UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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H. Bjornsson

18. Oktober 2012

At last I understand what 1176 is all about

I've never tried the hardware...I love the sound of all the other UAD plugs and therefore I trust these guys...and I don't give a damn wether this sounds like the real thing or not. I just love how it sounds.

I'm not that big of a fan of their earlier 1176 plug version... I used it only on drums. I never understood why every major mixer I read about was always talking about using a bunch of 1176's. Finally I understand why.

T. Lockett

13. Oktober 2012

1176 even more classic

I really like the new 1176 collection, it's way better than than old, 1176,
if you need a go to compressor, this is a top candidate.

S. Beckham

11. Oktober 2012

Everyone should try a threesome!

They all have unique flavor, The price is right, and most of all you'll use them ALL THE TIME!
For in your face vocals, and slammin Drums....ALL BUTTONS IN!
Seven Beckham; A Moth Aglow

A. Smith

10. Oktober 2012

Familiar but new

As the title suggests this is an 1176 but the tones and feel of these machines are different! Definantly recommend this I use at least one of these on every single song I make now. It's not just a repackaged 1176 it's been very much improved

M. Plietsch

9. Oktober 2012

Fat and juicy stuff!

The 1176 collection simply rocks...

Three flavours of compression that add depth, well known simple control set. The multi button/no button modes combined with the beautiful nonlinear input/output stages make them usable for a wide of applications from transparent to heavily saturated.

No buttons + hi input settings cuts a bass through walls of guitars without sounding thin or simply distorted ;-)

For many tasks the 'old' 1176LN plugin remains more than useful - still a great thing, less dsp consumption. Those three 'new' 1176s will get used on the more 'expensive' channels here...

J. Martin

4. Oktober 2012


Amazing bundle, definitely my favourite software compressors. Because I think the original UAD 1176 plug is pretty decent, I was a little hesitant to even try the new versions because I didn't think that they would worth the time. Totally wrong, they use a ton of processing power, but are well worth it. So good in fact, I literally traded my EL8X Distressor for an 1176LN reissue!

Best UAD plugin, followed by the Studer and the EMT 140.

S. Hlavsa

4. Oktober 2012

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection are my absolute favorites. Fat , analog sound, like hardware. Thank You UA

C. Visser

27. September 2012

Excellent Limitier Collection!

These are my new go-to limiters when recording and mixing.
I really like how they sound different, each has it's own character.
The 'No Ratio' and 'Attack Off' are especially useful for just adding the character of each version without compressing anything. Just to add a bit of dirt to it.
I only need to further experiment with the new 'Multi Button modes', but the 'All Button mode' is excellent by it's own. Sounds great on vocals.

And as a sign of customer dedication the collection is reduced in price for those who purchased the original 1176 in the past, very nice!

J. Holmes

23. September 2012

So glad the 1176 was revisited

Great plugin. All the later gen plugs are fantastic and I use them all the time! I had an ok 1176 clone but these sounds better. I haven't heard the real thing but this is a useful tool regardless if it is authentic sounding.
I've always found compressor plugins to have no personality and generally make things sound worse when volume matched. However, no surprise for a uad 2 plugin, The 1176 joins the uad fatso as a useful compressor.
Very happy.

R. Dillard

22. September 2012

Very Useful!!

These are really usable tools. If you have a working knowledge of the three different revisions on the original hardware, then you can begin using the plugins based specifically on that knowledge! This gives some of us old enough to have worked with all of these evolutions of the 1176 a nice starting point to work from! Nice job of modeling some real studio workhorses!

R. Geva

15. September 2012

I Love it

I never thought the 1176 could sound so much better.
Great new arsenal, very usable. love it.

R. Dwyer

14. September 2012

1176 Collection

The 1176 emulation by UA set the trend and has been a great assest to my arsenal.

But the introduction of the Collection bundle has lifted the bar with 1176.

The REV A is fantastic even if you use it just for the input stage, especially on crunchy guitars as it adds a little character.

The REV AE has a different flavour with the lower ratio (2:1) which makes it a lot more subtle.

The REV E is an improved take on the old LN and man it has saved me some serious dosh to buy the originals. Especially as some are as rare as rocking horse poo!

Well worth the purchase!!!

A. Medina

12. September 2012

Amazing sound

It's work very well for me!!!......................

T. Ferraz

27. August 2012

Rock everything

How to rock a guitar even more? Use this... I put this on guitars and it sounded amazing, on snares and it just came to face. My favorite compressor by far.

M. Zimolag

24. August 2012

good for vocal

My first use of this plugin is the path of vocal
I'm very happy
delicate setting adds color that is difficult to describe

C. Papastephanou

17. August 2012

Analog feeling

There is definitely something analog here ! I simply love them all. These days, I even prefer the 1176AE to glue my whole mix instead of the SSL 4000 Stereo Buss compressor. And the silver version is awesome too. It is able to bring an analog distortion when it's pushed hard.

J. Kim

9. August 2012

this is the best emulation of 1176 limiters ever released!

S. Tamás

8. August 2012

1176 Classic is very good plugin .... I use it for everything.

M. Rey

7. August 2012

Major upgrade to my "bread & butters". The impact on my mixes were heard immediately. I use less vibe plugs overall as I'm dialing that in with all the options I have available in the 1176 collection. The AE is a great plug for EVERYTHING, just clean gain. The Rev A is great for adding warmth & heat & the LN Rev E is just your classic 1176 that grabs like we remember them. I want for nothing now that I have the 1176 collection in my arsenal. I feel like I can do an entire mix with them alone. The UAD Fairchild still gets some love & the excellent Softube FET gets used for parallels & backing tracks, but the heavy lifting duties, I know what I'm choosing first. Be careful with that demo button, once you hear them...

A. Bonney

4. August 2012

Superb! Pleasingly 'un digital' sounding distortion if you push them, and the 2:1 ratio on the AE is really useful for a softer vibe. A genuine upgrade from my much loved original UA version. Be careful with that demo button!

981-1000 von 1119 Ergebnisse