on my input skills going forward, but it’s winner so far.

I have usually just taken my bass directly into a j48 active DI , into my interface and then into Pro Tools. Just went UAD, so this unison, low latency input option is a new world to learn. For my personal style, I play no tone. Do the challenge is getting a full sound, but with reasonable definition and lack of muddiness on the low end.
I do lie all tge others I’ve mentioned, but this went to the top of the list.

R. Marant

27. Januar 2020

Buen sonido!!

Muy buenas emulaciones. No me han decepcionado. Las utilizo en estudio y directo.

m. costermans

23. Januar 2020

Great bass amp

Love the sound

W. Schurat

21. Januar 2020

Phantastic sound, dynamic ok

Again this plugin has the expected phantastic sound that uad plugins stand for. I own many. Also the settings are really manifold and guarantee for versatility changing the sound of the bassguitar. The playing feel is less dynamic than playing through a real amp but that is always there in any amp simulation. Uad definitely makes amp simulations that are more dynamic than many others. Again, I never regretted buying anything from UAD. And that’s a fact.

B. Budd

20. Januar 2020

Great bass tone

Sounds list like the real thing. Easy to use. Great sound