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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle


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C. Perez

19. September 2014

Very precise

Very precise. For $19 this is pretty handy, necessary and indispensable tool.

R. Sheridan

13. September 2014

No brainer

For 19 dollars it's worth every penny! Great to keep up on screen while tracking d.i. Guitars and bass

C. Reynolds

13. September 2014

Amazing and affordable little tool!

This tuner works great, even in the very low range, which can often be a problem with tuners. I use it every day to tune my instruments before recording them for sample libraries. I leave it on every Console Session I have. Great value too. Thanks UA!

M. Tikopoulos

7. September 2014

Finally a tuner!!!!!

That's what I really needed...!!! A tuner in my system, exactly when I want it and which is extremely accurate... Don't hesitate... It's really worth the money...!

P. Ayuso

4. September 2014


I'm so glad I have this valuable tool. No more going to check my tuning elsewhere.

A. Boltini

3. September 2014

Works for getting my demos back

But now they're out of date again :(

It's good to have a tuner on an Apollo though. Speeds up the process a bit.

C. (buck)

28. August 2014

Makes it a bit easier

I compared it to my Peterson Strobe. It is dead on the money a little lag time so one needs to stay on it or it tends to drift BUT! they all do that to some degree........A+

F. Galvanelli

26. August 2014

Very useful!

This tuner works very well,
Certainly better than the most of other tuner you can find in your daw.

Does his duty!

M. Magallanes

4. August 2014

Great tuner

very easy to use and very accurate .Works with everything ,and looks good too !!

S. Braun

1. August 2014

simple and easy

i like this plugin and i use it to tune my doepfer rack.
but 432Hz main tune is missing.

R. Gilligan

21. Juli 2014

Worst plugin ever made?

I bought this plug b/c it was cheap & I love the idea of an inline tuner via Apollo. Unfortunately I made the MISTAKE of not trying out the trial demo first. My thought was, well it's just a tuner, how hard could it be to screw up a tuner?

In short, this thing sucks. Good luck trying to get this thing to EVER land in the green, b/c I sure as heck can't get it to. Seriously, this thing thinks my guitars can never achieve correct tuning. Very frustrating.
To make sure I wasn't crazy, I tested this plugin with 2 Gibsons, & a Fender. Same problem. So then I even double checked that my guitars weren't having a tuning problem by using my BOSS outboard tuner. Perfect. Then GuitarRig5 tuner. Perfect.
My advice, Dont waste your money.

P. Tavasoly

18. Juli 2014

Good tuner for analog synthesizers !

If you are into analog synths you may find this tuner useful.
It works perfect on constant tones but I am not pleased with it on guitar and bass.
It responds so slow and makes me go to my korg hardware tuner.

D. Trejo

14. Juli 2014

Ok Tuner, gets the job done

Pretty decent tuner for the money and is very useful when connecting a guitar or bass into the hi-z input, as no outboard tuner is required. The only issue I see os that the response time of the needle is a little slow even in the "fast" setting, but overal is a good value.

M. Alderson

11. Juli 2014

Tuner Plug-in is a Let-down

I bought this plug-in on sale for $10.00, so I was not expecting much. It is fairly useless as the tracking is so jumpy that it is nearly impossible to use. I like the idea, but practically, it is not worth the money.

S. Lay

10. Juli 2014

A tuner for my UAD system Yeah!

Now i finally have a tuner I can use for my Apollo. The price is right. Works fine for me.

P. Gharapetian

29. Juni 2014

it's a turner

great tuner, but takes a while for it to kick in and start tracking i noticed. a bit over priced for what it does really. and more tuning options would be nice. 432hz for A would be a great option instead of 438 to 442hz

E. Turner

22. Juni 2014

Difficult to use

This tuner is a bit too specific. I tried a number of different settings for my bass guitar to no avail. I had to go back to my DAW tuner which works much better than this one. It's all over the place. String instruments are imperfect which is why they sound as they do. You try to get them perfect. This digital tuner was hard for me to use.

J. Carmo

21. Juni 2014

It´s just a Tuner, but....

Ok, It´s just a Tuner, but it´s very effective because you can put it in Apollo´s console and you are ready to record guitars without stop for inserting a tuner every time you record a new track...

R. Harchol

18. Juni 2014

Brainworx bx_tuner Plug-In

Works great...This tuner is really convenient when tracking guitars.

S. Fay

16. Juni 2014

so useful!

i used to have to pull up guitar rig to tune guitars, basses, 808s and drums (yes i tune drums) which was quite labor intensive on the cpu and this plugin comes in quite handy!

901-920 von 986 Ergebnisse